Cam Newton Snubbed Out of Pro Bowl Bid?

Since Tuesday night’s release of the 2012 Pro Bowl selections, there have been various rumblings around Panther Nation, as to which players were snubbed by the committee. Among the names mentioned, include cornerback Chris Gamble, linebacker James Anderson, offensive tackle Jordan Gross, running back DeAngelo Williams, and of course…quarterback Cam Newton.

In the spirit of sticking with one player, I will go with the one who has set the bar for future rookie first-round draft pick quarterbacks, Cam Newton. Newton has made NFL history by breaking the league’s all-time passing record last set by Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, and has also set the all-time record for touchdowns as a rookie. Newton is also 107 yards shy of 4,000 yards passing by a rookie quarterback in a single season.

So what happened in the Pro Bowl balloting? Well, just that, folks. The Pro Bowl, more often than not, is not based on merit so much as popularity vote. Thus the reason I, like so many others, attribute the Pro Bowl to a popularity contest — literally.

Focusing solely on the NFC side of Pro Bowl-bound quarterbacks, of the three starting, there is no question in my mind that Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees are deserving of and have earned the vote, even if based on popularity, to the Pro Bowl. These two players, popularity aside, have proven on the field that they are the ‘definition’ of a Pro Bowl player. The third candidate, Eli Manning, has caught the ire of many, and while I can make an argument for Newton to be there instead of Manning, we should take a look at Eli’s body of work.

Manning has been clutch in fourth-quarter comebacks, and he has his team within a single win of the playoffs. Likewise, Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys are in the same boat as the Giants: Win, and in. It comes down to a head-to-head matchup between the two teams this Sunday. On the popularity side, the Giants are a team within a large market and carry a large fanbase, to boot. The Panthers and Newton are in need of…well, a 20-game season.

If we are to find a silver lining to the cloud however, it would be that Newton wasn’t completely passed-up — nor were Williams or Gross — because he is a first-choice alternate, should Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, or Eli Manning suffer an unfortunate injury, or more likely, be a contender in the Super Bowl. If Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints make their second Super Bowl trip in three years, it will be Cam Newton and Jordan Gross who assume their positions on the Pro Bowl roster.

When looked at it through this light, snubbed seems a bit over-reactive. The odds of Panthers fans seeing Newton perform in the Pro Bowl are high, though. Taking a shot in the dark, I would say there is a 66% chance that we could see Newton in his first Pro Bowl as a rookie quarterback. While I’m not discounting the chances that San Francisco has to play in the Super Bowl, I am trying to remain optimistic that we might see at least a third Panther in the Pro Bowl come February.

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  • SorianoJoe

    Newton wasn’t snubbed, but Chris Gamble sure was. He has only allowed 284 yards against him all year and has been the best corner in the NFC this year; the stats back it up as well.

  • SlateSchwertner

    Newton was definitely snubbed. Newtons body of work greatly exceeds Eli’s. With Newton you are required to combine the Rushing and Passing stats, and with the two combined he is a far better QB than Eli this season.

  • SorianoJoe

    I have to completely disagree with that Slate. Newton does have added value as a rusher, but Eli is a much, much better passer. He has better downfield accuracy, though Newton is close in this regard, and he is much better on intermediate downs. His offensive line is far worse, and Eli thus has to deal with more pressure than Cam. Every advanced statistic has Eli over Cam, and Cam only wins in the world of counting statistics. He’s had a very good season overall, but he hasn’t even been one of the best five quarterbacks in the NFC when looking at him from a per play basis. He isn’t nearly accurate enough yet and has too many lapses in judgement at this point. However, he is quite incredible for a rookie and will definitely make it to the Pro Bowl very soon; just not this year.

  • PSU_EQ

    @SorianoJoe Gamble’s rating is second only to the Jet’s Darelle Revis. His (Gamble’s) snub is one of the ‘perks’ of being on a smaller market team.

  • PSU_EQ

    @SorianoJoe And as we all know, “stats are for losers.” -John Fox

  • HockeyMom_24

    @PSU_EQ@SorianoJoe Snubbed? Maybe his Daddy can buy him his way in like he “paved” the way for him through NCAA sports. Welcome to the big game, Cam! You may have to pay your dues and get the votes. Let’s remember that fans vote for their players. Guess Eli had more support than Cam.

  • DiannePropst

    In my opinion,Pro Bowl Selection should have a rule that out of 16 games a nominee should have to play in at least 12 of his teams schedule. I am very upset that Cam Newton wasn’t selected.Also, the Pro Bowl should go back to being played after the superbowl, not the week before.

  • DiannePropst

    @HockeyMom_24 @PSU_EQ @SorianoJoe

  • DiannePropst

    after an investigation by the NCAA, Cam was cleared.So do not saddle him with “the sins of the father

  • PSU_EQ

    @HockeyMom_24 …But…Cam wasn’t upset with not being voted in, and is content and HONORED with being an alternate. I don’t really see the validity in your argument. The past is the past.

  • PSU_EQ

    @SlateSchwertner Actually, the Lions’ Matthew Stafford was snubbed.