Aug 9, 2013; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers wide tight end Brandon Williams (86) makes a pass while being defended by Chicago Bears safety Anthony Walters (37) while playing at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Williams Adds Receiving Depth and So Much More

After the NFL draft the Carolina Panthers went out and picked up more than just a few UDFAs. Some of those UDFAs made an immediate splash in the Panthers news sphere, players like Robert Lester and Colby Cameron, but some went completely under the radar. One of those players who went under the radar is Tight End Brandon Williams.

Williams was a former small town college basketball player who made an opportunity for himself by participating in an NFL Regional Combine where players who usually go unnoticed have a chance to show off. Williams was one of those players who made the most of his opportunity at the Combine and was soon invited to the Carolina Panthers training camp. He quickly made a huge impression on the coaching staff and the fans.

Williams is an extremely athletic player who is again, making the most of his chances. So far in the preseason he has made only two receptions on four targets, but one of those receptions, against the Chicago Bears, went for 24 yards. Williams has great playmaking ability, getting about 10 of those 24 receiving yards after the catch.

Aug 9, 2013; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers tight end Brandon Williams (86) before the game against the Chicago Bears at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

This adds yet another layer to the Panthers receiving attack, which lacks in playmakers. The tap runs dry after Smith and Olsen. LaFell and Gettis have some great potential, but it seems those players are tapping into that potential slowly. Williams, with a little more work on his catching and route running, could add an immediate relief to the team somewhat devoid of offensive receiving playmakers.

I’m sure we all remember in Cam’s rookie year, 2011, when the Carolina Panthers ran with two tight ends, Jeremy Shockey and Greg Olsen. Would it not be fantastic to return to that? With two primarily receiving Tight Ends the Panthers could tear apart defenses with Williams, Olsen, Smith, and LaFell all lining up at the line of scrimmage. Williams is also a huge player. He is an extremely gifted player physically and athletically, much more gifted than the other Tight End on the roster, Ben Hartsock. While Hartsock is primarily a blocking Tight End, Williams has the potential to be a great blocker as well. Watching him in the preseason, he protected Jimmy Clausen well, if not better than some of the third team Offensive Linemen.

With just a little more time to improve his blocking catching ability, Brandon Williams has what it takes to be one the best compliments to Greg Olsen that the Carolina Panthers could have ever dreamed of. He has already proved he can be a playmaker and this is just his first two outings as a Carolina Panther. Just imagine what Williams could achieve with consistent playing time. The world is his oyster.

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  • Jonathan Smith

    I really like this guy as well but don’t for get how we had so Manny good players on the scoud at once in gave them all up I rember guy he was a wide receiver in then green now he’s with the cow girl its like wow really who well give up guys like that in it was so much more this team gave up so as the one’s they have now I wish they keep them just like Williams here he should be a great fet at the second TE in the team pushed some players we didn’t need away this season witch I really liked in was happy about that in hartsock come on now yes he blocked good but he’s a TE he only had one TD last season or two in that’s it we need TE in Williams can give us that!

    • Tony Cardwell

      I really think Williams, if he has even a decent season, will stay with Carolina. His potential is too high to pass up if succeeds. Plus the Panthers lack receiving playmakers as well. It would be horrible if we lose him, I mean look at the picture in the story! Quite the stud!

    • ahrcshaw

      Pilares is going to be one of those we loose, but that is normal, Injuries, and opportuities makes a lot of difference. Our problem seems to be that we get a young guy, get him ready then let him go. It is like we wait too long to let them go or we bing in a free agent for one year and have to let the young one go. I think Mr Gettelmans statement of “the player you need is probablly alread on your roster” is a fair statement. Go Panthers.

  • yonse2

    Seems to me we have a LOT of weapons on the this team. Why can’t we get the ball to them? 3+ great runners, and no rushing attack. We’re gonna have a great passing game as well, but Cam has to quit playing “me first” and start giving up the ball (and the spotlight, in his eyes).

    • ahrcshaw

      I really believe Chud was the major part of Cam keeping the ball, not to say that when you have a coice you generaly count on yourself first, but Rivera changed that in the second half of last years games. On the other hand Cam has got to start checking off better and faster, LaFell, Gettis, Edwards, Ginn, and Hixson are not slouches, meaning there really is more available to him then forcing a pass to Smitty. In my humble opinion Cam was ordered to always look long first, his problem was he looked long to long and missed his second or third target. Using the power run option pass forces Cam to make most of his pass’s short ones. This should enable him to improve his stats, and other targets to be formed. Go Panthers.

  • ahrcshaw

    I hope he does well, I am looking forward to seening him against the Ravens. Go Panthers.


      I’ve been reading your comments on for awhile now,your the type of fan I REALLY RESPECT!You are never judgmental always positive & supportive!Their only a few others that I respect & can tolerate.People always critique their play & say what they “need” to do when they can’t come close to the field!TRUE FANS#GPKP#


    The Panthers need B-Will! I like OLSEN as a receiving/flex TE,but he SUCKS!!! at blocking!!!We’ve DVR’ed the games the past 2 yrs & I’ve watched every game at least 10 times each & OLSEN is responsible for a lot of pass & run blocking break-downs!”Fans” blame D’eangelo & STEW instead of looking at the o-line break-downs.Hartsock should be given more opportunities,he can do it all!B-Will needs to be coached up but he can be a SOLID #2 TE.The PANTHERS have young talent across the board(except O-line) they can reload young talent every draft & be a powerhouse for a long time!!!Just keep the team together.

    • ahrcshaw

      With the revamping of Beasons and Gross’s contract they become free agents in 2014, I am not sure what they have done on D Williams and Stewart, but Mr G is trying to get Cap money for Cam and DE ?????. I do not know how all this will turn out, but the idea is to get payroll in line with what Mr Gettleman wants. Gross has already said he is not going to play anywhere except in Carolina, Beason will probably try free agency, which all depends on how he plays this year, and if he doesn’t get a bite will sign with the Panthers for less. In the NFL it all depends on how you play the year b/4 your contract is up as to what other teams will offer for you. I look for Beason to leave in 2014. Go Panthers.

    • ahrcshaw

      I think Williams will push Olsen, but at the same time I think Olsen has improved his blocking since he arrived in Panther land, he just needs to keep working at it. I am really looking forward to the Raven’s game because I hope the Coach’s play Ginn at one WR, Gettis at the other WR, and Smitty in the slot. I also think they will run Williams at one TE and Olsen at the other just like they did when Schokly was here. This team has a lot of different options on both sides of the ball, I would hope they use them, because you can’t get experience if you don’t get reps. Go Panthers