Cam Newton Still Dancing For Carolina Panthers

“May I have this dance?”

If these words are asked from a man to a woman, or a woman to a man, at a wedding, a party, or in a club, this would be an appropriate phrase.  However, these are not the exact words you want your quarterback to be saying on the field to any other player on the team, or the opposing team.

But, maybe it is not dancing, maybe it is happy feet.  Either way, this is technically how many describe Cam Newton when dropping back in the pocket.  Reason is, Cam still throws off of his back foot since he has a strong enough arm, with a huge amount of velocity due to his strength, to be able to get the ball

 Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

downfield.  Cam’s thought has to be that maybe, just maybe, with him being able to still get the ball downfield with throwing off his back foot, nobody will notice his mechanical problems and picture him as a normal quarterback in the pocket.

The reality is though, Cam needs to break the habit of throwing off his back foot and using his strength to disguise the mechanical problems.  These mechanics need to be fixed and fixed fast.

Arm strength does not cover up the throws over the heads of receivers – especially when one of these receivers is 6’5″ Kelvin Benjamin with an 83-inch wingspan – who are running short routes across the middle of the field.

If the ball is flying over Kelvin’s head, a few bad things could happen:
1. Kelvin stretches up to attempt to make the catch leaving him unprotected and he is hit hard by the opponent.
2. The ball is thrown so high on a short route, the ball ends up in the secondary and is intercepted.

These are two things the Panthers do not want and can not afford to have happen.

So what do they do with Cam?  Put a brick in his front foot so he is unable to lift off the ground?  We know that is not logical and would never work.  About the only solution is for Cam to take extra reps and work hard on his mechanics.  Now that Cam is a $100 million quarterback, he needs to focus on anything possible to not only have the $100 million label, but play like $100 million.