The Colbert Report - UPDATE!

The carpal tunnel is getting worse.  But I’m a dedicated blogger!  I’m here for ya’ so I’m kearycolbert.jpgback with an update.

Keary Colbert has signed with the Denver Broncos.  (  The deal is for 3 years and totals $7.2 million including a $2.5 million signing bonus.  WOW!  Well, way to go, Keary!

Maybe Keary can resurrect what had been a promising career with the Broncos.  And maybe he’ll drop a few passes.

And more NFL news – because we care!

From Yahoo! Sports – Yahoo! Sports reports that Jason Taylor and the Dolphins have “decided to part ways” this offseason.  Both sides have agreed a trade is for the best, and Taylor has already left the Miami area to prepare for Dancing with the Stars. There were rumors about Green Bay’s interest Saturday, although that has proven premature. Miami can probably pick up a couple of solid draft picks for Taylor, 33.

The Saints have re-signed Aaron Stecker to a one-year $1.4 million contract.

 Defensive back Von Hutchins has agreed to terms with the Falcons.

Safety Sammy Knight will visit with the Giants.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Mike Houston

    I wish Keary the best. Every other Panther that went to the Broncos had success as well. Howard Griffith, William Green, and Derek Lovelle went to Denver and won two Super Bowll rings. So I hope he succeeds

  • John White

    I’d like to see him do well.  Shoot, USC WR’s have not looked so good – Colbert, Jarrett, Williams – up to this point.  Maybe Jarrett becomes the stud we hope he’ll be and Colbert breaks out in Denver…unless they play us, of course!

  • Mike Houston

    Don’t forget Steve Smith from USC. He’s playing decently in for the Giants. But those USC boys play well their rookie year. Let’s see what he does next year

  • kfields

    wow r the dolphins freakin stupid y let ur best DE go? id love to have him but he would be wayyyyy to expensive.

  • Devin

    Well, at least he won’t drop passes in Carolina anymore… With Steve, Moose, and Jarrett, we should be better in the passing game. Now we just need to find a good number two QB…

  • kfields

    You know i did some research and there r a lot decent powerbacks in the FA how about Chris Brown, TJ Duckett, Ron Dayne, Mike Anderson and ive even heard Brandon Jacobs is available but i find that hard to believe even if he was im sure the Giants will have him back and for the Wr’s which are now dwindling away we still have DJ Hackett, Bryant Johnson, Justin McCariens, or even David Givens and ive heard that the Panthers are one of the Ten teams that Javon Walker has been contacted by so i guess we will have to wait it out a bit and just see wat happens.

  • kfields

    Also for some other news you can Scratch Lance Briggs off any ones wish list he has signed a 6 year deal with the Bears and the amount of $$ is undisclosed and just for some laughs the Dolphins are restructing there whole team they just signed Josh McCown lol for starting QB i guess? haha

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  • Rob

    i’m just glad colbert gets to go somewhere they’ll actually throw him the ball when he’s open.