A Cheap Date With Arthur Blank and Other NFL News

arthurblank.jpgBoy, talk about being taken on a cheap date!  The Atlanta Falcons were entertaining free agent running back Michael Turner today and where did they take him while showing him the town?

An Arena Football Game!

If you’re trying to impress someone on a first date, where do you take them?  A club?  A nice restaurant?  Some place exclusive?

If you’re Arthur Blank, you take them to an Arena Football game.  WOW!  Michael Turner must be impressed!  Isn’t that about the same as taking a first date to McDonald’s or Taco Bell?

This is a team trying to woo one of the biggest names in the free agent market to come play for them and this is the best they can do?  Really?  I mean the least Blank, former head of Home Depot, could have done is take Turner to one of the company’s stores to attend a do-it-yourself seminar.

And how does the date end?  Does Blank walk Turner back to his door (probably a Motel 6 where the team spared no expense to put him up for the night) and attempt to kiss him goodnight?  That’s probably when Turner says, “I’ve had fun.  Thanks.”  Translation: “Don’t call me again, cheapo!”

Even more sad, Blank will try to follow the Guy Code and wait 48 hours before calling.  He’ll fool himself into thinking that he showed Turner the time of his life and that they definitely have to go out again.  (Or, in this case, sign the contract.)

Seems to me if Turner signs he’s a cheap date.  Maybe he’s easy.  Who knows?  But if that’s true, why didn’t somebody with the real money land him?

Brady Quinn might have thought that he would have a shot at the starting quarterback job in Cleveland.  Not so fast.  Browns general manager Phil Savage says, “I don’t think there’s going to be an open competition.  We go in with Derek as the lead horse. You don’t sign a contract like that and say, ‘hey, it’s an open competition.’”  (Columbus Dispatch)

Despite a report from Sports Illustrated that Calvin Pace had signed in Miami, he is on his way to meet with the Jets.  The linebacker from Arizona is still seeking what will likely be a big payday.  (NFL.com)

The Bills have reportedly acquired defensive tackle Marcus Stroud from the Jaguars for third and fifth round draft picks.  (Fox Sports)

The Browns have added WR Donte Stallworth formerly of the Patriots.  Details of the contract are unknown.

The Jets threw a lot of money at Alan Faneca and got him to sign on the dotted line.  He’ll get a 5-year, $40 million contract with $21 million guaranteed. 

Another wideout, Bernard Berrian, signed with the Vikings.  Reportedly he was inked to a 6-year, $42 million deal with a $16 million signing bonus.  The first three years of the deal are worth $23 million.  All of that and he gets to face his former team, the Bears, twice each season.  (Fox Sports)

The Saints re-signed WR Devery Henderson to a 1-year deal worth $2 million.  The Saints also released linebacker Brian Simmons.

Cornerback Will Demps of the Texans will visit the Redskins.

Lions linebacker Teddy Lehman will visit the Bucs on Monday.

Free agent guard Rex Hadnot of the Dolphins is set to meet with Cleveland after having met with the Texans on Saturday.  (Houston Chronicle)

The Vikings’ free agent defensive tackle Spencer Johnson has agreed to a long-term deal with the Bills.  (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

Tight end Ben Utecht is a restricted free agent for the Colts but is still setting up a visit with the Bengals.  (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Falcons signed S Erik Coleman to a four-year, $10 million, including a $3 million signing bonus.  This wasn’t a cheap date!  (NFL.com)

The Lions will be visiting with DTs Chartric Darby and Ellis Wyms next week.  Shaun Rogers’ replacements, perhaps?  (Detroit Free Press) 

The Buccaneers have signed former Chiefs defensive tackle Jimmy Wilkerson.

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  • http://biasedfan.wordpress.com UtesFan89

    The teams with the real money will take an RB in the draft and be fine. Turner is asking for way too much, and it’s gonna cost him unless he brings his price down soon.

  • Mike Houston

    I don’t give a damn how cheap the other teams are, it’s the cheapness in Charlotte that’s pissing me off. The Panthers can afford Michael Turner. A decent signing bonus, and some big money on the backend( that he’ll never see),and  a couple of performance clauses, and we got him. Like I said, he’ll never see that back end money, the Panthers will cut him by then, like they did Moose on his last contract

  • kfields

    its amazing all these teams i.e vikings jets browns and 49ers who can spend sooo much money i mean the vikings have signed like 3-5 players alrdy and the jets have thrown bigg money for 3 players or so i mean come on the panthers need to do something soon  3rd and 4th ranked guys in the FA give u a team that most likely doesnt make the playoffs.

  • Rob

    i’d rather see them go get moss at whatever cost and draft a backup running back. it’s more affordable that way anyway.