Change in the Air? Carolina Panthers Slip to 0-5 in Loss to Chicago Bears

NEW ORLEANS - NOVEMBER 08: Head coach John Fox of the Carolina Panthers reacts during a loss against the New Orleans Saints at Louisiana Superdome on November 8, 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

A historic loss, and another forgettable one at that. However, this loss should not be forgettable to at least one person: Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson. I can only hope that Mr. Richardson keeps the feeling of embarrassment fresh long enough to fire head coach John Fox before the day is out. Carolina has made strides in the last week. First it released a bust wide receiver. Now the next step will be firing a coach who has shown nothing but apathy this season.

Fortunately and unfortunately I had to miss the first half of today’s lop-sided loss. However when I got back, even though it wasn’t pretty at halftime, or even close, I turned on the game via NFL’s Audio Pass. After five minutes of listening, Audio Pass went on a break which it never returned from. No matter what I tried — restarting the computer, restarting the service — nothing had an effect on it. So I didn’t miss a whole lot, except I found it rather entertaining that John Fox decided to switch Jimmy Clausen out for Matt Moore. Who actually thought that was going to be a difference-maker?

Matt Moore is not a franchise QB. I feel kinda sorry for the guy, but there’s a reason why he wasn’t drafted by an NFL team. At this point, he might not even be a very good backup QB, considering he managed to throw two INTs to further seal the floundering Panthers’ fate.

Here’s another idea from the department of ridiculous trades: Why not trade DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart (since they’re barely used anymore) in exchange for a star wide receiver and a right tackle, since it seems that Jeff Otah is going to miss most if not all of the season, while Clausen is expected to motor a rookie receiving core with little-to-no protection from the offensive line? Maybe that’s not such a ridiculous idea, since Carolina’s running backs have been on the shelf for the most part this season.

Finally, what’s with putting rookie Armanti Edwards in at receiver? Better still, whose brain child was it to trade a No. 2 draft pick to take a quarterback and turn him into a wide receiver? Some changes need to be made in Carolina’s brain trust. Someone’s not getting the job done anymore.

One good thing to take away from this week’s loss is the Panthers face the Bye next week. Which they should do no worse than a tie against. We’ll see what happens in two weeks. While I’m not counting on it, hopefully we see a change at the head coaching position between now and Week Seven.

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  • Shannon Owens

    I wish I could comment some long thought out response, but really.. I’m tired of saying the same thing week in and week out. They need to get rid of Fox/Hurney/Davidson team. They had no problem cleaning house on the team, clean house upstairs. Clearly the defense was stellar like every other week, but there were NO plays on offense. No WR’s open. No blocking. No offensive line to protect Clausen. NOTHING. Then to top off 2 INT’s by Moore on 2 drives.. the decision to put him in and then question who will start next week should automatically fire Fox on the spot. I’m done here.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Duly noted, Shannon — with the exception of “I’m done here,” because in the literal sense, I have to be “here” everyday, lol.

      • Shannon Owens

        Touché. And I meant with the comment. So glad we have a bye week.

        • Eric Quackenbush

          I know. Just messin’ around. Gotta have a little chuckle every now and then.

    • jj

      Of course we are all upset, but it is not Fox or coaches fault at all.. Think about it. Richardson will NOT let them go after any Free Agents like Anquan Boldin, Julius Peepers , chris harrs, on an d ON! Do you think Fox did not want to keep Peppers? or pick up some studs? of course he did… This is coming down from Richardson, he will not let them get any good players — WR, Tight Ends, QB’s, and let too many great players walk,,, quit blaming anyone but the Chief. Do you think Fox wanted Peppers to go? Heck No! as well as going after Pro players… Richardsons Panthers have a net worth over 1 billion $$$$ he has the $ why is he going so cheap!!!!!!!!! Richardson is the problem

      • Eric Quackenbush

        If the NFL weren’t at risk for going into a lockout in 2011, do you think Richardson would have really wanted to let Peppers go? I doubt it. If there wasn’t the risk of a lockout in 2011, don’t you think Richardson would have allowed his front office staff to take a more proactive approach in free agency? I do. My point is, the coach still has a job to perform. To date, he hasn’t performed it very well. That doesn’t fall in the lap of Jerry Richardson, it falls in the lap of the head coach. How is this year any different from last year, really? Aside from the roster change-up, not very. At this time a year ago, Carolina had its first win…and barely, at that. Then it beat a floundering Bucs team because Fox decided to use the running game more efficiently…Unlike now. It’s a young team, and that plays into things as well, but it doesn’t excuse the sorry playcalling. Which last I checked, also doesn’t fall under Richardson’s responsibilities.

      • jj

        So Most of the other owners are not worried about a temporary lockout? When the net worth is $1,000,000,000 as in billions,what does he stand to lose, just how bad would he be hurt financially? I dont think this is about $, Big Cat is pissed at something! The first pick in the draft is gonna cost him $25-50 million too. They have billions so he can afford to pay for studs as much as the rest of the owners, it is the NFL, and you cannot win with rookie wrs, LaDrop, those TE’s, rookie QB’s, – what/who did they get for Chris Harris? I think the GM’;s and coaches are handcuffed. Having said that, you are right they still have to be smarter – play calling and coaching is pathetic-Jeff D is horrible.

        • Eric Quackenbush

          For Chris Harris, I believe the team got a pack of Skittles, wasn’t it? Thanks JJ.

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  • Robert Hiles

    This just in, Las Vegas Odds Makers have made the Bye favored over Carolina Panthers for next week.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      At the rate things have fallen apart, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • David Vaughan

    The blame should start at the top…Richardson. He certainly isn’t going anywhere, but he is certainly acting like a corporation expecting to take a finacial hit. Since the talks of a ’11 lockout could be that very hit, I would expect that is what he is setting up for. Is it right, hell no, is it fair…see previous answer. Fox has done well over the years, but perhaps it is time for him to move on (with no talk of an extended contract I’m guessing Richardson is planning for his demise), but Hurney defintely needs to go.

    Ive heard of off years, but for us to have so many things within our grasp just get pissed on and thrown away….I’m ready for some change in the right direction.

    No matter what, it’s money in the end that defines the field of play and we have owner tightening his sphincter so much we may end up finally getting a name change to Carolina Diamonds.

    Random thoughts.

    Have a great week off.

  • DeeJay

    Maybe Richardson being a cheap ass is a great thing because a cap could go into play and Bam carolina will have so much money they can bring in the players to kick ass maybe the next Peppers. All in All Fox is gone and so is that dumbass Jeff Davidson who calls the dumbest plays ever where we have 2 running backs not getting anything done just sitting on the sidelines we had a hell of a smash and dash now its just Sit and Sit Pathetic.

    Carolina wins next week with this bye week maybe they will start the firing let Ron meeks be the new interm coach for the rest of the year and maybe JUST MAYBE we can go 4-12 or 3-13 and hell that number 1 pick is looking to be a good thing doesn’t carolina have 2 1st round picks? maybe clean house get rid of a few quarterbacks trade away a running back that is never used improve that offensive line and wide receiver core…

    Just a thought Go Panthers!

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Good stuff, DeeJay.

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  • Mark

    Just like with any business,or in the military,the blame starts at the top. It is Richardson that is allowing the players to be picked,the trades to be made. I know the play-calling doesn’t go thru Jerry(unlike in Dallas),but I’m sure everything else does. He wouldn’t be a very good owner if he didn’t force all administrative decisions to be approved by him.

    We all know that 2010 is already over in Charlotte. So I would like to know just what has happened to cause this once very capable offense to turn into the Keystone Cops. As we now know,it was not Jake. We have the same studs at RB,basically the same O-line. So why can’t we run the freaking ball? The excuse of defenses stacking the box can’t be used,they did the same thing in the past and we still ran,quite effectively.

    So what is the problem,what is the solution. A change at head coach might be one thing to look at. At some point in time,with some teams,they just lose the chemistry between players and coaches. I don’t know,I’m so frustrated right now,I wouldn’t mind seeing the water-boy suit up. Someone please call Adam Sandler…… NOW!!!!

    • jj

      How can they run when they stack 9 or 10 in the box. TE ‘s suck, wrs suck, qb sucks, thats why they cannot run. Even with SSmith, same story. It is Richardson who told lapdog Marty not to get any high priced free agents. This son of a gun is pushing the lockout, NO NFL is what he wants and a shitty team, to prove some egotistical point. THanks Jerry, this one of the worst teams in NFL History…

      • Eric Quackenbush

        You left out: coaching sucks. I don’t know that Richardson is pushing a lockout. That would actually go against like…trying to make money. There are tough times ahead. We can only sit back and watch.