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The 0-5 Knee Jerk Reaction.

Is this where the problem lies?
There it is. 0-5.

The Big “0″ is still there and there seems to be no making it go away. I know, even though I am not a “journalist”, being a fan that this (just after the game) is not a good time to write but I am left with a staggering thought. Consider this.

Who is really failing this team?

I am ready to say the Coaching.

While many will say that Clausen is not “NFL Ready” and I cannot argue that very much, to his defense what was he given to work with today. Many have repeated the “Rookie QB starting with two Rookie WR’s” stat today but that is not complete.

How about “Rookie QB with 3 Rookie WR’s and a guy that just got here in the middle of the week”?

I think that paints the picture a bit better. He walked into this game behind the eight ball.

And when you take into account a given theory on USC Receivers (Keary Colbert and Dwayne Jarrett) then how can the lesser Steve Smith be explained?

In short, is the Offensive side of Coaching just getting so bad that a mid-season change is desirable? Are they getting the fullest potential out of our players?

Well we are 0-5.

Now we look at a Bye week coming up and I have a feeling that something is going to happen. Odds are it will not be pretty.

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  • DeeJay

    Fire all the coaching simple bring in a brand new coaching staff who cares about winning none of these clowns do apprently. Clausen sucks!!!! use Pike

    • Shannon Owens

      Clausen is not the problem.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      …And what happens when Pike isn’t the answer to the problem either, which he won’t be? Then what? Three-out-of-three quarterbacks are that bad? I find that highly unlikely. Peyton Manning would look horrendous as well.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      And wait a minute, the defensive coaching staff ahs the defense playing pretty well! They can’t fix the fact that Gamble is overrated and Marshall is just living out his time in Carolina.

      • Shannon Owens

        Agreed completely Eric. Marshall did do exceptionally well the past few games, though. Gamble = waste.

  • Shannon Owens

    At this point, the BEST thing they can do is get rid of Davidson and for Richardson to give Fox the ultimatum of changing the style of play here or he can go to if not at the end of the season. What do they really have to lose?

    • UtesFan89

      I agree completely. The coaching is failing the team. I’m not sure what needs to change (and I truly believe the answer is not bringing in Cowher and a 3-4 defense), but something has to.

      The playcalling is generally horrific on offense. Two great backs, a rookie QB… we pass too much, we don’t run enough. (And yes, I know teams probably stack the box against our offense.)

      I think it was last week, facing a 3rd-and-medium or 4th-and-medium or something, and the Panthers called a slow-developing play that ended with either a sack or a forced bad pass. (Its happened many times, but this one stuck out at the time.) You have to know pressure is coming; calling a long pass is just stupid. A quick out, a screen, A quick curl; anything quick. Things like that just make it seem that the coaches really have no idea what they’re doing.

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  • Meltoe

    Hello people wake up it isn’t the players it’s the coachs decisions. For example, lafell makes a three yard catch on third and seven and is ruled out of bounds. Panthers will punt anyway. What does fox do? Throws the challenge flag!?!?? I he wins it is forth and four instead of fourth and seven. Panthers would still be punting. Save the challenge for a situation that matters more. Did anyone else see that or was I the only one watching the game?

    • Dkes

      Actually, if we would have won the challenge it would have put us into JKasay’s FG range. Also, it would have made a 4th and 4 play an option. We wouldn’t have taken the option, but I don’t have a problem with Fox challenging then due to down and distance. I DO have a problem with Fox challenging plays that are so obviously correct. He’s challenged a bunch of good calls this year. He needs help identifying when a bad call has been made.

      • Eric Quackenbush

        They may have taken the 4th and short option, though. Fox has been a regular riverboat gambler on fourth downs this year, and all-in-all, they’ve paid off on the conversions.

  • leo jr.

    it’s both! clausen can’t handle snaps, or hand off very well, moore has erratic accuracy and his decision making is questionable, oh and i forgot that defenses have keyed in on jimmy’s low release, and the reason you don’t see screens or quick slants is they don’t work, you either get what happens to moore and armanti, or the ball just flat out don’t get caught.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Which hearkens back to coaching. It was a terrible decision to name Clausen the starter so early in his career. I don’t care what the “experts” said about him prior to being drafted, he needs this time to learn. Not to be expected to lead the team to wins. However, if that’s the case, then you certainly don’t pull the plug on him with a couple minutes remaining in the game, and then later say, “I don’t know who the starting QB will be in two weeks. If anything, Moore should have been given an extra week to recover from what was likely TWO concussions, and Clausen should have been benched in Week Three, as Moore would have assumed the starting job once again. Bad coaching decisions to date have been the downfall of the offense’s success. The defense on the other hand is holding its own in the meantime.

      • Shannon Owens

        I don’t disagree with the decision to take Matt Moore out, but you know this. I think Moore did nothing to prove he should be the starter except for the fact he had more starts than the rookie. I’m not going to even go there with last year. Anyway, he made matters worse by going out and throwing 2 picks in 2 drives, granted one wasn’t completely his fault, but horrible throw anyway. Clausen is a rookie on a rookie team so it wouldn’t matter who you put in as QB, they’re going to play poorly. The predicatable 3 plays we have is getting ridiculous and the fact nothing is changing except getting worse should be a wake up call to Richardson. Like in Clausen’s presser.. you can’t expect a rookie to come out and be a pro in a week, a couple games, or ever a season. Matt on the other hand has been given plenty of opportunities and even though I think he merely let things go to hid head way too quick and was classless on the field and in interviews, the situation is that there needs to be changes in the office to get the offense rolling.. not switching up the QB every week.

        • Eric Quackenbush

          Yeah, I can generally agree with your assessment. I enjoyed Clausen’s presser, and for a guy who got such a bad rap sheet from the media about being impersonal, he certainly is proving his doubters wrong!

  • july

    Clausen is not the problem. Peyton Manning would look horrendous as well.

  • jay

    Wow, what can we say about the panther’s offence? I was sick to my stomach. At half time I was telling myself this can’t get any worst. Than a wide open lafell was in the end zone and lil jimmy couldn’t even reach it to him. Hell he couldn’t even do a normal handoff. Did you see how we managed to do a 3 and 31? I feel so sad for our defense, they playing their heart out. Oh yea for all ya REBUILDING fan there you go. It’s funny how the eagle’s doesn’t have one reminding player from the last super bowl they went to. That’s how you rebuild. You don’t clean house, you little by little start drafting and signing players. I don’t see us beating any team this year we are the worst team in the NFL.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Yep, statistically and offensively, ours is the worst team in the league.

  • DeeJay

    This season is basically over Clausen will remain starter till the end of the year and fox will get the boot from Carolina Davidson needs to get the hell out to. You keep Ron meeks to run that defense unless they hire a new coach who doesn’t enjoy the Tampa 2 Defense. The answer lies in how do we fix the offensive line? simple beef up your line for next season or until the Union Contract is resolve don’t bring back OTAH IR him for the year get him ready for 2011 Trade away One of your running backs for picks.

    1st round pick you go for the best Offensive player out there then you think about Free Agency to pick up a solid offensive line and you build from there I”m probably the only person who thinks that Bill Cowher will be running this team and if he’s not he’ll be in Dallas.

  • jay

    I really think matt Moore is still our guy o.k. before ya start yelling or crying hears me out. Matt play awful in the first game I cant fight with ya on that one. But the second game he did have some nice throws. The one to Dante (TE 88) on a deep pass that he drop was really good. Now bottom-line he’s the best QB we have right now. lil jimmy just doesn’t look right. I mean come on the kid is small and doesn’t look good in panthers colors. And now with the story that Mel kiper hype him up? Did ya see the kid throw to lafell on the deep ball? my god that was weak at least we know matt could throw. The reason lil jimmy doesn’t throw INT is because he’s too too careful. I rather have matt trying to score not caring what his stats are then lil jimmy making baby pass and fumbling the snap. im at a point that I don’t care who under center as long as it isn’t jimmy. He just doesn’t look like a NFL QB. Remember theirs a reason why the players like matt Moore more (see what I did there lol). He just can’t read the blitz good enough to get out the way. And can you please stop attacking the offence line. They are not to blame. They have to block 8 to 9 defenders on every snap. It takes our WRS not steve smith 6 to 8 sec to get open. SO PLEASE DONT BLAME THE O-LINE. Every defense coach knows how to play us.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      I’m not yelling, crying or attacking you, but just consider this question: Were you okay with the INT’s thrown by Delhomme a year ago too, then? Because that’s what Moore’s becoming…an INT machine. Two picks in a span of two minutes to close out a horrendous and embarrassing loss? I’d rather my QB be careful and make SMART plays, not play on hunches and out of desperation. Clausen brought the Panthers to within seconds of a win at New Orleans…had it not been for the inept Dwayne Jarrett, Carolina could have had a chance to win on a FG. The kid’s gotta learn, and fans are going to have to be patient and realize that whether they want to or not. Clausen probably doesn’t have the conditioning and strength training that other programs’ quarterbacks have coming into the NFL, as Notre Dame has such high standards and expectations of its student athletes. I say give it time. And I don’t believe Matt Moore gives this team its best chance to win. As for the offensive playcalling, I think it’s time the play calls for more running of the ball, regardless of how many defenders are stacked against our offense. Wear ‘em down. Haven’t tried that yet; how do we know it might not work?