Why is David Carr Still A Panther?

davidcarr.jpgPanthers fans have watched the team release players and re-sign players.  The team is making moves but there is one move the team hasn’t made that has fans asking questions – David Carr.

 There have been reports that the team wants to try to trade the veteran quarterback.

There are obvious questions – what does the team expect to get in return for him?  How many teams are out there desperately trying to find an overrated NFL QB?  Are general managers around the league hoping to land one of the biggest draft busts in recent history during the offseason?

We already know the team is hoping to get something in return for DeShaun Foster but that makes sense.  He at least could have some trade value.  But David Carr?  His value now on the NFL trade market has to be somewhere between receiving a slug and a box of Twizzlers in return.

Up to now, I have not been very critical of the moves the team either has made or hasn’t made but it appears to me that today that has to come to an end.  Marty Hurney, John Fox, what are you thinking?  This has to be one of the biggest no-brainers ever!  Cut the guy and move on.  It’s apparent to everybody that bringing him in was a mistake.  It didn’t work out so move on.

The only way you can change my mind (or the minds of the fans) is to actually work out a trade with some unsuspecting general manager and get something in return.  If you do that, I’ll have to totally reevaluate what you’re doing.  In fact, I’ll be glad to publically call you both geniuses.

But the odds are you won’t get anything for him.  Let’s just get rid of the guy and move on.  Until you do Panthers fans everywhere will continue to ask the same question – Why is David Carr still a Panther?

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  • Walker

    They really should just cut him and be done with it. No reason to try and deal him, it’s just a waste of everyone’s time.

  • John White

    I agree.  There’s no way they get much for him.  What coudl they possibly get?  A seventh round pick?  I sure hope he’s not in their plans for next season.

  • Noah Brown

    I think they could get a 4th round pick from a team like San Fran who also has lots of Questions at the QB spot… The Rams are looking for a backup QB… and the Miami Dolphins are not gonna rely on Trent Green and David Carr could possibly serve purpose in return or a 5th round pick

  • http://www.TREBORN.com Chris Treborn

    I know they wanted to have another Jake Delhomme phenomenom but Carr is obviously not a leader – especially for a team like Carolina.  Carr was great @ Fresno State and got sucked into the new Texas franchise, but he is like Kerry Collins, great out of college great to start your team, but not a QB that can save an NFL team or get them to the SuperBowl.  He is no Drew Brees, but I think he might be able to make a team good.  He just needs the right tools, coaching, and some good leadership skills.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++As for the Carolina Panthers.  They should have kept ONE QB in for an entire game.  See where they are strong, see where they are weak.  If you throw in a cold David Carr after Vinnie gets sacked a few times, throws an interception, etc……then you obviously won’t get a very productive and warmed up David Carr.  Matt Moore might be a nobody from Oregon State but he defeated USC when they were at their best.  Matt Moore is young and has room to grow…..but he has leadership skills and he has accuracy.  Jake is still the best QB, but Matt Moore needs to be right there in the number 2 spot.  He can learn from Jake and he can lead the Panthers into the playoffs and maybe one day the SuperBowl if he keeps growing.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Now, I dont know if Panthers will pick up a QB or if they will trade QBs.  All I know is, Jake needs to get healthy and take back over and allow Matt Moore to prove himself within time!

  • John White

    I agree with you guys.  I’d like to get what I can out of Carr but I’m not sure he has much value, if any.  Time will tell if another team wants him.  I believe Jake will come back strong next year but if there are signs that the flutter ball is back then the team is in trouble.  I like Moore a lot and think he could be a good one.  Afterall, Jake wasn’t exactly a phenom entering the draft.  But keeping Carr around, since he will be warming the bench, might turn out to be a distraction.  I’m expecting, or hoping, he gets sent packing soon.

  • joshua kremke

    really, i like david carr. i think he do really well with a good offensive line and a clean bill of health. he is being overpaid here for being a backup, but there’s a lot of potential in carr. i get why they picked him up and i’d understand if they didn’t get rid of him. it doesn’t look like they’re going to with signing of basanez, but i wouldn’t be too suprised if they kept him around because of his lack of trade worth. it’s probably not worth the cap penalty next year.

  • John White

    Carr is probably gone for two reasons – salary and inconsistency.  He might be a good backup because of experience but he’s never shown that the light have gone on during his time in the NFL.  Backup?  Yes.  But I don’t think I’d trust my franchise to him.  Ain’t being a fan great?  We can all disagree but still be rooting for the same team!  LOL!!!  Thanks for the comments!

  • Rob

    david carr is not a bad quarterback. consider the abuse he took in houston and still was manageable. he came to carolina and got injured and didn’t play as well from that point on. even when he came back from his injury, he had taken cheap shots to his back like the one in green bay. there’s no reason to cut or trade him. basanez will probably end up on the practice squad while jake, david and matt are the 3 qbs this year. they won’t even draft one this year. all the people who say david carr should be cut didn’t pay enough attention to stuff that goes on in the game. try watching the games and check what happens during the week at practices. not cutting david carr is by far not the worst thing in the world. jake delhomme is an ok quarterback, but he has no vision, so let’s chase him out too, right? if you want to pick on something, try asking why they still have the same defensive coordinator. the defense has become predictable and when they do blitz a couple times a game, he never mixes it up and gives too much respect to lesser teams. not only would i keep david carr there, i would resign him after this year if he wanted to stay.

  • John White

    It seems that David Carr is a hot button topic.  Two ways to see it – keep him due to experience and allow him to grow or cut him because he didn’t play well last year.  I suppose I fall in the second group.  We may have to agree to disagree on this one.

  • Walker

    Rob you are forgetting about Cap space and how well Matt Moore did towards the end of the year. He played great, better than David Carr in every way, and let’s not forget that Jake is coming back too. David Carr is a mediocre quarterback on a team that already has several average-above average qb’s. He has no place at Carolina.

  • Rob

    they aren’t going to free up an extraordinary amount of cap by releasing carr and as i said, most of the time he was on the field he was injured. i’m not saying they should definately sign him after this year but i would let him run his last year and evaluate him. i like matt moore but just remember, rex grossman did good to start too.

  • kfields

    alright lets face this carr did ok but never performed well enough he had some good plays like the leap for the first down against tampa but he is never going to fit in with carolina, the fans dont like him idc who  u are ive bled the blue and black since the start… our best delhomme ofcourse back up matt moore he has proven himself to be quite the upcomer i mean come on he helped crush the seahawks when others thought we stood no chance…. brett ehh idc for him but who knows i see him on the team maybe another year or 2 probably down graded to practice squad.. ne ways carolina should part ways with carr i mean if we cut foster then y the hell havent we cut carr (carr = worth my empty guiness bottle) ne ways carolina is a playoff team possibly a superbowl team just waiting to happen… i’d love to see crumpler, TURNER, and even good old muhammed back on the team for another year thats a super bowl team idc wat u say.

  • Rob

    i’ve been with the team since the start too. idc what you think….if crumpler’s knees can’t practice i don’t want him. why get rid of carr to make room for basanez when they wouldn’t gain enough by cutting him anyway? why not just keep him for his last year on the contract and see if he works out? just out of curiousity…when steve smith punched that guy in the face at the beginning of his career, did you want him gone too?

  • Walker

    Honestly, I called for Steve being cut when that happened. But he was a rookie that hadn’t gotten the oppurtunity to prove himself yet. Whilst David Carr is a six-year vet who has gotten many oppurtunities and never capitalized on any of them.