Comment Guidelines on Catcrave - A Reminder

A few months ago, I posted the rules for commenting for the site here, Most of you have never been a problem and have certainly added to discussions in a positive way.

However, there have been several commenters since then who have posted inappropriate comments. They have been retroactively banned, their IP address banned, their email address banned, and will no longer be able to leave comments on the site.

ONE strike and you’re out! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Why such a seemingly heavy-handed approach?

Simple. We’re here to talk about football.

Nobody cares about your problems with race or your political views here. The last person I removed made a comment insulting Southerners, referencing a black QB (Cam Newton) and a “Mexican” Head Coach, Ron Rivera, and how hard that must be in the South.

Well, aside from making an ignorant statement, for the record Ron Rivera was born in California. Secondly, off-topic and especially off-color comments will be removed and the poster barred from making future comments.

Thankfully, the haters have been few and far between, but they are out there as anyone who has been using social media knows.

They are a disruptive distraction with no place on and will NOT be tolerated!

Again, is the place to visit if you want to read and talk about Panthers football. We are not a receptacle for hate-filled, vulgar or racist comments of ANY kind.

If you feel the urge to make such comments, I HIGHLY suggest you find a different, more “appropriate” site if you wish to continue to make comments here. THINK, people!

Can you be critical of players, coaches, writers, or the organization in your comments? Absolutely. We’re not here to censor relevant and constructive criticism…or sometimes just criticism that isn’t constructive, just critical, so long as you use common sense in your topic selection and language, you’ll be fine.

It’s unfortunate that I have to keep reminding everyone of this because of a number of comments I can count on a single hand, but please think: “Would I want my ten year old reading this?” If the answer is “no,” then please do everyone a favor and do not comment.

Now that that is out of the way….GO PANTHERS!!

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