January 1, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; Carolina Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart (28) scores a second quarter touchdown against the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-US PRESSWIRE

2012 NFL: Latest rumors from the owners’ meetings

The owners meeting was a few weeks ago, and many different rumors spilled from the media surrounding it.

Carolina picked up an additional compensatory pick in the draft. They received the #207 pick in the 6th round for losing Jeff King. However, due to 32 compensatory picks being awarded from the 3rd round forward, the #207 pick last week would have been mid 7th round and is now a late 6th round pick.

Cleveland is willing to trade down from the 4th pick but not interested in moving up. This fuels fire on a possible trade between the Panthers and Browns that would include Jonathan Stewart.

However three other teams, Denver, St. Louis and Pittsburgh, have needs for a number one back. All of this gets more complicated as the days go by. It’s apparent that Justin Blackmon is third on most teams’ boards, plus Ryan Tannehill is a target for Cleveland and Miami. Both teams believe they can get Tannehill somewhere between the 6th and 8th picks. Blackmon will probably be contingent on someone trading with Minnesota to move up to 3.

Denver has multiple picks to package and that would allow the Panthers to hold onto the 9th pick. Pittsburgh has lost Mendenhall for at least the first half of the season, however they would offer no more than a 4th round pick.

St. Louis wants to replace Steven Jackson and owns the 6th pick along with other picks they would part with in the 2nd and 3rd rounds; however, they now show interest in going after Blackmon. Any chance of the Panthers moving up to 6th would probably be a draft day deal where the player the Panthers want is available at 6.

Cleveland’s 4th pick stands as the best deal for the Panthers, if available, with Denver and St. Louis about equal. Pittsburgh seems to be the least attractive. Other teams such as the Bears and New England may show interest in the future.

Those two teams are rumored to be talking a trade for Matt Forte since the one major piece missing in New England is a high-caliber running back. If that deal falls through, and with all the picks New England has available, it would seem they could jump to second in line.

In all cases, any trade would hinge on the Panthers signing Stewart to a long-term deal. What we’re hearing is “no one wants to rent him for a year.”

All of this is caused by Minnesota probably passing on Matt Kalil due to a lack of need at that position. We may see someone try to jump up to 3 to grab him. However, Minnesota has a keen interest in Morris Clairborne, and having picked up 4 compensatory picks with two coming in the 4th round, they wouldn’t want to move down very far unless they were certain he was available.

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  • Raezor777

    If we trade stewart away we will b making a big mistake, 1, i believe he is our best back, and 2, what if 1blog gets injured, god willing they dont, we hav 2 premier backs well now 3, that will lock that position down for many great carolina years. We can still hav a very successful draft without trading away our future, for a possible good pick, we r in position, to tradr down or stay and get quality players, like kirkpatrick, zach brown, kendricks, b thompson, josh chapman, broyles, joe adams, etc…, we need stewart, i pray he stays


     @Raezor777 you listed only one first round talent in kirkpatrick, why?

  • Raezor777

    @CHOW GURU , cuz if we trade back he will be a good selection for who is available, see a need fill a need, i like kirkpatrick for the type of player he brings, hes fast, physical, good cover guy, and a good tackler which we need, and zach brown is a beast, fast, and a skills to bring some1 down, dont get me wrong, there are others i like, but i kno our needs, and if we got players like those i listed i think it would be a complete draft…

  • Raezor777

    Like i would love to have cordy glenn, or rieff, but not while we need D, and im tryn to think of realistic options, where we get quality players that will create positive competition at all the positions on D


     @Raezor777 ok, so the players you listed are guys to target throughout the draft, makes sense. not sure who chapman is, but like the others, especially adams. also believe boykin should be given heavy consideration in the second round.

  • pantherINSIDER

    @Raezor777 if we trade him this year, we get something for him!!

    If you don’t Carolina cannot pay him next year, due to Williams deal and signing of tolbert.

    Im a Stewart fan but were not winning anything just by having two 1k yard backs.

    Our defense needs a total overhaul and you gave make cap space, big picture thinking! !

  • Raezor777

    @pantherINSIDER , i understand what ur sayn, that we could get something good whether offense or defense for him, i agree, but if richardson could dig deep we could lock down our rb position for a long time, and i like williams but i like stewart better, maybe williams will take a note out if smittys playbook, and restructure so money can be shared like the carries, plus williams being little and with previous injuries, i dont like the idea of losing stewart, but we’ll see how the panthers organization views it soon,

  • Raezor777

    Heck they might b looking at stewart for wallace in pitt, who knows

  • Raezor777

    @CHOW GURU , josh chapman dt alabama, and i do like boykins, but not in the 2nd

  • Raezor777

    I really liked the idea of trading down with NE so our possibilities are endless, id love to get gilmore or kirkpatrick, jeffreys, n zach brown or kendricks

  • DavidAguero

    Why not trade Williams and Keep JStew ?

  • Raezor777

    @DavidAguero , cuz nobody wants that ridiculous contract we gave him

  • Raezor777

    Im still wondering why panthers heck or anybody is not interested in the ex-colts, clark, brackett, or bullitt