A recap of one of the craziest weeks ever

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Thomas Davis

Davis is coming off of two knee surgeries from tearing the same ACL.  The Panthers are not concerned though, their trainers believe Davis is in great physical shape.

Jeff Otah

After a knee injury that ended his season prematurely, Otah is ready to get back on the field and Hurney is already commenting on how good Otah is looking.

Greg Hardy

Greg Hardy was recently involved in a motorcycle wreck.  Hardy said, “I thought I was going to be dead”, luckily he escaped with just being battered and bruised.  He should only be out a couple of weeks.

Not Coming Back
John Kasay

The last original Panther has been released.  Hopefully we will hear news of a statue being put up in his honor in the near future.

Jeff King

The reliable an intelligent Jeff King will now be offering his services to Arizona.

Donte Rosario

With the additions of Jeremy Shockey, Ben Hartsock, and Greg Olsen there just wasn’t any room for Rosario.

Richard Marshall

By all appearances the Panthers are looking to upgrade the CB position across Chris Gamble.

Matt Moore

Last year’s opening day starter is headed to Miami.  After drafting QBs in consecutive years the final QB spot will be open exclusively for a experienced veteran QB to mentor our two young QBs.

Tyler Brayton

The high effort Brayton was released in a salary cap and going younger move.

Hilee Taylor

Hilee Taylor also was among the players released who were on the roster last season.

Coming Back
Steve Smith

After alot of talk about Smith wanting out of Carolina, Smith says “I’m always going to be a Panther”.

Greg Olsen

Mike Martz’s philosophy for Tight Ends is for them to block first so a versatile player like Olsen was a wasted talent in Chicago.  The Panther’s new philosophy to have their Tight Ends play a large role in the passing game makes Olsen a perfect fit.  Trading for him for only a 3rd round pick makes it even sweeter.

Pick Ups
Olindo Mare

If the Panthers absolutely must replace Kasay you might as well do it with a kicker who has been more accurate and as the ability to do kick offs.

Ron Edwards

 Ron Edwards is a DT that comes from the Kansas City Chiefs. At 6’3, 315lbs he will be a good upgrade for the Panthers.  And at 32, “Sweet” Ron Edwards will be a great mentor for our up and coming Defensive Tackles.

Kevin Payne

 This year’s first free agent signing for the Panthers is a one-year deal with safety Kevin Payne.  Payne played for Ron Rivera for one season in Chicago. Payne had 88 tackles, 4 interceptions and 7 pass deflections in his first season as a starter.

Ben Hartsock

Ben Hartsock is a 6’4″, 268 lbs Tight End who played for the Jets last year.  He isn’t a pass catching TE but he is a road grading one.  This signing should delight Triple-Trouble.

Omar Gaither

A Charlotte native, Gaither played at Myers Park High.  He also played Linebacker for new Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott in Philadelphia.

Sean Considine

Considine is a hard hitting Saftey who was with the Jaguars last season and played under Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott in Philadelphia.
Draft Picks

  1. Cam Newton, QB, 1st Round Pick 1 – 22 Million for 4 years
  2. Terrell McClain, DT, 3rd Round Pick 65 – Negotiations are slow for the only draft pick that has not signed yet
  3. Sione Fua, DT, 3rd Round Pick 97 – With the pick awarded to us after Julius Peppers left via free agency we took Stanford defensive Fua
  4. Brandon Hogan, CB, 4th Round Pick 98 – Hogan fails physical, still recovering.
  5. Kealoha Pilares, WR, 5th Round Pick 132 – Pilares signed a 4-year contract.
  6. Lawrence Wilson, LB, 6th Round Pick 166 – One of two Panthers’ draft picks that played in the Meineke Car Care Bowl at Bank of America
  7. Zack Williams, OG, 6th Round Pick 203 – Williams was our compensatory pick in the sixth round for when A.J. Feeley departed as a free agent in ’09.
  8. Lee Ziemba, OT, 7th Round Pick 244 – Seventh round pick signs.
Undrafted Free Agents

Panthers sign 10 Undrafted Free Agents

  • Darvin Adams, 6-2, WR, Auburn
  • Byron Bell, 6-5, OT, New Mexico
  • Kendric Burney, 5-9, CB, North Carolina
  • Ugo Chinasa, 604, DE, Oklahoma STate
  • Thomas Keiser, 6-3, DE, Stanford
  • Adi Kunalic, 5-11, K, Nebraska
  • Ryan Pugh, C, 6-1, Auburn
  • Brandon Smith, 6-1, WR, Arizona State
  • Greg Smith, 6-4, TE, Texas
  • Jamorris Warren, 6-4, WR, Central Missouri
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