CBA Talks Break Down?

It sounds like one of those old 1980 war movies with the Russians.  The movie starts out with a few newspaper headlines.  “The Russians invade Poland”.  “China Backs U.S”.  “Middle East In Turmoil”.  “Peace Talks Break Down”.  Ok, so take out the Russian portion of those headlines and I suppose they are relevant today as well.  But the headline today that the NFL and the NFLPA negotiations broke off made me laugh at the thought of those old flicks. (Which in turns shows my age).

The NFL and the NFLPA will not meet for day 2 to talk about the CBA.  Apparently the league reps got so fed up that they simply packed up and called it quits.  But this does not mean it’s over and that a lockout is still a sure thing.  Many more dates are scheduled for face to face talks and this is nothing more than a chest thumping negotiation tactic that says the owners are playing hard-ball.  Next time, expect the NFLPA to do something similar.

It’s a power trip.  Nothing more.  A simple show of who has bigger balls.

Sometimes walking away will do more to get this fixed than sitting in a room spitting barbs back and forth…which is why I think the NFLPA will pull it the next time.

At the heart of yesterdays bitch fest was the rookie wage scale.  The NFL owners want a reduction in guaranteed salary with certain other restrictions added.  Draftees of the first round should be 5 year deals, 2nd and third rounders should get 4 year deals, and everyone else 3 year deals.  So a reduction in pay and the same contract years.  In my opinion, rookies have been getting a free pass for over a decade and the NFLPA has looked great because of it.  This one should be a no-brainer for the owners.

The owners also want the guaranteed portions of the contract to be spread over the life of the contract.  Something the NFLPA believes should be given out up front.  My question is why?  Why would you not want to protect your young draft picks by making sure that financially they don’t blow the money in year one on stupid bling bling items?  Getting 10 or 15 million guaranteed and paid out over 5 years is like winning the lottery.  You pay the same taxes on it but you guarantee yourself that if you bomb in the bigs, you still will have million dollar income heading your way for a few years.

So far, I don’t buy what the NFLPA is pitching.  They claim that the NFL’s proposal will hinder the draftees down the road when they are veterans and re-negotiate their contracts.  Something that the owners want to put into the CBA so that players can’t back out of the deals that they sign early and play above later.

Other issues will surely break down the talks and there are three weeks remaining before the contract deadline.

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