Jul 28, 2012; Spartanburg, SC USA. Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams (34) takes a handoff during the training camp held at Wofford College. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Worn Out Insurance Policies

The Carolina Panthers lately have been facing a problem bigger franchises do not have. The Carolina Panthers have a closing salary cap, one that doesn’t allow them much breathing room. One of the main causes of this dilemma is the act of having two many backups for their backups; or what I like to call, “Player Insurance Policies.”

The Panthers are predicted to have the third worst salary cap in the NFL with a cap of -11.8 million dollars. The greenbacks being that low means one thing, the Panthers would be hard pressed to sign a star player in free-agency with that little of payment available.

One of the biggest insurance policies is our RB core. For kicks and giggles let’s leave Tolbert out of this, he proved himself as a player. Williams and Stewart both had huge contract negotiations go down. Williams got a $43 million deal in 2011. Explain how a player is getting paid that much and still puts up subpar yardage.

Stewart was signed to a $37.8 million contract and has been injury prone since the signing, granted he showed up big when he was healthy. Last is Kenjon Barner. Why are we drafting a RB and still paying the others even though they aren’t producing? Just adding on to the cap room dilemma with another “safety net” player.

I love all the RBs, Stewart and Williams have always been fan favorites. However, numbers don’t lie and either they both need to break out and start producing consistently, or the front office needs to step up and make the hard decision to let a man go.

Another group of the unnecessary insured is the WRs. Let’s just name off all the Panthers WRs. Smith, LaFell, Ginn Jr., Hixon, Edwards, Adams, Moss(Dale Moss, not Randy), and the list goes on from there. No team needs this many WR, whether they are producing or not.

The sheer number of players at this position, even at this point long before the season starts, is ridiculous.

Ginn Jr. makes some sense, he is essentially a career under achiever but he has the potential to break out this season considering he is built like Steve Smith. Hixon was another underachieving choice, fully capable of making something of himself.

Adams is a threat on special teams, and LaFell is proving to be a WR threat. I shouldn’t have to even argue for Smitty, I don’t want him angry at me, I saw what he did to that Saints CB in 2011. Smitty has his spot locked.

Edwards however should be cut immediately. The kid has shown glimpses once in a blue moon, and we can’t afford a WR that isn’t producing. Just because he was a star at App. State doesn’t mean we need to keep him.

On another note, I have no idea about this Dale Moss kid. Santana Moss and Randy Moss sure did good, so maybe the name is good luck, but only time will tell. That is assuming he makes it to preseason, RJ Webb sure didn’t.

The fact is the Carolina Panthers need to trim the fat if they are truly destined to be a big time franchise. Get Donald Trump in that office if necessary, but give the accountants some breathing room here, that is the only way the Panthers will have enough money to become consistent in free-agency, and ultimately win games.

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  • Chris Ford

    are you un aware of the contract restructures that D.will and a lot of other players took this offseason? This article makes you look oblivious.

  • Chris Ford

    And we have so many WR because we havent even entered Training Camp yet…which is when all the cuts happen. until then there has to be some kind of competition

  • ahrcshaw

    Well Mr Casey Diffley I think your age is showing, but that is not your fault. When you consideer some of what you said it really highlight your high school age and lack of background but your writting is excellent. You need to understand what you are saying. For example, Everything starts with coaching, game plan, personnel, etc, the player follows this leadership, when a OC calls your play . All the player can do is his best based on his skills, If the OC calls plays that do not fit the skills of the players, the play does not work. The Running backs were put into this position in 2012, but if you look close enough the stats show less reps, but no changes in yrds gained per rep. Hmmmmm!

    As far as the insurace rate goes its paid for up until the final cuts have to be made so haveing a 90+ roster at this point is great. Using the the logic of risk factors the Panthers have a better chance at getting down to the best players then they would if they only had 60 to chose from.

    Your comment about RJ Webb proves the harshness of the NFL, the kid got hurt during minie camp and thats it. Does that mean that the team would have cut Beason or Davis in their rookie year if they were injured. Like Mr G says you may have the tool you need in your own roster. The key being if you do not try out those tools you never know if they are good or bad. You do not just cut them.

    Last but not least your reference to get Mr Donald Trump in that office if necessary, is totally imiture as it has no merrit.

    Keep on writting as the Panthers will keep on trying I am sure. Go Panthers.

  • Catman

    Ken Dye here – I just posted on readers and comments, what’s allowed, what isn’t. I just wanted to let ppl on this specific post know that nobody has violated any rules. A couple of comments here rightly point out the deficiencies in the story, however, none of the comments are “combative” or “personal attacks” – just observations and not done in a negative tone. You guys are fine with these…it’s the swearing and PICKY comments I’m trying to eliminate. Yes, Casey is young and has some things to learn, but didn’t we all at that age? He writes well – thanks ahrcshaw, I appreciate the way you corrected him, but complimented the fact that he IS a good writer – that’s why I brought him on. He’s also relatively new to all of this, and I appreciate your understanding of that while informing him of the errors. Chris, your second comment is a little close to the line, but just please read my post today regarding comments and keep it in mind going forward. I’ve made mistakes in posts myself where I should have known differently. We’re Human, we’re fallible. Casey’s trying and doing a fine job overall and needs a little room to grow….as we all do! Thanks for listening, reading catcrave, and try to keep in mind that we are UNPAID bloggers and don’t do this as a profession…we do it for the enjoyment of the game. Thanks, guys.