The new division amongst the fans.... important is this guy?

Well here we are. 1-10.
The John Fox era has reached a new low. Without a doubt the worst season of the Fox Era is upon us. It has become almost a weekly process; Lose game, await vaugue presser, await depressing news during the week, injury reports on Fridays, see who is inactive and question why, repeat cycle. There will be five more weeks of this.

One thing has come of all this. Or rather one word.

Luck. (That is the one I keep seeing.)

Yes, here we are possibly looking at number 1 overall in the upcoming 2011 Draft. For the time being we are Number 1. Have you noticed the drum beating has changed from “Fire Fox” to “Andrew Luck” ?Don’t get me wrong but the “Fire Fox” lobby is still strong but a lot of us are at the “Whats the Point?” stage of the season. More and more it is becoming possible that we will have that coveted spot at Number 1 in the NFL Draft this April. As it stands now, the Bills, Bengals and Lions are the next in line.

So as a true fan, where is one supposed to stand?

Get those wins: Not only are we blessed with some really good players, but by their nature, NFL Players are indeed competitive. Can you imagine asking Steve Smith or Jon Beason to just lay down for 5 more losses? I am not so sure they have that in them. Besides Jake Locker is out there as well. (Honestly who is to say who will be better at this point?)
Besides we have a terrific youthful core to work with. Lets fill in some needs at DT (and soo forth), get the new staff in place and get the heat going to the end of the season. Besides, why demoralize the players any further.

Get those L’s and secure the 1 spot: Why not? What are we playing for at this point? Pride? How about we go ahead and secure that spot and get what we really need. A QB to build around to go along with an Offensive minded Head Coach and take over this Division eventually. That is what we have never had. Lets get it this year. This is about the future of the team. The long term is what matters.

So this is what this season has turned into. And over the next several weeks, there is no doubt much more to come.

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  • J. Gore

    Good article GK. It’s sad to say but it’s the truth. The Panther “Fans” always seem torn between where to lay the blame in a disappointing season. Last year it was Jake Delhomme, Jeff Davidson, or John Fox. This year has become more of the same except Jimmy Clausen is has taken Jake’s spot. With only 5 1/2 games under his belt Clausen has become the scapegoat in many people’s eyes. Despite big improvement between his 1st and last games. (IMO) He’s gone from mishandled snaps, multiple out of bounds tosses, turnovers and delay penalties to good center to qb exchanges, fewer sideline passes, no delays called even if it meant calling a timeout, and one turnover in his last 2 games. You gotta look but the improvement is there. But the facts also remain, this is a QB driven league and they take the brunt of the blame when things go badly. I think that we’re gonna be fine offensively and we should all just set back and be patient with who we have.

  • J. Gore

    Fox and co. will be gone, so the decision will be on the F/O and the new coach. Personally I hope we try and replace Peppers with our first pick. Either at DT or DE we’ve go to have a more dominant force in the front four. The one thing that is clear to me is that this should be our focal point going into the draft. I’m tired of seeing our LB’s and secondary have to account for our lack of an every down lineman not being there to tackle the ball carrier or pressure the opposing QB. Then maybe an O-lineman or top tier TE with the next pick. But as far as should we hope to lose out to get the best pick. HELL NO!! If a QB is what we’re after then so be it. But not at the expense of the integrity of this team. If any thing fans should be hoping for the opposite. Lay down for nobody and finish the season strong. Let the cards fall where they will, don’t try to stack the deck. They haven’t given up on us and I for one will not give up on them. Mind what you wish for, this year you got it. GO PANTHERS!!

  • mcap

    I believe the team should keep fighting,keep trying to win and see what happens. Regardless of whether they win or not,Fox is history. Just listening to his pressers you can tell he is ready to move on,and I think the team needs a youth movement at the HC position,just like they have done everywhere else.

    Our 1st pick in the draft needs to be and better be a DE or DT. It’s not fair to keep forcing our corners and backers to play perfect ball because we can’t get pressure on the opposing QB. Speaking of QB,I think Jimmy will be a good player,given the proper teaching and time. Look at what Troy Aikman went thru his first year.

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