Nov. 25, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA: St. Louis Rams safety Quintin Mikell against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Why I Don’t Think the Carolina Panthers Should Sign Quintin Mikell

The Lead Writer here at, Charles Towne Panther, wrote an article not too long ago about The Benefits of Signing Quintin Mikell. Signing Mikell would be a great boost to the defense, especially to a unit that is argumentally the worst on the Panthers. But I really would rather the Panthers bury this desire to sign Mikell for a few reasons.

I’d rather not mislead anyone in the CatCrave fan base. Signing Mikell would make our team better. It’s as simple as that. His presence would give the VERY young group experience and leadership from a Pro- Bowl player, something the Panthers honestly don’t have. Mikell is also in the prime of his career, something that seems really odd for a 32 year old player, but it is true. Mikell ended last season with career numbers. 101 tackles, 3 sacks, and 4 forced fumbles. Not too shabby for a 32 year old safety. Along with Charles Towne Panther’s assessment, if Mikell signed with the team he would become the best and most experienced secondary player on the team.

Dec 2, 2012; St. Louis, MO, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) is pushed out of bounds by St. Louis Rams free safety Quintin Mikell (27) during the second half at the Edward Jones Dome. The Rams defeated the 49ers 16-13 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a great quote from his article, “His addition along with the experienced Drayton Florence could provide invaluable leadership and on-field instruction to the young defensive backfield in Carolina. Mikell is not a long-term solution to the Panthers secondary concerns, but he will be of value to Carolina in more ways than just his play on the field.”

So his positives are definitely there. But personally I believe that we need to prepare for the future by building the team instead of an immediate solution. We could gamble good young players, players like Robert Lester and D.J. Campbell on a player that honestly might be with the team for just one year. His possible contract could end up being more a hit to the team monetarily as well. Now I am no expert on the finances of an NFL team, but the last contract that Mikell signed was with the Rams last year and it consisted of a four year deal for 27 million dollars. The Panthers money problem has been the biggest problem for the team, and though Gettleman has shored up a ton of money from restructuring contracts, the possible sum of money for one player with Pro-Bowl experience maybe too much. I would expect a 3 to 6 million dollar deal for one player for one year, but again I am no expert.

Now signing Mikell would be great for the team but to me the negatives outweigh the positives. The team should put their stock into the guys who have talent than into one guy with a lot of talent. The front eight should hold enough for even a mediocre secondary to flourish so honestly I don’t think the Panthers need Mikell. Lester, Campbell, Mitchell, Godfrey, and Nakamura will be more than enough to compete in training camp and get the best out of each other. The Carolina Panthers will be just fine without Quintin Mikell.

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  • adam lea

    Gettelman hasn’t done all the restructuring of star players to bring a in the box strong safety in for a one year 6 million dollar deal. If we do sign him which I am in favor of it will be on our terms ” cap friendly”. After all its not like he just hit the market he’s had no suitors. And as far as DJ and Lester go if they are worth keeping they will find a place for both of them.The wildcard here is Mitchell former 2nd round Oakland castoff. I think they will make a decision after they get to see them in traingcamp.don’t expect a Udfa to come in a start from day one. The fact that its even being reported that he will compete for a starting job screams we need a established veteran in the mix. The homer in me hopes for one of the young guys to become a dependable starter in time. Let’s hope the front office gives them some time by bringing Mikkel in on a 2 year deal.

  • ahrcshaw

    My comment to the original article by Charles was very similar to yours. That said, I believe Gettleman has made an offer and will leave it on the table until the pre season games start. I do not think Gettlemans offer is more then 2M for one year, which means having Mikels experience for one year would not be too expensive. I like you believe the answer should be in what happens at training camp with these guys, I personally think the call should be made based on loosing a young player that shows potential. If the Mikels deal means loosing a good young player, then I would pass, its that simple. A good example for my decision would be the 2004 SB Panther team, it had some good experience and old pros, it had questionable rookies, and a inexperienced QB (Jake) it had a pound the ground Coach (Fox) who was hesitant to throw a pass. It had a fairly untested O and D and I do not know were it was ranked as far as their overall power rating. What this 2004 team did have was the potential of a great front 7, with weak corner and a decent SS and FS. To me the comparison of the 2004 to this 2013 team is great, so I’d gamble on my existing older guys pulling this 2013 team together and save the money for next year. If my 2013 season started out with a bang and I needed help down the stretch, like the 2004 team did (signing Prohel for the slot WR) I would have the money to do it with. Go Panthers.

  • adam lea

    Rivera knows the importance of good safety play in his defensive scheme. When he was defensive coordinator of the chargers ( number one ranked defense in the NFL) he had Eric Weedle. One of the top safteys in the game and the highest paid at that. The year we drafted Luke it was leaked that the panthers were considering taking mark Barron had he not been managed by the Bucs. With all this being said I believe Charles Godfrey is a lot better than the fan base and the media gives credit for. He has done what the staff has asked from him in playing strong saftey. His more natural position is free safety he’s a ball hawk converted college cornerback. This year he will make a bigger impact. I’m not to worried with Norman, Thomas, and capt. Norman has great size and physicality if the coaches will let them play his receiver close and jam him at line he will improve. Thomas played very well last year and was actuly the leader in passes defended. Munnerlyn does great in the slot and is becoming the leader of the young group.Now were back to strong saftey I think its unquestionably the biggest unown going in to camp. In my opinion a competent SS roaming the field is what this defense needs to take the step to top 5 overall. If we do sign someone I think the player that would loose his roster spot would be Nakamura. He has great special team value but I lost faith in him as safety and I’m sure Rivera shares my thoughts.