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Is Cam Newton a top 10 QB? Cover32 Doesn't Think So


Cam Newton is certainly a top 10 QB in the NFL.  He proved that in 2013.  However, his 12-4 campaign in 2013 was not enough to convince the editors over at  First off their QB rankings loses all credibility when you hit number 5 on the list, Eli Manning.  Yes you heard that right, after a season in which Eli completed more passes to the opposing team than his own receivers, Cover 32 still considers him an elite quarterback.  Eli should be lucky to sniff the top 20, especially considering the receiving talent he has around. So where does Cam Newton rank?  13th.

Let me just list a few of the guys ranked ahead of Superman.  At 12 we have Andy Dalton, a guy who half the city of Cincinnati doesn’t even consider a top 15 QB.  Take away A.J. Green and Andy Dalton is a bottom tier quarterback in the NFL.  At number 11 is Phillip Rivers.  Rivers is a solid QB, don’t get me wrong but he plays in a weak defensive division and still makes too many errors.  He also has a stable of weapons compared to the ones Cam has in Charlotte. Imagine Keenan Allen on the Panthers.  At number 10 we have Matthew Stafford.  Yes he is a great QB and probably deserving of a top 10, but Cam Newton is still superior to Stafford.  Stafford’s big selling point is his arm strength, but Cam can throw the ball further while falling to the ground than most quarterbacks can standing upright.  He may have the strongest arm in the entire NFL.  Also having a guy like Megatron to throw to will help mask deficiencies in a quarterback’s game.  Cam Newton paired with Calvin Johnson would be unstoppable.

At number 9 they have Ben Roethlisberger.  Maybe if it was 5 years ago I could accept this, but Big Ben is past his prime.  The hits he has taken in his career are piling up and I just do not see Ben as a top 10 quarterback anymore.  Pittsburgh lost their elite defense and they haven’t been in the playoffs since.  At number 8 is Tony Romo.  Romo is a great QB but he too makes too many mistakes.  He is not completely to blame, as Dallas has not had a scrap of defense during Tony’s tenure.  Still Romo finds ways to make terrible throws and pick sixes that cost his team the game.  Every GM in the league would take Cam Newton over Tony Romo, including Jerry Jones.  So take out everyone I just listed ahead of Cam, besides Stafford, and he should be considered a top 10 QB, easily.

Cam Newton deserves to be in the top 10 of everybody’s quarterback rankings.  His first 3 seasons have been the most productive statistically of any quarterback ever.  He’s broken just about every passing and rushing record for a quarterback in that span and now he has found out what it takes to win in the NFL.  Doubters like the ones at Cover32 are what fuel Cam Newton.  He has been working tirelessly since the Panthers playoff loss to the 49ers to become better and put the Panthers in position to win a Superbowl.  I’m saying it here first, Cam Newton will have his best season as a pro in 2014 and there won’t be anything left to doubt about Superman.  For the complete list of Cover32′s QB rankings click here.


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  • ahrcshaw

    Not with standing Cam needs to make some improvements in his passing accuracy, and I do not mean with new receivers, the problem is purely Cam’s. That said Cam should be a top 10 QB.

    • Eric Thomas

      Cam’s accuracy can improve but there are very few QBs in the league who can make his receving core look good. If your receivers can’t get open, it’s going to be tough. One big play receiver alone would make a very big difference for Cam.

      • ahrcshaw

        There is no question Cam at times is errant with High passes and holds the ball too long. Does that mean he is slow counting down? He needs to address this for sure! I also think Cam knows his problem, and it is quite possible they will design plays where in Cam can slide out of the pocket and get more time. There is no question D’s and pass rushing is getting stronger and faster.

        My point being when Cam has time to pass the current R corp does well, would a OT help or a WR be more important?, It really depends on what is available at the time of draft, I do think there are more good WR available to be drafted then OT’s. and I also think MR G will go for the OT first.

  • kathy

    Everyone is saying that Cam Newton is a better Quarter back than Colin Kaepernick well all of you are wrong. Colin Kaepernick is a way better quarter back than Cam Newton because Colin knows how to pass the football to his team mates Cam doesn’t he keeps the football for himself and that’s why Cams team mates are running around the field waiting for him to throw it they are wasting there time because he is not going to throw it to them. Colin throws the football to his team mates he will keep the football and run with it if no one is open that’s what a quarter back is suppose to do. Cam doesn’t do that. Colin is not just a quarter back he is a runner to.

    • Eric Thomas

      No offense but nobody who watches football thinks that Kaepernick is a better QB than Cam. First of all, there is a huge difference in the weapons around them. Boldin, Crabtree, Davis and Gore is a whole lot better than old steve smith, Williams, Lafelle and Olson. Secondly, while Cam does get locked in on receivers, Kaepernick is even worse at going through his progressions. Cam has far more rushing TDs than Kaepernick and has done more statistically as a passer than Colin with considerably less. This isn’t even much of a debate.

      • kathy

        First of all you don’t anything about Colin and he is a way better quarterback than Cam Newton so I would advise you to keep your big mouth shut you are just like Sherman Richardson you don’t know how to keep your mouth’s shut that’s what get’s you into trouble so back off of Colin you understand this one dude.

  • fgoodwin

    Josh, the Panthers as a team are SO good, why do you care what Cover32 thinks? Just be thankful your team is not the Cowboys!