Panthers Satisfied with Moore?

jakedelhomme.jpgListening to Carolina Panthers general manager, Marty Hurney, you might think the team isn’t going to make a move at all to pickup another quarterback – whether it’s a starter or a backup.

“We are always going to look at every spot, but we feel like with Jake, Matt and Brett, they are guys that know the system and we’re very happy with,” Hurney said. “But at this time of year you are always looking to see how you can improve every poisition. But I think we feel good about the three quarterbacks that we have right now.”  (Gaston Gazette)

Sure, Jake Delhomme could come back healthier than ever.  He could be strong and ready to go.  Then again, the Tommy John surgery performed on his elbow a few months ago mattmoore.jpgcould be too much to recover from.

All the news from Jake and the team indicate that he’s progressing nicely with his rehab and that he’s on track.  But that’s a story we’ve heard before about a player who is trying to come back from an injury only to find out later that they aren’t the same.

The team has to know something we don’t.

As for Matt Moore, the kid looked really sharp at times last season finally taking over after the revolving door at quarterback the team suffered through.  But is the team prepared to hand over the reigns to the kid should Delhomme go down to another injury?

Arguably the most important position on any team after the starting quarterback is the backup quarterback.  If the team is comfortable, no problem.  But this is news that could make a lot of fans very uneasy.

Hurney says that the free agent market isn’t strong on backup quarterback but he may be overlooking one guy from San Diego in Billy Volek who could potentially be a starter for a handful of teams in the league.

Maybe the team doesn’t need to make a move.  Maybe they’re okay at the position.  Let’s just hope that we don’t have to find out the hard way in ’08.


dantewesley.jpgThe team has also announced that they have re-signed cornerback Dante Wesley.  The deal is reported to be for two years.  (Rock Hill Herald)

Wesley will likely hold down the fourth cornerback spot and contribute on special teams should he be able to avoid the injury bug that has plagued him in the past.

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  • Travis Sauermilch

    billy volek…please id rather see peppers as a qb.. lol

  • John White

    But Volek is one option.  Not necessarily the best in teh league but a decent backup.

  • Walker

    I would be happy with Sage Rosenfels as the backup. Isn’t he a free agent this season?

  • kfields

    billy volek would be a fine #2 i mean did u guys catch ne of his games when he was with the titans i mean the guy can air a ball pretty good so i wouldnt mind him as a #2 then moore for the 3rd.

  • Mike Houston

    Billy Volek would be solid at #2. He did a good job behind McNair, and Rivers. He’s a good veteran that you don’t have to worry about

  • Travis Sauermilch

    does anyone besides me think that wesley was a waste on a roster spot?

  • John White

    Sage might be okay.  I’m not sure of his status.  I think he is signed at least through this season.  I like Volek as a backup after watching him come in and play pretty well in the playoffs when Rivers got hurt.  As for Wesley, he might be okay to play special teams but he got hurt right after he was signed last season.  I would tie up much money in a guy who can’t stay healthy.