The Panthers going nowhere…Prove them wrong

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By now, most of you have probably read Adam Schein’s hate of all things Panthers found here:

This got me to thinking, all off-season, I have watched shows like NFL 32, NFL AM, NFL Total Access and hardly anywhere do I see any news regarding the Panthers.

I see stories on Butt Fumbles and the soap opera that is the Jets.  Manti Teo and the  imaginary girlfriend he is bringing along with him to the Chargers.  The Carolina Panthers, we get this masterpiece and all I can do is face palm and shake my head.

On a day, where an original Panther, signed and retired and should be remembered fondly for his time here. Instead of reporting on  our Quarterback, Cam Newton and the Panthers organization making an appearance to about 700 lucky middle schoolers and doing something positive for the community.  We get a columnist for pretty much dumping on our organization and writing us off as a candidate for the #1 pick in the 2014 NFL draft.

The proof offered pretty much goes like this:

  • Cam was not voted team captain so  he is not a great leader
  • Cam celebrates in the end zone too much
  • Cam is aloof and is bad in interviews
  • Cam is not a winner because he had the luck of being drafted on a young team with a rebuilding defense
  • Cam is not in the class of quarterbacks like Andrew Luck, RGIII, Russell Wilson, and Colin Kapernick because “he has not earned it”


When I watch the Panthers play, and I watch the huddle I see all eyes on the quarterback.  I see camaraderie and celebrating together no matter who scores.  Adam says Cam is aloof and is bad in interviews  because he once said that he might need a “suggestion box.”  When people are in the public arena, sometimes they may say something they may not mean too.  Heck, politicians do it all the time.  The writer also says Cam is not a winner.  I am sorry but winning a National title at two different schools, the Heisman trophy, and being a #1 pick in the NFL draft do not tell the story of a loser.  Cam is not in the class of quarterbacks like the ones listed above.  Last time I checked only one player in that list totes a Heisman.  Most of this supposed proof is about much proof as the mess that Nolan Nawrocki from Pro Football Weekly put out that Cam has a “fake smile, comes off as very scripted and has a selfish, me-first makeup.” Nawrocki stated this as a fact despite never having met Cam before.

All I am saying is this, if the Panthers want to start getting positive press and avoid hit pieces like this then its now on the team and coaches to prove them wrong.