Carolina Panthers Getting 'Mossed?'

Minnesota Vikings

On Monday, the Minnesota Vikings released wide receiver Randy Moss less than a month after trading a third-round draft pick to the New England Patriots to acquire the receiver’s services.

I personally don’t believe Carolina’s problem lies at the receiver position so much as at the current quarterbacking situation or with the head coach, but I’ll poll you guys, anyway.

Should the Panthers sign Randy Moss?

  • Yes (71%, 74 Votes)
  • No (29%, 30 Votes)

Total Voters: 104

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Will the Panthers sign Randy Moss?

  • No (76%, 116 Votes)
  • Yes (24%, 37 Votes)

Total Voters: 153

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  • mcap

    Anyone who thinks Moss would join a team that has one win should get their head examined. He turned on Brett and the Vikings,getting all nostalgic about his Patriot days. Moss is all about himself,when he isn’t winning he turns into a child,and I’m pretty sure Fox doesn’t want that in his locker room.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Umm…I for one don’t want him, but that’s my “anti-knee-jerk” opinion, lol.

  • Meltoe

    Moss would take pressure of Steve smith on the opposite side of the field. But oooo the drama would go to a whole other level. He is better off with some other desperate team. We need some qb experience, which unfortunately isn’t accquired overnight. Sorry Randy go torment some other NFL desperados. We all knew this would be a rebuilding year when delhomme peppers and the many others left the team.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Yes indeed, Mel. As for Moss, this team doesn’t need someone who shows out like a four-year-old.

  • J. Gore

    Sorry I missed this poll. I’d have voted no to either. Moss is an incredible athlete but he is extremely self centered. He has never cared about any franchise he’s played for. If Bellichek can’t control his attitude problems nobody can. His last season I watched him not once but several times shy away from catching the football simply because he would have taken a hit. His attitude is this I’m the greatest receiver in the league and I should only have to run streak routes. I’ll catch the ball to get first downs and touchdowns but only if I’m not risking getting myself hurt and nothing over the middle of the field where safeties can get a free shot at me. Yeah it would’ve opened up the field for us but at what cost? The only way we could have signed him would have been releasing one of our active receivers as the league only allows six on the 53 man roster. None of our guys would have cleared waivers. Not even Edwards. All of our receivers have speed. All are young but #89. All have size but #89 & #10.

    • J. Gore

      Sorry, (His last season) I was referring to Moss’s last year with the Vikings.

  • J. Gore

    We have talent at almost every position on the field. Especially WR. We need depth on the O-line. We need an explosive DT or two. And the jury is still out on the QB situation. These our the areas we should focus on come April. Last week we simply got out coached. Bradford carved us up like the Jack-O-lantern on his moms porch. 6, 7, & 8 yds at the time. Ask any coach in the league how do you beat the Cover 2 defense and this is what they’ll draw up. It was embarrassing. Even though they were on the field for nearly 40 minutes I thought the defense looked good. Solid tackling and never gave up anythig big. But hats of to the Rams coaching staff for dialing up a good game plan and their team for executing it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a QB regress so far in a weeks time. To Matt’s credit the blocking sucked again. But all the Int’s we’re horrible decisions by a desperate man. We’ve finally got a QB as good as Brett Favre. LMAO!!

    • Eric / Cat Crave

      Actually…Believe it or not, Drew Brees is leading the league in INT’s. Hopefully our defense can help Breesy out some more this Sunday with his INT total.

      Good stuff as always, J!

  • J. Gore

    I can’t think of a solution to fix this offense other than going to more of a spread formation. And maybe run the hurry up a little more. Its worked better than anything else this season. (Insert the name of your favorite Carolina QB here.) has moved the ball best right before the half and when the 4th qtr was winding down. I’m heading for Charlotte this weekend and sad to say but I hope this weekend resembles a preseason game for us. I’d like to see all of our QB’s up close and in person.(Pike included.) Hopefully it doesn’t come to that but if #3 struggles early I’d pull him and play Clausen, Pike, or Edwards the rest of the season no matter what. The guy clearly has performance problems under pressure & the Saints blitz more than anyone in the league. I wish him luck but I’m not gonna be surprised to see another QB change. Clausen handled it pretty well in week 4 but we still came up short. I’m up for anything at this point. Even 5W with Pike. Go Panthers!!