Aug. 17, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA; An Arizona Cardinals fan holds a sign relating to Chad Johnson and ex wife Evelyn Lozada and Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb against the Oakland Raiders in the fourth quarter during a preseason game at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Cardinals defeated the Raiders 31-27. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

How to Make your Girlfriend More Interested in Football

I realize there already are female NFL fans, and female Panthers fans too. That’s a given.

However, I’ve often found it to be the case among guys that a fan may be dating someone who isn’t a fan, or never got into trying it. Perhaps you don’t know how to get your girlfriend interested or how to breach the subject without getting back some disinterested comment.

Well, if she’s got an open mind to things in general, there are a few things you might do that could get her interested in your favorite team if you know how to approach the matter. Here are a few ideas:

First, you might try getting her interested in your favorite player as a person – the person off the field. Do some of your own research if you don’t know much yourself – it’s what Google is for! Find out what their favorite charity is, what they do for the community, and especially anything they might do for kids. That’ll get her interest a little bit, at least.

Another way is perhaps getting to know the player’s wife or their own kids and mentioning it. For instance, Greg Olsen’s wife just had twins last week and you could talk about that. “The Olson Twins” – can you imagine? Keep it light at first, then maybe add something to the conversation about how much of a shock it might be to have 2 infants when you were expecting one – even with today’s technology that can tell, some people don’t want to know until the birth.

See, the way to approach it is get the girlfriend rooting for the PERSON – not the team, that comes later – and after she hears positive things about whatever player you’re mentioning and you do it several times over say a week or two…well, she will probably like him and start rooting for THE PERSON…and see, since he plays for your TEAM, she’ll also naturally start rooting for that player’s TEAM to do well.

See how it works?

Anything philanthropic works too in the broader sense. Let her know this guy doesn’t just go around hitting grown men for millions of dollars…he actually gives something BACK to the community.

Here’s a news flash – women in general are more into drama and gossip than men. I know it’s a shock, but follow me here. Chad Johnson’s recent ex-wife Evelyn Lozada is actually on the series “Basketball wives” – and if you can find any players’ wives on television in similar type shows, well…that’s another potential avenue to use. Obviously, his particular case may not be the best example for this purpose, but it’s the idea I’m getting at that counts.

Sometimes the players’ wives have their own charity that they’re involved with and you could bring that up. Like pursuing a kickoff returner about to break away for a TD, it’s all about the angle you take!

It may be a challenge to get the better half interested, but once you do, women make every bit as loyal a fan as guys do. Despite economic issues due to the economy, NASCAR, for instance, has a very large, vocal, and loyal group of female fans. Why not the NFL?

You can’t help but root for good guys in a world filled with so many evil people. Have a little patience, don’t push too hard, but be consistent and persistent. You might just find your better half gets a little interest built. Like a good running back, when you get daylight, you go for it!

Good luck!

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