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Panthers Taking Chemistry 101

Does anyone remember the Movie called Weird Science, which came out in 1985? If you’re not familiar with the film, it’s basically about a couple of dorks who decide to put their science and chemistry skills to the test in order to create a hot chic. They end up actually pulling off the impossible and creating Lisa, who takes them from geeks to super successful in no time at all. If the Panthers hope to create a “Lisa” of their own; in the form of more success on the field, then just like Gary and Wyatt, they too will need to put their chemistry skills to the test.

For the past couple seasons there always seemed to be something keeping this team from coming all the way together. The lack of chemistry could have been the product of several things. Whether it was Cams inability to accept his role as the team’s leader while balancing his superstar status or Ron Rivera learning on the job, something was always creating waves and keeping the team segregated.

With the Panthers poised to start yet another season under the watch of Ron Rivera it would seem those waters are beginning to calm. Rivera has mentioned a couple of things during interviews that really tend to stand out. A while back he alluded to the fact that the vets were taking the rookies under their wing and showing them the ropes. Perhaps they are finally starting to understand that you are only as good as the guy next to you. His latest comment when referencing our star quarterback should leave Panther fans feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

“The nice thing that you see is the progression of our quarterback,” Rivera said. “I think Cam has done a really nice job. His rapport with the rest of the team has been really good.” Quote from Ron Rivera provided by

This is the best news of the offseason Panthers fans. There is no denying that Cam has possessed the physical tools needed to lead this team since day one, however, this quote, provided by Rivera, provides us with some insight into the mental and emotional chemistry that is beginning to take shape with the Panthers.

I honestly have no issues with Cam being young and successful, however, I would like to see him put this team and the City of Charlotte before anything else. In todays NFL it takes that kind of commitment and more to be successful. I truly hope he is finally starting to understand the importance of team chemistry. Sometimes things just don’t come as natural as you would have hoped. Sometimes you have to work hard to put differences aside for the greater good of a common goal.

It all starts with Newton. If Newton sees the light he most certainly has the ability to tear down the currents and expose the rest of the team. Once this happens there will be no more excuses. This team has got the talent and with a good team chemistry to combine, the future could be very bright.

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  • Newton4Prez

    Sorry, my mind wandered when you got me thinking about Kelly LeBrock….

  • ahrcshaw

    True, but it starts from the Top, Mr R comes down the Mr G, then threw Mr Rivera, then each other coach. We are winners, we want winners, we do not accept anything else. The leadership then sifts into Cam or Gross, or Smittie, or Beason, or Keuchley, and the young guys pick it up. Then comes the real test, the battles on the field, a game in which you win or loose based on your performance and those beside you. Delehome had this quality, Mills had this quality on D. The key is simple, knowing that not everyone performs the same way every game, or that each unit on the field plays the same each weak, setting the tone of the game is most important. Personality shows up fast, some like Smittie is on his shoulders, he has his cip, Keuchley is somewhat quiet, but carries a big stick. Cam needs that, OK guys lets get it done on this play, every play. PRIDE: Pride, in yourself and your teammates, and if one slips the other pick you up, Never a sulk, because we are good and we will show you we are good, its Attidude!

    Yes Cam needs an attitude change, but Gross needs to kick Cam in the Ask, if Cam slips, or visas versa, there are 11 players on each team on the field and my 11 player is the best and I will stand by that.

  • Tommy Yarbrough

    @Newton4Prez…LMAO…Kelly LeBrock was a real specimen! All kidding aside, I agree with most all of what ahrcshaw said. Pride, attitude, leadership, personality, and performance. These are some of the most important factors that can determine a team’s destiny. These qualities must come to the surface for a team to show it’s mettle, and to WIN. THAT’S THE NAME OF THE GAME…WIN. The Panthers are a talented team, and most of the pieces of the puzzle are in place. It would seem, by looking at how the Panthers lost a slew of very close games last year, that Ron Rivera has them headed in the right direction. I live in NC, and although I have been a loyal Viking fan since loooong before the Panthers ever existed, my ears and eyes are always also tuned into what is going on in the Panther camp.
    They have some high caliber talent, and it really boils down to much the same as any other NFL team…offense must score touchdowns when in the red zone, defense must get pressure on ofr sack the QB AND stuff the run game, field goal kicker must be accurate, kickoff man needs to get the ball deep in end zone, and good, solid tackling everywhere. It’s exactly the same with the Panthers. Cam Newton is a helluva quarterback…we all know that. If his O-line protects well and blocks well, and Cam can do what he’s capable of doing, the offense will be a machine. We all know what the defense must do, there’s no need to explain it here. Kickoff and special teams…the same. They must do their jobs well. Carolina is a formidable foe, and at any given time, can burn you for a score. Cam Newton is dangerous. IF their defense is up to the challenge, Carolina could go a long way this season, so don’t be surprised. And, they will most likely beat some teams that fans ( and Vegas ), thought they could not beat.

  • Richard Lovelace

    Last years best progress was the pass rush of our front four. If this continues to progress, it will help compensate for a weak secondary. Our LB’s should be solid. Then if we stay about the business of scoring points then we have a chance to win 9-10 games and make the playoffs. We will have to win at least 1 of the 2 games we play each of our divisional opponents too. No easy task….