"Four Words"

And he does videos too.
And does this mean anything?

When asked if Fox has given him any indication of whether he’ll start against San Francisco, Matt Moore chuckled and said…

Coach Fox has said like four words to me since the last game. I think things are the same as they’ve been the last couple of weeks. –Panthers QB, Matt Moore

Maybe there is nothing to this. It certainly seems that Moore is downplaying this.  I have to wonder in these trying times, is Fox starting to lose contact with the players as opposed to the old days when Fox was a “players coach” as former safety Mike Minter put it?

Certainly something worth noting for now, even if it is not taken too seriously for the time being.

In other news this week it seems that we have a new wide receiver in Devin Thomas, taken off of waivers from Washington. There were also rumblings that Indianapolis was interested in him as well. The quick take on him is that he was a 2008 second-rounder who just did not quite work out in Washington for whatever reason. He is big and he is fast, but he does not have a huge tally on the stat sheet that will perk up the fan base. So I do hope he does work out here.
Who am I kidding? I hope he turns into a Pro-Bowler. We freaking need it.

But here is the stunning part to me. He seems to be the last sort of player that Big Cat would go after. Acting, modeling, etc.
Devin Thomas and Fantasia.

On this little bit I have seen, he seems like a good guy(at least he does not have a pair of crocs on).

Welcome to Carolina Devin, and make us proud (make 80 a proud number again).

Just a couple of things going on this week that have me curious and wish to hear what others think.

The times are still changing before our eyes.

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  • John

    Well what I think is that these recent acquisitions prove that this team did not prepare itself properly in the WR corp. They are either real poor judges of talent or they are stupid. Take your pick.

    I really don’t have a problem with building through the draft. And I know with that comes some pain. Even down seasons. I have been an NFL fan for 40+ years so I have been there, done that more got more than one t-shirt. I also understand the business implications of being massively under the cap the next time the league plays and what that means to keeping a lot of our young good guys here. But I also know when my only legit #1 receiver is on the wrong side of 30 I better have another productive veteran on this squad, just in case. No one in camp showed any shot at the number one spot. Heck we were still looking for our number two. And to add insult to injury we haven’t actually played the guy that outperformed all our other receivers as I recall. There were veteran guys available and we made no moves. That’s being penny wise and pound foolish.

    • http://www.blogtalkradio.com/blitzradio Eric Quackenbush

      I agree with you, John. Now I pose a question to you…How do you feel if after a new CBA is in place, the team becomes active in free agency again and signs some talented individuals in areas where we’ve had problems? What’s your take if the team maintains the current “status quo?”

      • John

        Well they can’t maintain the status quo. The stadium would be empty.

        I expect that with the new CBA they will have enough under the cap to sign a large percentage(if not all) of the young players we want to keep. I am assuming we will have a relatively high first rounder to sign as well. Of course what they do in free agency would depend on that pick to some degree but I would hope they would spend the money if a guy worth the cash was available.

        So I don’t expect them to go out and throw money around willy nilly. But I do expect them to make prudent investments that better this team. I would be shocked if there isn’t someone out there in free agency next year that can help this team win. The Panthers need to find that guy and get him here.