Moore Beaver: Matt Moore Re-Named Starting QB for Carolina

A new question has been answered for the Carolina Panthers going into their Week Seven game against the San Francisco 49ers: starting quarterback.

Currently Carolina has three quarterbacks at their disposal — technically four, if the head coach and general manager would stop with the mind-expanding recreational activities they seem to be participating in over the last couple of years, and allow quarterback-turned-wide receiver Armanti Edwards play at the position he is most familiar with and has been groomed to play.

Am I stating that Edwards should be this week’s starting quarterback? Not officially, but perhaps he might be able to offer a little something extra than Jimmy Clausen and certainly Matt Moore hasn’t been able to offer: quarterback mobility.

Behind an offensive line that allows defenders through like water through a sieve, the Panthers need a dynamic threat at quarterback, and not your a-typical “pocket-passer.” Armati Edwards seems the most logical solution to the problem. Will it definitely work? Well, it’s difficult to say without a doubt that it will work, as we have yet to see Edwards allowed any sort of consistent play at the position. It’s also as difficult to say that the change-up from Clausen back to Moore will answer the Panthers’ problem at quarterback.

Which brings us back to the other problem and the reason for two quarterbacks and their lack of much success at the position: The offensive, Offensive Line — has been deplorable. Ever since Carolina let its depth go at the position in 2009, the offensive line has been rather ordinary at best. It was touted as one of the top lines in 2009, but those statistics were based off of 2008′s roster.

In the 2009 and 2010 NFL Drafts, not much of anything was done to bring reliable depth back to the position.

So here we are, for just over a week now, wondering what card John Fox has up his sleeve to start at quarterback against the San Francisco 49ers. To me, there is no need to make an announcement. Fox made the premature decision to switch from Matt Moore to Jimmy Clausen after the Week Two loss to the Buccaneers. Once that decision was made, he should have stuck with it.

Matt Moore is no more the solution to the problem than Jimmy Clausen was; no more than Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Donovan McNabb, Jake Delhomme, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, or any other quarterback could be, until the offensive line can offer more protection, and until the team puts a legitimate receiver rotation on the field or until this one matures, so that the offensive line can offer more protection.

Owners of other winless teams have offered their teams’ fanbases some semblance of an explanation, which has been better than the silent treatment offered to a Panthers fanbase that grows more irritated by the lack of any words from the top, with every passing day. As I’d stated in my submission to; at any point it didn’t have to be an explanation we agree with. Hearing something would be better than hearing nothing at all.

In the end, it’s nothing more than a catastrophic mess in Carolina, which starts wherever you point a finger. In Week Seven, Matt Moore has been named starter of the week. Perhaps in Week Eight we’ll see the resurgence of Jimmy Clausen, or another “quarterback- of-the-week.” Does anyone else also find it ironic too, that the Carolina Panthers franchise has become the landing spot for displaced, inept coaches of the Cleveland Browns? Maybe Fox will take his Browns staff with him back to Cleveland in 2011 (should the Browns hire him). We can hope.

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  • Shannon Owens

    The fans have become the new Julius Peppers; wanting more from Jerry Richardson, Marty Hurney, Coach Fox.. waiting to hear what’s next, waiting for change, waiting for something better. What do we get? Numerous unreturned/ignored phone calls. Not saying Julius is Mr. Humble because I am glad he is gone, BUT we ARE getting the silent treatment. They are going to ruin this team how they want to do it and no one is going to tell them otherwise. It doesn’t matter who you put in for QB, when our O-line can’t hold, our receivers don’t get open/drop passes, and our playcalling is so predictable my 10 year old sister could call better plays.. we’re going to lose. I love the Panthers and am extremely passionate about their franchise, but they are slapping us in the face, wasting our money, and ultimately wasting our time this season if they don’t decide to change ANYTHING but quarterback.

    I would, however, like Pike over Edwards. Much more accuracy and height. All in all, Clausen is the future? COMMIT TO IT. Because I’d rather see him out there knowing he’s trying to get better and practicing then throwing Moore out there because Fox doesn’t know what to do anymore.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      “Yep, yep, I hear ya, and yep.”

      I believe it’s safe and fair to say that most of us share your sentiments.

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  • http://Z7YP DeeJay

    Should of never started Jimmy in the first place we all knew he wasn’t ready why risk an investment Heck in fact I don’t even see him staying in Carolina

    2011 draft will be a quarterback

    • Eric Quackenbush

      That seems to be a commonly anticipated event in Carolina (re: Clausen).

      I do agree he should never have been named the starter so early in his career. If anything, Moore should have been allowed an extra week to recover from the concussions suffered at the Giants, and resumed his starting role in Week Three.

  • John

    Like I said when they did it you have one chance to play the QB card and they already played it. This switching back and forth is the hallmark of incompotence. Clausen wasn’t ready. That was evident. Putting him out there was desperate and stupid. The QB was not the problem. The lack of receivers and a porous line are. Solve those and then we can judge the QBs fairly.

    As far as Pike goes he isn’t ready for the NFL he only played in a spread offense and has no time under center. He definitely needs another year just to get an NFL body and learn how it works at this level. I think Pike has enormous upside but not yet.

    As for Armanti and his height hasn’t hurt Brees and his alleged 6 foot height is a standing joke. Armanti isn’t really ready either. However he may be able to use his feet to make things happen that wouldn’t be there for someone less mobile. But really until we find some receivers we could have Peyton and be 0-5.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Everything you’ve said up until Edwards is pretty much largely agreed upon, John. I’m interested to see what Pike might be able to offer under the right conditions, but now is not the time. Edwards seems the most intriguing of the four quarterbacks, because of his speed and mobility. If Fox is willing to try new things to create a spark, he still hasn’t made an effort to tap that potential.

  • Mark

    I’m wondering what starting Matt is going to change about the offense. He didn’t exactly light things up the last time he played. I was hoping to see Edwards get the nod,since our O-line has basically been passing out “Sack Our QB”invitations. At least E can run for safety when the opposition gets close.

    On a subject not related to this post…If Carolina wins Sunday(IF) our season is still not over. Everyone in the NFC has at least 2 IF we can get our stuff together and make a run,there is still a possibility we get into the post-season. I haven’t given up…..YET

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Starting Matt Moore will change very little if anything, about the offense, other than who the signal caller is. Until the passing game becomes more reliable and forces defenses to respect and defend against it, immense pressure will continue to be put on the offensive line, and the quarterback will continue to be pressured, sacked, and forced to make bad decisions.

      Well technically, Carolina’s not out of contention, yet. However, they’re only a couple — few losses away from mathematically being out. I don’t see a playoff run in this team’s immediate future. Perhaps next season or 2012 will tell a different story.

      I haven’t given up either, but it’s hard not to be realistic about the situation.

  • hihosilver

    It doesn’t matter if we play Pike, Edwards, Moore, or Jimmy. Hell, we could swap them out at the end of each quarter and you’ll still get the same results. If you have wideouts who can’t get open, and are consistantly dropping passes, who you have at quarterback makes no difference whatsoever.
    And I’ll say this, I completely disagree with Fox’s “decision” to bench Clausen. It was a bad choice to start him after week 2 (should’ve thrown Edwards or Pike to the wolves first), but since “it is what it is”, now Fox should’ve stuck with Clausen as the starter. Benching him now affects the experience he’s getting in the game, and it could also impact his confidence.
    I feel like this is a deja vu moment… 2001… 1-15…
    Oh wait never mind… That team could score more than 10 1/2 points in an average game!

  • jay

    ERIC do you know what 8 man in the box mean? That 4 D-lineman, 3 linebackers, 1 SS coming at the RB and QB at full speed. And last time I check there’s only 5 O-lineman. In order to have a successful pass play the O-line has to block for at least 7 sec due to the lack of WRs we have. Why is everybody blaming the O-line for? When our two RB both had 1,100 yards rushing #34 and #28 got all the credit, but now since they aint making their numbers it the O-line fault. The number one problem in this team is the WRs. defenses are not respecting our passing game. Hell I saw the bears put 9 guys in the box vs. us. Matt Moore is better than lil jimmy. With Moore we had 2 TDs with lil jimmy we can’t even get the snap off.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      JAY :shrug: not like it matters, but there are tight ends and a fullback that can be brought up to help block, as well.

  • John

    Not to mention running backs. 8 men in the box doesn’t always come with a blitz either since we are doing training apparently.

    And the reason they are getting blamed is because they are playing like crap. Which they have freely admitted. Gross and the rest of the line have taken the responsibility. Now it isn’t all on them but it starts there. If the line isn’t right the offense suffers mightly. And our’s isn’t right. Kind of obvious actually.