Carolina Panthers Assured Not to Go 0-16, En-Route to First 'W'

CHARLOTTE, NC - OCTOBER 24: David Gettis of the Carolina Panthers catches a touchdown late in the fourth quarter against the San Francisco 49ers during their game at Bank of America Stadium on October 24, 2010 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Win! A word we haven’t been all-too familiar with the last eight weeks in Carolina. It’s something we’ve wanted, and something that the fanbase has been in dire need of, but the W’s have slipped away from Carolina on many occasions as the offense has struggled mightily. The Bye Week was good for Carolina, and apparently just what was needed in an effort to perhaps salvage a floundering season.

Stepping up for the Panthers were wide receivers David Gettis and Brandon LaFell. Gettis hasn’t been as much of a surprise for the most part, as he’s shown the most upside of the rookie draft picks in Carolina at the position, and he has steadily improved with every passing week. LaFell on the other hand had six catches for 91 yards. A major jump from what he’s contributed so far this season, and Carolina even had Steve Smith sharing some of the workload at the position.

Overall, it was a hard fought win on all sides of the ball. Next week Carolina pays a visit to the St Louis Rams. After that game, the schedule increases in degrees of difficulty. In the meantime, one game at a time will suffice for fans and players alike. Let the 24-hour rule of celebration commence now.

There remains 10 games to the season. I would love to see Carolina put together a respectable remainder of the season. I’m still not expecting playoff implications as a result of Carolina’s play. However, playoff implications could come into play with some wins by the panthers and some losses by other teams that were thought to be a lock going into the season. At this point, Carolina’s stepped in the right direction with a win.

One game at a time, Panthers!

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  • Mike

    I agree with pretty much everything you say. For me, “a respectable remainder of the season” would be 4 wins and A.J. Green with the #4 overall pick.

  • Shannon Owens

    I know my opinions don’t really matter since I’m a “girl” (cough cough), but I think we played well. Not expecting much because we can just as easily come back out next week and go back to our old ways, but I think everyone really stepped up and we now what they are capable of :)

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  • John

    The best part of this game, after the win, was we finally saw a wideout step up. Gettis sure looks like the real deal. Of course Lafell looked pretty decent as well. But that was the first time for him while Gettis has improved every game. Still we could well be looking at the birth of a solid youthful core of wideouts not named Smith. Wouldn’t it be nice to answer that question for a while?

    I think we have a shot against the Rams next week and I hope the guys exploit it.

  • J. Gore

    YEEAAH!!! Feels great doesn’t it. First things first I gotta apologize to the G.O.A.T., John Kasay you are the man. I’m sorry and I was wrong for ever questioning your leg strength. Don’t know where it was last year but glad to see you got it back. Matt Moore I owe you an apology too. I said the coaching staff was wrong about going back to you as the starter and the correct thing to do would be to stick with the young guy and let him take his lumps. I lost sight of the fact that you too are that young guy and you had yet to have any bad games as a starter yourself. With the exception of 2 or 3 throws I thought our QB played great and I truly hope the worst is over for him and our offense. I will continue to support the starters the coaching staff presents us with week after week. Steve Smith you Beason and Kasay are the heart of Panther Nation. None of us question your will to win. Keep wearing it on your sleeve. David Gettis and Brandon LaFell you guys looked great.

  • J. Gore

    This is what I expected to see from our passing game after the draft. Gettis ran routes like a 10 year vet and LaFell used his size advantage much like Rosario to beat the man coverage and become the go to guy on numerous 3rd downs. Looks like Moose 2.0 or Sticks just might start earning his nickname. The O-line played better on pass protection but still failed to open up any decent holes for the hb’s. I hope Mt. Otah will be ready to go soon. Imagine the running game becoming more than just effective and Steve Smith lined up in man to man. This will become a reality if Gettis, LaFell, and Rosario can backup this weeks play. No more 8 or 9 in the box. Defense looked great with the exception of a couple big plays and believe it or not are ranked in the top ten in the league in alot of the statistic categories. The defense only allowed 20pts 13 on turnovers and one pic six on #3. I know this doesn’t seem like much against a struggling team but SF is alot better than they look on paper. Let’s keep the momentum.

  • jay

    I hate to say I told ya so but…. whatever ya get the point. Matt Moore is the key I knew this since he was cut by the cowboys. Now for all ya lil jimmy lover (Shannon Owens) i hope you don’t jump off the lil jimmy bus and try to get on matt Moore limo. The reason your opinions don’t count is due to that you really don’t know that much about the game. The reason the panthers had a great game was due to one things. Steve smith, yes I agree Steve had the worst game of his career. 1 drop passé, 2 fumble, and a penalty. But he was the key factor to the passing game. gettis and lafell was getting open due to him. Its funny how 2 weeks ago everybody was on jimmy side like ERIC and Shannon Owens but i bet you they love Moore now. What ever happen to loyalty?. Matter of fact ERIC and Shannon Owens should say sorry to Mr. Moore for doubting the man on this blog.

    p.s mr.favre keep doing what you doing don’t change for no one, because in 5 years from now every green bay packers fan will be dieing for you to retire a packer. So I say retire as a falcon and f$%k them all. You the man!!!!

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Uh-huh. You said a mouthful, there.

  • J. Gore

    C’mon jay, don’t be the I told you so guy. There are enough of those guys on the Observer columns. I did want to see Jimmy play well cause I know he’s eventually gonna be our guy. But I let that get in the way of this year’s needs. Experiance is everything in this league. I too saw alot of promise in Matt when we got him from Dallas. But in all actuality nobody could have predicted which of the two would/will perform better this season. Matt deserves his shot though and he knows the system much better. But the key in this weeks win was the pass protection. As long as we can block our offensive troubles should be over. I think we only allowed 1 sack. If we could combine the two qb’s I think we’d have a perenial probowler at the helm. Matt still makes slow reads and holds the ball a little to long. But he does have the better deep ball and he can get the ball to 89. He’s played with him, Clausen hasn’t. Jimmy has the great short to mid range accuracy and pocket awareness to keep the play alive or sideline it.

  • J. Gore

    But the facts are simple Matt can lead this team now and hopefully rally us to a decent finish. And maybe just maybe a playoff spot. Taking the division will be tough with Atlanta starting to pull away. I think we can pass both Tampa and New Orleans who are overrated. Atlanta’s a different story. They’re explosive on offense but their defense is lacking. The good thing about them leading right now is we still have to play them twice. Also with the exception of Atlanta and Philly I think the rest of the top NFC teams are overrated. So maybe if not the division we could grasp a wildcard spot. Any thing close to a playoff birth would be a good year all things considered. First things first we gotta go to St. Louis and our D-Line has gotta hit Bradford in the mouth. Their Defense is solid this year, especially the LB’s. We’re gonna have to run the ball between the Tackles. Hopefully the O-Line can pick it up a little more. Fiametta also needs to step up. He’s shown some flashes but Hoover he is not. 3 + 12 = 6!

  • jay

    I totally agreed with you j.gore, but I just don’t believe in lil jimmy. He just doesn’t look like a QB or let alone throw like one. I guess matt cant be a starter he has to come off the bench lol. The reason lil jimmy has great short to mid range accuracy is due to his 3 or 4 yards passes. He too scares to throw the deep ball. Matt Moore want to score, want to win the game. And doesn’t care if ERIC and Shannon Owens are blogging about his QB rating. I don’t know how john fox got his hands on the NY giant’s offence playbook but I hope he keep using it. And john fox I want to thank you for getting your balls from your wife bag and using it on last week game. Love that 4th down call. Good job.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      So you’ve confused me here now, JAY…Have I been blogging about Moore’s QB rating or Clausen’s? Seems earlier I was against Moore and seems to me like you’re now insinuating that I’m against Clausen? Ya lost me, bud. Try and be a little more specific in the future, and take your time typing. I’m also glad that Clausen or Moore (not sure which one you speak of) doesn’t care if I’m blogging about their QB rating. Because even if they did care, I’d still state my opinion on the facts: what’s in black-and-white.

  • J. Gore

    I don’t expect anyone to have faith in Jimmy right now. He’s a rookie and has played like one. The unexpected play of Matt Ryan & Joe Flacco a few seasons ago and Mark Sanchez last year I think has spoiled the modern day NFL fans. Rookie seasons like this for a qb has never happened before these 3. Two were the beneficiaries of a stellar defense and the other a great offensive scheme with great recievers and an offensive line that didn’t allow him to get touched. I dreaded the draft day in Ryans rookie year because I knew then what Atl was getting. The guy has it all and I hate the fact he’s in our division. But I also know what we have in Jimmy. We got a guy that has been groomed to play qb since kindergarten. His accuracy is uncanny. The guy doesn’t throw pics. Check the stats. I think he threw 8 his final two years combined. He does have a strong arm. Not as strong as Moore but strong enough to stretch the field.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Yeah definitely, J. Rookies like Ryan and Flacco don’t come along too often. Sanchez too, though he’s benefitted from only having to be a game manager his rookie season. Nonetheless, he did his job. I’m interested to see what Clausen can do over the next couple of years. I think it was good that he got his feet wet early.

      If Moore keep sgoing the way he did against San Fran, then I have to say that being sidelined for a few weeks did him some good, both to get a perspective of what’s going on and slowing himself down mentally, as well as giving his brain some recovery time from the concussion. We’ll see what happens.

  • J. Gore

    He also has a toe injury that is hindering his deep passes by not allowing him to plant and drive off of his right foot. Another reason we need Matt to return to 09′ form. If he can continue to play well then the understudy can get the surgery he needs to repair his foot and become the franchise qb. Hopefully we don’t see Clausen anymore this year, that’s less money we gotta put in his pocket by getting the majority of starts this year. Matt is in his final year with us and will most likely test free agency if he ends up having a decent year. The orginization has already made it clear who they intend to pay the big bucks to. Beason, D-Lo, Kalil, and Davis are all set up for big contracts. Maybe Matt gets tagged. He’s the starter so lets rally around him and hope his play warrants a tag or even a contract of his own. Then we could trade #2 and all of us could just root for the same guy. lol (What about T. Pike & A. Edwards?) Who am I kidding. We’ll never have a season without qb controversy. GO PANTHERS!!!

    • Eric Quackenbush

      If anything, Moore should be driven to play better than he did starting out this season, being that he’s trying to put a resume together for another team. The problems weren’t entirely his fault, but as long as he does his job to the best of his ability and has consistency from his supporting cast, he’ll be alright. He played well against San Fran…He was the Moore from ’09. Hope to see Moore of it.

  • Joe D. Ramirez

    Eric… This is Joe D. with the landryhat, do you want to do me a favor and send me an email. I’m looking to poach your head coach, but I was hoping to get a more knowledgable perspective on whether he is indeed on the hot seat, or if his contract is up at the end of this season. That type of stuff.

    Feel free to shoot me an email if you have a moment.