Top Ten Reasons to Hate the Saints

You knew we couldn’t end this series of hateration without hating on all of the teams in the NFC South, right?  Our Carolina Panthers face these guys twice a year.

This leads us to the third installment dedicated to the New Orleans Saints, and, yes, we can think of ten reasons to hate them too.

The countdown begins after the jump.

10.  Uniforms!  What are those black on black things you’ve been wearing?  I swear, you guys look like some third-rate college team or, even worse, a high school team.  We understand that it’s not something you wear all the time but please stop!

9.  Who can love a team that is that bad?  Really!  In your history, you have a winning record against only one NFL franchise – another team on our hateration list, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  The Saints have no better than a .500 record against every other team in the league.  Man, can you suck anymore than that?

8.  Thanks!  Yeah, right!  You gave us a man who we can forever leave off our Christmas card list – Archie Manning.  Yup, it’s two guys who sprang from his loins who have been there staring at us, mocking us, killing us during every single commercial break.  And not only during the NFL season but even during the offseason.  We never get a break from seeing Eli and Peyton in like 80% of the ads on TV.  It’s killing us!  Please make it stop!!

7.  You really thought you had something, didn’t you?  Oh, yeah, ya’ thought those Texans screwed up and let Reggie Bush fall to you, huh?  Not so fast!  He’s become the poster child for overrated.  Talk about a guy not living up to the hype.  Try this on for size – he has a 40.9 yards/game average.  Ouch!  The overrated-ness doesn’t stop there.  His paltry 3.7 yards/carry average also looks nothing like a guy who should be drafted number two overall.  Forget that.  He shouldn’t have been drafted in the first round.

6.  And we thought Atlanta was bad!  Check this out – the city of New Orleans ranks third in the US in murder.  Man, I’m not so sure I’m coming to Mardi Gras next year.  Thanks but no thanks!  You should consider a new slogan.  Something like, “New Orleans, come for the party.  Leave in a body bag!  Think of it as a party favor!”

5.  Um, was that Mike Ditka, one of the most respected coaches of the last 30 years, that you drove to the point of wearing a wedding dress?  Oh, wait!  That was your prized running back in the dress (the other, uh, hem, franchise running back the team thought they had) and the coach in the tuxedo.  And the headline on that magazine cover “For Better or Worse?”  Yeah.  Seems that it was mostly worse.

4.  Speaking of Ditka, you guys have a habit of turning good coaches, even great coaches into a laughing stock.  You made Ditka a loser (128-68 in Chicago; 15-33 in New Orleans).  You turned Bum Phillips into a loser (59-38 in Houston; 27-42 in New Orleans).  And you took a Hall of Fame coach in Hank Stram and turned his life upside down (124-76-10 in Kansas City; 7-21 in New Orleans).  Could it be something in the water?

3.  You did mistreat our quarterback.  Jake Delhomme never had a chance in New Orleans.  We’ve written about it already so we won’t belabor the point.

2.  More on coaches.  Who can love a team with only one winning coach in its history?  Sean Payton better be careful.  His 17-15 record is awfully precarious.  One false move and he’ll be in the same boat with every Saints’ coach who came before him.

1.  Not everyone knows this.  If they did, they would probably hate the Saints too – the team came into existence because of a deal with Congress!  Yeah!  Like Congress can provide us with great entertainment!  I’m sure they know something about football too, right?  Apparently not.

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  • t

    Sounds like a frustrated Panther fan (whose team has fallen so far and who has waited so long to get it back together )is now venting his anger at others!!!  All you needed to list was 1 reason: JEALOUSY!!  Dude your team wears TEAL GREEN uniforms…what’s more sissy than that? LOL!!  Your QB sucks, your defense is terrible (again), your coach is on the hot seat (again), you gave away too much for a marginal draft pick and you’re going to loose to New Orleans twice this year.

    Your “top ten reasons” was a hack job of loose rants and obvious contempt for a team that is on the rise and in your face.  Let’s see what happens over the next few years. 


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  • Mike Houston

    Panther fans don’t have to hate on the Saints. Look at the history of this rivalry, the Saints have swept the Panthers once. On the other hand, the Panthers have swept the Saints 7 times, including 2006, when the Saints went to the conference championship. So fuck your Saints

  • John White

    T, that’s not exactly teal green that the Panthers are wearing.  It’s more of a Carolina Blue.  I guess I’m just nitpicking, though.

  • fuckin cat hater

    eat shit panther fans

  • John White

    Now, aren’t we taking it a bit too far when we start asking others to consume bodily waste?  Really?

  • LSU1963

    Can’t we just all get along, you panthers fans are kind of hell-bent against the Saints.  Kinda thought you guys had a little more class than Atlanta fans….am I wrong?

  • John White

    Yeah, LSU, I know.  I decided to stir the pot a little.  That’s all.  Shoot, I quietly rooted for the Saints over the Bears two years ago.  My team was out of it so why not?  This was just a little cheap shot.

  • mike m

    cowboys fan here…sorry but ya’ll do have the worst uniforms in the NFL the ‘aints uniforms are exponentially better…and yeah if you think ATL is rough u couldn’t make it on the gulf coast…both Car and NO are juvenile teams are ya’ll trying to develop a rivalry er something??TX is biGGer and we invented football u cant act cocky till u get 5rings… CAR ya’lls tailgate BBQ is gross both of ya’ll dont know about hurricanes and NO is just good for the fumblaya…what ya’ll know about the Star???

  • Mike Houston

    I wouldn’t say Reggie Bush is overrated. He had a good rookie year, and ended up getting hurt his second year. Overrated is something that should be tagged to someone like Alex Smith or Matt Leinart, not Bush

  • http://CatCrave Matthew

    Okay, lets get this started.  Mike M:  sorry to ruin your hopes, but your QB will prevent your team from winning the Super Bowl.  Mike Houston: Reggie Bush is overrated, injury or not.  f’n cat hater:  only atlanta fans eat poo.  t:  we had the same exact record this past year, even though carolina had no QB or pass rush.  The Saints choked on SB expectations.  LSU1969:  Carolina will forever have more class than Atlanta.

  • Mike Houston

    I agree that Romo will prevent the Boys from ever making a Super Bowl, but Bush is not overrated. When McAllister went down, and he became the feature back, his stats did not decline. They actually went on a win streak. I also agree that the Saints choked on their SB expectations, but in ’06, our team was expected to go to the Super Bowl.

  • Danny/ REY2009

    I HATE THE COWBOY !!!!!!!!!!!

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  • jp from louisiana

    i really expected a more consice argument about why one particular team sucks that stands a bit stronger than “Uniforms!  What are those black on black things you’ve been wearing?”  So our uniform design squad isn’t up to snuff in your eyes, and that’s the basis of why we suck?

    How about the following:
    -Aaron Brooks
    -Billy Joe Tolliver/Hobert
    -Jonathan Sullivan
    -Tebucky Jones
    -Fred Thomas

    These are REAL reasons why we have sucked in the past.  No doubt.  All of that has changed now.  We honestly are a better team than the Carolina Panthers.  This is because our head coach is better, our front office is better, our city believes in our team more than yours does, and since our current regime has been in place we have have proven to be a unified team committed to excellence that will, in the long run, out perform the Carolina Panthers.  Besides that, Jake Delhomme is an idiot.  Quote me on that.

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  • jimr from Hartford

    Your pic above the article says it all! The Panthers have long been a team that breaks rules to make up for a lack of talent. Can’t tackle the guy since you can’t keep up with him? Just grab his facemask and drag him down with it! Who cares if you risk crippling the guy? It’s just one less fast guy to track down.. more than worth the 15 yards if you get caught. What a pathetic excuse for a team.

  • John White

    Check that picture again.  That’s not a Panthers’ player pulling that face mask.  That’s a Cowboy pulling on that face mask.

  • FalconsMan

    I honestly think that the Saints are here to dominate this year and yes I’m a Falcons fan.  So what, Reggie is not living to the hype,  just keep in mind,  it  took him  three years to  play like he did at USC and this season coming up will be his third. On top of that his new address for the off-season has been at the Dome. We shall see a better Reggie this year.

  • Voodooman

    That is pretty funny. I am one to wait until the season is over and then see if it is funner and well cats crying.

  • shranc84

    Carolina fans = Pussies

  • Kyle

    Man fuck  yall.. fuck all of yall.  Yall are a bunch of worthless no good scum whoever wrote this bullshit.  Bring your faggot ass to New Orleans and come talk shit instead of doing it over some anonymous blog website.  Hell, our murder right will be one death higher if you ever visit New Orleans and talk all this shit.

  • John White

    Ladies and gentlemen, please remain seated until the aircraft has come to a complete stop at the terminal gate.  Welcome to New Orleans.  The killings will begin momentarily.

  • gw504saints

    That panthers suck.

  • Tiger

    Did someone say Chris Paul??? lol I think were to busy celebrating our fantastic Hornets….Now to our fantstic Saints! I can’t stop lmao that someone had the nerve to bash our Saints when only two teams made it to the Superbowl.
    Dahhh! Get a grip people you can’t have 10 winners in a 1 winner race, so I’ll say we all have issues!  Every freakin team that did not when the bowl has frickin issues, even the winners, but whose counting??? Suck your thunb Carolina fans, its not just a Saints thing, It’s a N.O. thing, better yet a Louisiana thing!  We frickin Rock! Nomatter what, I guess wev’e proved ourselves come hell or high lol N.O is a real city with real teams and we love to talk sh-t! Welcome to our world……..Come in , the doors always open!  


  • Tiger

    By the way, the first line that say’s to busy is wrong!  I know it should be too busy.  I did that to prove my point!
    NOLA Saints fans keep it real and when we make mistakes, we acknowledge them! Do the right thing Panther Fans, admit your wrong for coming up with such a stupid reason to hate on us when you know your TEAM SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1  
    on us. 

  • New Orlean’s Murder Rate

    Panther fans are scared. You’re scared. It’s okay.

  • shrance84

    Panthers Fans=Pussies…..You guys are pathetic.

    A bionic QB can only go so far.

  • bboggs36

     First-jake isnt bionic in the least.
    sec.-even if he fails at a comeback matt moore looked good last year
    thrid- when did this become a place were people care what saints fans think anyway. Plus you guys can take your over rated half backs and  crawfish sucking coach and go back to your crappy city. (even before katrina)

  • rickyriles

    lol, you panthers fans are pitiful. the past is the past. who cares about past coaches and past records against whoever? honestly, it’s all irrelevant. we’re going to sweep the panthers this season and win the south easily, just wait and see.

  • Bboggs36

    Do you guys not have your own site or something?

     Sanits fans always trying to start something

    P.S- With carolinas improved passing game v.s the sanits weak pass D… come on you cant think your winning that match up. Your offence isent good enough to cover your weak D.

  • admin

    Who Dat Dish is the FSB Saints site

  • bboggs36

     Thank you Admin!

     If only all the sanits fans would stay over there. 

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  • K.B.

    Sure…the Panthers don’t have a LONG history of draft busts do they? (sarcasm)

    Kerry Collins
    Tim Biakabutuka
    Rae Carruth
    Dwayne Jarrett (yes, already)
    DeShaun Foster

    Oh…and didn’t Carolina start the year 1-0 in 2002…and end up 1-15? LMAO! Then there’s that whole steroids thing….the list goes on. All that shyt and the backwoods city has only had a team for 13 years!

  • Mike

    uniforms @ #10? Didn’t know we had to consult w/ queer eye for the straight guy to field a team in proper atire.
    I would think you would love the fact that the Saints only have a winning record against 1 team. Do you want us to be better? That means more wins against the panthers.
    The fact that you think Reggie is overrated sshould be a good thing since you face the saints twice.
    Are you referring to the same RB that Ditka sold the teams future for?
    Are you complaining that the face of your franchise was run out of the state by “treating him bad”?

    This was a pretty pathetic list and you may want to consider thinking or ACTUAL reasons to hate a team.

  • SaintYves

    Wow, talk about hatin’ this rant was so weak, you should hate yourself for not coming up with some better ones that you have…weak, very weak.

    But I understand your dilemma, when you’ve had a fairly successful team like the Panthers, then there is not other way to vent your frustrations with YOUR team than to try to tear down another team and in your case it appears you are attacking the enire NFC South, wow, how much disdain do you  have for the Panthers and their downfall?

    It’s very telling that you even created a topic of “Top Ten Things To Hate” about anything, much less a formidable rival.

    But you REALLY do need to be very aware of what is going on in New Orleans, have you ever heard of the Patriots or the Colts? Those are two teams that EVERY year are predicted to go pretty far if not all the way by the predictors of the NFL, well here’s a clue for you. Look at how those two TOP teams are built and how they focus on re-loading each year as opposed to re-building each year like, oh I don’t know the Panthers and even the Saints teams of the past.

    But “It’s a Different World, from where you come from” these days in New Orleans, as we’ve adapted the EXACT forumula of those teams that have PROVEN to be successful for years on end with no semblence of not being successful in the future.

    Let’s take a look at what I am talking about, first off the Pats and the Colts do THREE MAJOR things each and every off season. The first is that they bend over backwards to keep as many starters from the year before, thereby keeping the continuity, character and leadership of thier successful team in tact. Secondly, they attack the FA market with specific positions in mind, but they don’t just go out and sign the “brand name” player at that position, they look at the “person” that plays a needed position. That person doesn’t have to be the best at that position, but he does have to be good at it, he also must have a character that is compatible with the leaders that are currently on the successful team, as well as the leadership potential to become a leader when his time comes to lead. Finally they draft the positions that they either lost in FA or felt wasn’t good enough the year before, keeping in mind those other aspects that they adhere to with their FA signings.

    When you look at what the Saints have been doing since the Sean Payton era has begun, we go above and beyond to keep our starters in tact, as Jeff Faine was our only starter lost this off season, all others were re-signed. We’ve signed FA’s like MLB Jonathan Vilma, DE Bobby McCray, CB Randall Gay and CB Aaron Glenn, not only do theses guys fill positions of need that we were severely lacking last year, but their character, leadership and football IQ’s are off the charts, as a matter of fact, with Aaron Glenn’s age, I say he was signed MAINLY because of those attributes in order to have a true LEADER in our secondary, which we truly didn’t have.

    We not only drafted the positions that were weak for us last year, we’ve drafted the “people” that fit the bill as high quality person’s with massive amounts of “potential” leadership when their time comes to be an outspoken leader on this team.

    So Panthers fans, you need to look beyond the color of the uniforms and look deep into what the Saints as a team are ACTUALLY doing, because with the nucleus we currently have in New Orleans, the re-building stage is almost complete and the future holds re-loading activities for us to keep our success consistent on an annual basis.

    It won’t be long before the “pundits” are saying “Well we all know what to expect from the Pats and Colts this year”, but suddenly there will be the Saints added to that list of “we know what to expect”.

    If you are HONEST with yourselves, you will see that the Panthers are continually re-building, which is what 90% of all teams do and if you investigate the Saints deeper than the uniforms, you wil absolutely see the Pats and Colts formula being utilized to it’s fullest.

    Be afraid Panthers, be very afraid, just imagine if you had to play teams like the Pats and Colts TWICE each year…….well, that is exactly what is about to happen.

    By the way, “baby blue”, “sky blue” or “powder blue” isn’t exactly what I would call “professional” when it comes to an NFL teams colors, just ask the Titans…….LOL! and good luck as you will need it.

  • Eman5805

    What’s Julius Peppers done lately? Seems you guys have a 2nd overall pick of your own to worry about. See you twice this season, we’ll be lookin forward to snapping the the recent trend of losing to you over your faces.

  • zack

    pantherssuck, and the congress thing is a lie.. It was a merger.. on all saints day… dumb fuck… GEAUX SAINTS

  • John White

    Five months later, we’re still getting hate mail.  Let’s move on, shall we?

  • benny hill

    kansas city chiefs rockkk!

  • Jaime L.

    ROFLMMFAO!!!!!! Oh, I have tear in my eyes from the belly laugh this has given me. My, my how things have changed in a year. You need to update your list because we have way more than 10 reasons to hate us.

    1. Drew Breese
    2. Mike Bell
    3. Colston
    4. Thomas
    5. Grant

    Man, my fingers are getting tired. Please update your list with the REAL reasons to hate us. In the mean time we will be down here doing the Second Line celebrating our 3 – 0 start. WHO DAT!!!!!

  • Heath

    Whoever wrote this column, was just looking for attention and he/she got it. Congratulations on your victory. The reason I say “he/she” is becuase a name means nothing today. So, do you feel proud? I bet you do. Tell you wife/GF hi for me while you visit the tranny bar. Or, stop going to church because your find alter boys SO attractive. Or better yet, tell us what YOU do that is SO offensive. I’m sorry, thats just UN-AMERICAN to tell others what YOU do wrong. I am sure you do far worse than any of us.

    Tell your DOG’S ASS hello for us.


  • Darren Shannerton

    Geez. it looks like someone’s a bit jealous, yes? actually i am proud to say that this year we are 5-0 soon to be 6-0. huh. sounds like we’re doing pretty well to me.

  • Chris

    Lol, a deal with congress? Who gives a shit about how we got the team? And cowboy fan, football was developed in the Ivy League schools. And I don’t think there are any Ivy League schools in Texas.


    JOHN WHITE IS AN IDIOT, no panther fans should talk about history when their record over their pathetic 14 years of existance is a losing one.

  • liya


  • flip555

    13-0 reggie 8 tds and sean peyton now 30-15 ok year id call it.

  • Fuck you

    Yeah panthers, look at the saints now. not talking so much are you?