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Nov 4, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin (12) carries the ball during the 1st half against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Seahawks Acquire Percy Harvin for First Round Pick

It was announced today that the Seattle Seahawks have traded their first-round pick to the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for WR/KR Percy Harvin.

In a bit of a head-scratcher for Vikings fans, the Vikes will get pick number 25 in the first round, the 7th round Seahawks’ pick this year plus a middle-round pick next year.

The Vikings are trying to develop a physically limited Christian Ponder at QB and it appeared they were making progress at least with the pieces around him when they drafted LT Matt Kalil and Adrian Peterson bounced back from a horrible knee injury with a 2,000-yard season.

They were thin at WR last year, and now….

What WR are you going to replace him with at 25 in the first round? Cordarrelle Patterson? Nope, he’ll be long gone by then. Same thing with California’s guy, Keenan Allen. West Virginia’s Tavon Auston might well be gone as well.

On the flip side, it gives the Vikings some interesting options to explore with their organic pick at 23.

What it doesn’t do is give Ponder a veteran threat anywhere at the wide receiver position now.

I think the Vikings are ultimately taking a step backwards with this. Unless there’s some durability concern or a near-future contract issue, this won’t help the team in the immediate future. A rookie isn’t likely to come in and take the NFL by storm like the much more highly-touted A.J. Green was, for example. He was a top-five pick and the first WR off the board in that draft – the Julio Jones trade draft for the Atlanta Falcons.

Seattle now becomes a Super Bowl contender with this move. Rising second-year sensation Russell Wilson now has an extremely explosive and versatile veteran at his disposal. I don’t think there’s anyone more ecstatic about this trade than he is right about now. With that defense, they’ve just increased the heat on the entire NFC West.

Don’t forget that the San Francisco 49′ers have more draft picks than they know what to do with now thanks in part to the Alex Smith trade. When you factor in they were a non-thrown penalty flag of probably winning the Super Bowl, it takes bold moves to keep up and be competitive on that level.

On the surface now it appears that the NFC West winner of 2013 is going to be one of those two teams. Watch the draft the Niners have. After that, come back here to where we’ll analyze how each division looks to be shaping up.

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  • 3kolu

    This move is no head scratcher. Harvin was becoming a cancer, his contract was up at the end of this year, he’s never played a full season because of injuries, and as has been reported kept on causing drama between Leslie Frazier and himself. The Vikings made a great trade. They got their money back plus 2 draft picks with a player they were not going to pay upwards of 10 million. They made this trade while they had the most leverage. They stood a chance of losing him anyways for nothing in return.

    • Catman

      All good points Ekofu, thanks for chiming in. After I posted this, I thought I probably hadn’t been clear enough on the “head-scratcher” comment. The fact he was traded isn’t the head-scratcher. It’s the fact that they now have no weapons for Ponder and unless they sign Greg Jennings or somehow out-bid the Dolphins for Mike Wallace, they have set themselves up for 9-man defensive fronts for Adrian Peterson to face. They may have gotten rid of Harvin “when they had the most leverage,” but then again in doing so without signing one of the two major WR free agents, they’ve just LOST leverage in any negotiations they’d have with one so they almost certainly didn’t make this move to save money. I don’t see either Jennings or Wallace signing for much less than $10 million a year, and probably more than that now that they know the predicament the Vikings are now in at the position. Unless they plan on trading up into the top-12 or so with their #23 and #25 first-round picks, no rookie will instill the fear and respect in enemy defenses that one of those two veteran FAs will. I suppose in the end they figure either Wallace OR Jennings would be an improvement on the attitude side, and should at least produce a 1,000-yard season, but neither one has Harvin’s versatility. You’re 100% on the money with the locker-room situation. Thanks for your comment.