Dallas Sure Can Throw A Party

If there was ever going to be argument against serving the Super Bowl in a cold weather stadium, Dallas should be the poster child of that argument.  Unfortunately the NFL will learn nothing from this mess, no more than they learned anything from the labor issues of other pro-sports.  So while Dallas may be hoping to get the weekend over with, cities like Indianapolis, next years host, and NY, the year after, are taking notes.

The Dallas issue has been crazy since almost day one.  Forget a moment about the cold weather that came through (we’ll get to that in a moment), let’s look at the first week’s top headline.

Dallas needs strippers“.  Yes you read that right.  The local strip clubs realized that they simply didn’t have enough women to man the poles and sent out a request to rest of the pole dancers that the city needed, are you ready for this?  10,000 more women willing to bare their ware for a dollar in the G-string.  Seriously, you can’t make up stuff like this.

Apparently the Dallas porn industry simply isn’t up to fluff with other super city hosts.  Like say, Miami?  I hear Tampa has quite the attractions as well.  So you start Super Bowl week off with a, ummm, well a bang!

Following the “Super Stripper Situation” the weather rolled in and made a mess of the city.  From snow and ice to freezing rain, the chilly Dallas area has been anything but fun.  Transportation was at a standstill because of icy conditions which only led to the observation that the city needed more transportation.  Getting from one venue to another was painfully slow some media found.

Then there is the latest issue with the “frozen pyramid of Dallas” or the “Jerry Jones Cathedral”  or simply the stadium that the Cowboys play in.  Aside from the fact that Jerry Jones has taken more of a public persona that say either of the Super Bowl teams, you have to be surprised that he hasn’t offered up his cheerleader squad to both teams for the face time.

Yesterday the worse news came when ice the size of bowling balls slid off the roof onto media members below.  I mean seriously, it had to be the media.  5 people were injured and one critical because…the city of Dallas didn’t take that scenario into account when they planned for the big game.

Tomorrows game will be attractive and alive as the teams take the field, until a punter shanks a ball off the 50 yard line big screen TV that hangs over the field.  So while fans will soon forget about the Dallas Super Bowl in terms of where it was played, the owners won’t.

The weather, as one reporter stated, won’t sway the owners from giving another northern team a Super Bowl, Dallas may be hosting it’s first and last.  No one is thrilled with the way the events have been planned or how the problems have been addressed before hand.  Indianapolis has hosted the big game before and they seem to get it right despite adverse weather.  NY will play the first open air stadium winter game since the AFL/NFL merger.

Carolina has no shot.

And what does all of this have to do with the Carolina Panthers?  Absolutely nothing.

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