Dec 23, 2012; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (1) walks on the sidelines during the fourth quarter against the Oakland Raiders at Bank of America Stadium. Panthers defeated the Raiders 17-6. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Cam Newton and Expectations

We all have expectations. Whether it be at work, home, society. Sometimes those expectations can get the best of us, causing us to fold in the face of pressure. Expectations can also cause us to rise in stature accomplishing things that once seemed impossible. I think Cam Newton has dealt with and is dealing with his fair share of expectations.

From a performance standpoint it is safe to say that on most occasions he has risen to the challenge and then some. Of course he has taken some lumps along the way and learned some valuable lessons. Say what you want about his character, but make no mistake Cam Newton is not afraid of expectations on the football field. The problem seems to be with him meeting those expectations off the field.

I think going into his 3rd year in the NFL now is the time something must change. No one doubts Cam’s preparation for each and every game. No one doubts his determination to be one of the best on the field of play. The problem seems to be the overwhelming perception that he is failing to meet his character expectations. What he needs to understand is that the NFL at the end of the day is first and foremost a business. Everything that you say good, bad, or indifferent defines you in the eyes of the media and fans alike.

In order for the Panthers to truly take the next step, Cam Newton has to spend just as much time developing his character as he does his play on the field. He must meet the expectations placed upon him by former and current great quarterback’s in the NFL. I want to see him rip the S off his chest and replace it with a C for captain. His current contract will be done sooner than later and the hourglass is running out of sand. He has said on more than one occasion that he could see himself staying in Charlotte with the Panthers longterm.

The good news for Panther fans is that we witnessed some steps in the right direction down the stretch last season. With nothing to gain we watched as Cam kept this team together, putting his ego and swag aside while helping save coach Rivera’s job. Stepping even further in the right direction we saw him play through injury against the Saints. Jordan Gross complemented him on both his growth and leadership. If this trend continues it will not be long before Cam Newton will be the captain of this team. Once that happens, the media will be forced to set aside their agendas and get their popcorn ready. The sky will not be the limit.

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  • CC1224

    Nice article!

  • ahrcshaw

    Look the truth is Cam is young, he is inexperienced in talking to the news media, and he has been pushed by the coaches. The news media dissects each word, they make their money following his every move. Cam is a QB, the coverage by media goes with the job. Cam’s youth showed up after he made a good play or bad play because it was scrutinized, no question about it. The same as Tebow !
    Yes he has come a long way off the field, but he is still young, as long as he doesn’t do anything real stupid like other young unprepared millionairess it makes no difference to anyone other then the media and Cam.

    As far as Cam’s play on the field, he has done exceptionally well in my humble opinion. The problems Cam has had on the field comes in a small part from his youth and a large part from the OC coach Chud. No question Cam put pressure on himself, but what rockey doesn’t. It is perfectly normal for a rockey to add pressure on himself, because they want to make the team. In 2011, Cam shared the running with 2 outstanding RB’s, where in he should have been used sparingly. Cam made the decision to keep the ball and run himself. In 2011 the option run was used about the same amount as the power run. In the first half of 2012 the option run was used twice as much as the power run and the pressure was on Cam to produce. That same pressure was taken off Cam in the 2nd half of 2012 and everything changed for Cam and the team. The truth be known Mr R knew Rivera made the change in the OC play calls and that.s why he is still coaching the Panthers.

    In year 2013 under the direction of a new OC Mr Shula, Rivera will not allow the fiasco of 2012 to happen again. Cam will not have the responsibility of carrying the running offence as well as the passing offence on his shoulders so he and the team will fair well. Go Panthers.