Carolina Panthers' Brass: Uniform changes 'all about the logo'...

…and that’s about it.

As reported by Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer, the new logo will be added to the uniform, and that is about all that will change.

The write-up offered by Fowler was decent. I’m not going to critique what amounts to a generalized report on a uniform and logo. The Q&A with team spokesman Charlie Dayton was blunt and brief.

With regard to question one, a quick response, likely answered “No,”  by anyone who is familiar with Jerry Richardson.

There are some areas that are gray…too gray, in this blogger’s humble, albeit vocal opinion.

Why the logo change, if the uniform shall remain largely unchanged, if not completely untouched? And why has the team been so reserved in its release of the new logo to the general public? Has it been just as “in the dark” as everyone else? And why is it that there really is no definitive answer on whether or not any changes will be made to the current uniform? Why the secrecy?

Admittedly, there are a couple of aesthetics I do like about the current Panthers’ uniform design, including the tapered blue striping on the uniform pants, and the silver/gray home color scheme, but that is about it.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t make qualms over something as trivial as a uniform, but a change as large in magnitude as practically re-designing the logo and lettering font, while leaving the remainder of the uniform untouched, is absurd!

I will begin with what I dislike of the current uniform scheme, which given its rather bland look, won’t take long. I absolutely detest the black/blue; blue/silver; black/silver striping on the shoulders. On the older design uniforms where the striping made a complete revolution around the sleeves, it wasn’t so bad; the new design with the striping still intact is tacky.

Next, is the ubiquitous display of the Panthers ‘head’ logo: Two on the helmet, two on the shoulders, and two on the upper thigh area of the pants. Is this much repetition really necessary? It’s as if three people had three different ideas on where these things should go, couldn’t agree upon where exactly, and just decided “everywhere” would work.

The stripes on the helmets are sweet…in 1995. Silver helmets are cool…if you’re the Oakland Raiders. And the new font is awesome…if you’re the San Diego Chargers.

I think I speak for a lot — if not most — fans, when I say this. I am cool with the logo change. The one alteration I would make to it however, is slimming down that fat, blue “U”-shaped thing called a lip or chin (it looks like that panther was on the losing-end of a school-yard fight), and I would revert back to the original lettering font, that looked like something from the jungle — the original Carolina Panthers font pictured atop updated font, comes across far more menacing and wild. An afterthought, which I have to throw in here now, is this abomination of a logo, with fat lip…someone had to draw this comparison — probably Brakos, which just adds to the confusion, making it all-the-more irrelevant.

So trim the lip, keep the logo; retain the original “Carolina Panthers” type font.

Onto the actual uniform itself. What I would love to see, if the team really wants to go all the way and not half-ass it, like it seems to indicate it might do, is an all-black alternate uniform. I mean black helmet, black jersey, black pants, socks, and shoes. Electric blue numbers on a silver backing, or the adverse — silver numbers on an electric blue backing.

For away games, keep the white jersey, but I’d like to see an all-white colored scheme then — white jerseys, and white pants. And for ordinary home games, electric blue jerseys on black pants…and do away with at least two-thirds of the Panther head logos. Substitute them with something else, or go for a more classic look of no logo on the pants, or shoulders. Other teams make it work, and it looks clean.

In short, I’m disgusted by this semi-makeover, which now more than ever, seems a publicity stunt to gain attention and sell more products.

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