Fox hasn't learned a single thing. Have fun Denver.

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  • Mike: “And why is John Fox already deciding he is starting Kyle Orton over Tim Tebow, why why why?
  • [playing fill in the blank] Tony: “John Fox naming Kyle Orton his starting quarterback is premature
  • Tony: “If they play at all, they are not going to play for almost a full year, I really don’t understand this, and by the way all the fans really want to see Tebow”, “When John Elway looks at Kyle Orton he doesn’t see  John Elway”, “I really don’t know why he had to do this NOW there really is plenty of time to do it.”
  • Mike: “There was no analysis of the players”, “it is FEBRUARY”
  • Mike: “It’s unnecessary, you don’t need to address this topic till June at the earliest”

The responses by Tony and Michael on John Fox’s decision goes to show you they don’t follow Carolina Panther football very closely and don’t know much about John Fox.  But we Panther fans know better.

So why did Fox decide to name the starting quarterback even before the CBA has been finalized, the draft has been completed, Free Agency has been dipped into, training camp has begun, or the season even getting close to approaching?

That’s easy.

John Fox isn’t the type of guy to first analyze and study his player’s talent when deciding on his starting lineup and playing time.  He just glances at the years of seniority for each player and puts in the ones with the largest number.

This is the guy who kept players like DeAngelo Williams and Charles Johnson on the bench for veterans like DeShaun Foster and Tyler Brayton.  This is the guy who was so stubborn that he forced his owner, who was desperate for his younger players to get some experience, to release the majority of his veterans just so Fox would have no other choice but to give his young players some playing time.

I still chuckle when I think of how Fox was describe as “dynamic” during his interview with the Broncos.

Sorry Denver fans, this is just a taste of the frustration that John Fox is going to put you through.

So how does this affect the Carolina Panthers?

It doesn’t.  But it sure does make me appreciate our new coach Ron Rivera that much more.

Ahhh, change is good.  Can’t wait for next season!

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