CCR 67: Rivals Smack Talk Edition

Cat Crave Radio is back with Episode 67!  This past week saw the end to the Julius Peppers saga for the Carolina Panthers – finally!  And there was news other than that, believe it or not.

We tried something different this week.  We invited bloggers for rival teams to join us for some smack talk.  Two of them took the bait.  Dustin Staggers of The Pewter Plank representing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Sean McNally of Blogging Dirty representing the Atlanta Falcons joined us.  The New Orleans Saints couldn’t provide us with a blogger brave enough to take part.

The segment followed a simple format – we ask a question and they ask a question followed by one minute of smack talk.  Check it out especially since we took the liberty of laying it on thick.

We also threw in a Rant Or Rave.  Our topic this week – Twitter and its prevalent use among some NFL players.

Our old friend Nick Yeoman is still being prevented from joining us thanks to technical issues.  But don’t forget his video blogs over on You Tube!

It’s all in the latest episode.  Take a listen and feel free to comment below.


Episode Sixty-Seven: July 1, 2009

In Episode Sixty-Seven…

  • News
  • Rant Or Rave – Twitter Updates
  • Profile – DeAngelo Williams
  • Smack Talk Guest – Dustin Staggers (The Pewter Plank)
  • Smack Talk Guest – Sean McNally (Blogging Dirty)
  • A few thoughts on the media
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