A "Dear John" Letter

Dear John, We need to talk...

Dear John,

Let me open by saying thank you for what you have done for this organization. I think that it is important to open with that so you will know that it is appreciated. Secondly, let me point out that PantherNation is still very proud of it’s players and what a great group of guys there are in the Panther Colors.

But I think we need to talk.

You see John, its just not working out. It’s not you, It’s me. (Really it is you. We both know that) I think it is time that you start seeing other people. (You know. Other employers) So really I think it is best that you just go ahead and leave.

Tommorow would be good.

And we can still be friends. I Promise.

Please and Thanks.

If it were really that simple. And doesn’t it sound so harsh? Asking him to leave in mid-season?

I think we have reached the point where we can legitimately ask him to go about his way. Or just ask Mr. Richardson to send him away and just buy out his contract. Here is my reasoning. I suspect I am not alone in this thinking.

1. When your Head Coach says something like….

“He can operate our offense the best of the quarterbacks, unless we decide to go with the wishbone or some kind of option offense.”

...referring to Moore and indirectly speaking towards Clausen and Pike.
…I think you have just betrayed any of the confidence that you cast the illusion of having in your players. Also recall his confidence in Jarrett as his told him he was not active some weeks ago.

2. It is probably not a good idea to refer to the Personel Dept. as if to say that they have set you up for failure. One could easily say that Clausen was set up for failure as he was thrown into the fire to start against Cincinatti with barely anyone to seriously pass to. You have also confirmed that there is a rift between you and the Front Office. In other words, there is no cohesion there. It will follow, if it has not already, that this will manifest in the ranks and eventually this team will be in awful shape…but wait…we are already there aren’t we.

3. One could say that Jerry Richardson should hold some blame for this and this may be true. But that isn’t the point here. He is the owner. His job is not to develop players and prepare them to win games. That is the Head Coaches job. There is no evidence that Fox has done this in 2010.

Overall I think the time has come for Mr. Richardson to cut his losses and buy out Fox’s Contract and send him on his way. From this point on I think keeping Fox would do serious damage to the franchise. Players, not just rookies and JAG’s, but core players who are in the early stages of successful careers could see their own situations be bettered elsewhere.

This season could become more destructive to the future of the Franchise by keeping around a Head Coach who no longer cares.

It is time to lay his belongings on the curb and change the locks.

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  • Dkes

    Great job as always GK. I’m not sure though that sending Fox away now accomplishes anything. I mean…sure it makes us, the fans, feel better. But does it actually improve the locker room or the play on the field. I guess you would just appoint an interim coach from the staff. Most likely, Ron Meeks. What does Ron Meeks as interim HC do to improve the current offense? I dunno. Much as I hate to say it, I think we might be best served by just riding this one out. The reality of it is that we have no way of knowing if canning Fox mid season would actually help. The players are still playing hard and haven’t given up like the Cowboys did. Maybe you’re right and a Ron Meeks run team (in the interim) would make a few personnel changes that would benefit the players long term. *shakes head in disgust* I really don’t know.

    • http://catcrave.com/ Eric Quackenbush

      Good points, D. Allow me to perhaps shed a different light on your point about Fox being fired and how it wouldn’t accomplish anything. Most likely, you’re probably right that it might not accomplish a whole lot on the field. However, let’s just say it’s Ron Meeks who is named interim head coach. Meeks seems to be rather level headed and not someone who is well…stuck in his ways. We would likely see some Fox similarities in relation to play calling, but I do believe we’d see a coach who gives these young guys the time to make mistakes on the field without jerking them around. I think with that change, a new attitude and one that isn’t so damn negative right now would help boost team morale and maybe eek out a couple more wins. Who really wants to play for a coach who doesn’t — to be curt — give a crap? Sure, we can blame Richardson for saving money instead of trying to put together a winning team, but it doesn’t give Fox an excuse to act like a child who didn’t get his way. A good coach would have worked through this season and left everything on the field. Instead, Fox would rather give up and it shows in his post game pressers and in his actions on the sideline. Fox is a tumor to this team right now, and I personally don’t see how a change could make things worse. Maybe they won’t be better, but perhaps a different coach in the interim would neutralize some of the bad vibes.