Steve Smith: Greatest Receiver Ever!

It’s a story so big that it ran in two newspapers on the very same day – the Charlotte Observer and the Gaton Gazette.

Steve Smith wants to be the best wide receiver in history or at least the statistical leader.

His goal: Be unstoppable no matter what plays he runs.

Another goal: Finish his career as one of the leading pass-catchers in NFL history.

Smith, the Panthers’ star receiver, revealed Monday that he has a laminated piece of paper listing the league’s all-time leaders in receiving yards.

Atop that category is former 49ers great Jerry Rice (22,458), followed by ex-Raider Tim Brown (14,934).

Smith said he typed a challenge for himself and affixed it to the paper: “Where will I be at the end?”

At age 29 and entering his eighth NFL season, Smith has 431 receptions for 5,927 yards and 37 touchdowns.

Smitty is already unstoppable.  Last season, when the Carolina Panthers offense was having to rely on him because of the mess at quarterback, he still managed to do damage to the tune of 87 catches for 1002 yards and 7 touchdowns.

But if he’s setting his sites on the top of the NFL’s list of receivers, he’s got a ways to go.

For the sake fo argument, let’s say he plays another seven seasons and averages 100 catches per season and 1000 yards.  He would still be over 400 catches and nearly 10,000 yards behind Jerry Rice.  Keep in mind that Rice played for 21 years.

Sure, if Smith plays that long he can catch him but it’s a stretch for anybody to play that long and avoid injury.  Either way, he’ll need no fewer than 600 grabs and a little over 8000 yards to rank statistically among the top four in either category.

If anybody in the NFL can do it, it has to be Steve Smith.  He’s asking himself now where he will be at the end.  Continuing on his present course, he will be in the rarified air of some of the greatest receivers ever.

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  • thelandryhat

    Please. Steve Smith needs to get over himself. Win a Super Bowl. Lead your team. Don;t blab out your own personal goals. Help your team reach the ultimate goal. Disgusting.

  • thelandryhat

    Unstoppable? He is not unstoppable, John. My god, this is homerism at its worse.

  • John White

    Dan, really.  Dude, you don’t mean that.  There’s no way you mean that.  Steve Smith?  Win a Super Bowl and get over himself?  This coming from a fan of the team that employs the BIGGEST ME-ME-ME player in the last 25 freaking years if not EVER???  When was it that Terrell Owens won a Super Bowl?  For that matter, when did Pacman Jones win a Super Bowl?  Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson?

    And homerism?  You are accusing me of homerism?  Uh hem!!!  Jason Witten is the best tight end in the league???  Really?  Wouldn’t have anything to do with him being a Cowboy now would it?  (

    Finally, re-read the article again.  I wasn’t being a homer.  What I was pointing out was what Steve Smith still needed to accomplish to become the best wide receiver in history.

    Damn!  I swear Cowboys fans are all alike!

  • PanthersFan

    TLH doesn’t know what he is talking about. The Panthers have at least won a few playoff games in the last 10 years. Think he is mad because we actually can talk about going to a Super Bowl (see 2003), the year we beat them in the playoffs.

    Panthers vs. Cowboys in the Playoffs 2-0. Suck on that!

  • Walker

    On an unrelated note, why do we play the Cowboys every year?

  • John White

    We play them so we get the opportunity to repay the torture of putting up with Cowboys fans.  When we beat them it tortures them terribly.  They lose and make their usual excuses.  It’s usually something about Jessica Simpson, Carrie Underwood or Wade Phillips.

  • thelandryhat

    We have embarrassed you guys several years in a row. Give up yet?

  • John White

    Give up?  Never!  In fact, it was the Panthers that provided the ‘Boys their first of many playoff defeats.  You remember, don’t ya’?  You guys won the week before and that was the last time you won in the postseason.  In fact, as I recall, we are 2-0 versus the Cowboys in the playoffs.  Do you give up yet?

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  • sir dominate

    SI ranks witten as the #1 tight end so their is no homerism in saying that he is…SI also ranks Steve Smith as the #10 reciever currently playing…not ever! but now…so how is Steve Smith the greatest player ever when he isn’t even the top player currently playing?

  • John White

    Again, re-read the article.  The title was there just to grab attention.  The text of the article never said that I felt that Steve Smith is the greatest receiver ever.  Please, read again.

  • PanthersFan

    Cowboys fans can’t read….

  • thelandryhat

    Attention grabbing headline was a lie. That’s unfortunate.

  • John White

    The headline was just a headline.  Read the article.  That usually helps.  It’s more unfortunate that you didn’t read it.

  • thelandryhat

    i read it john

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  • Mike777VSP

    I read the article, I’ll give you that the article doesn’t state he is the best, but maybe you should have just said – “What Steve Smith needs to do to become ONE of the best”, you don’t have TO or Moss, (current) Rice (greatest ever) never played in Carolina…and Pussycat-Pantherfan, we may not be able to read well…but we damn sure can count 5 SuperBowls Big D…Carolina 0.  Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

  • Travis

    omg steve smith can do it… do you remember when we drafted him… everyone said he would not play a since down n the nfl he was to small… and remember right after that he returned punts and kick offs for touchdowns… then they said he wouldnt play that much he would get to hurt and wouldnt amount to much… well years later he earned the tripple crown award… so its left to this… if anyone in the nfl can do it its steve. as long as our o line is healthy i say smith will get over 1500 yards receiving and about 200 rushing… anyone want to wager on this

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  • Mike

    Steve Smith…wow all these people who crush you don’t listen.. you one if not the  most talent gifted wide receivers of todays time. you have the ability to not only change the game but take control of it. and it would be cool to actually be able to talk to the Steve Smith..