No News Is...No News

drewcarter.jpgI’d like to be able to report here today that there is major news regarding the Carolina Panthers.  I’d like to be able to tell you that they have signed the biggest, baddest and even youngest players out there.  But I can’t.

There are even times that no news is good news but in this case it’s just…no news.

There is, however, news regarding a former Panther, Drew Carter.  The wide receiver is meeting with the Raiders today.  He’s a fast wideout and we all know how much Al Davis loves a fast player.

Our team isn’t exactly setting the world ablaze with news but the rest of the NFL is hard at work keeping sports writers busy.  Here are today’s Quick Hits From Around the NFL…

Adam Schefter of the NFL Network is speculating that the Packers might pursue Randy Moss in order to keep Brett Favre from cashing in his chips.  I’m beginning to wonder if they just love Favre so much that they’re willing to suck up like this every single offseason or if they dislike Aaron Rogers that much.

Glenn Dorsey’s draft stock could fall even farther since team doctors are saying that he’s had several injuries that they are concerned about.  From the article – “The tibia fracture is believed to have lingered with him into last seasons. NFL teams are also looking at his back, right leg, knee, and ankle. It seems very possible that Dorsey will fall out of the top five picks in April.”  (Houston Chronicle)

ESPN reports that the Dolphins are disputing a story that ran yesterday suggesting that the Dolphins would part ways with defensive end Jason Taylor.  “This latest report is just another example of journalistic irresponsibility,” Bill Parcells, team VP of Football Operations, told Chris Mortensen.

ESPN’s John Clayton reports free agent Randy Moss reached out to Daunte Culpepper over the weekend and they two discussed the possibility of teaming up again.

Javon Walker continues to be a hot commodity as the Giants have expressed interest.

The Tampa Tribune reports that the Bucs will meet today with free agent wide receiver Bryant Johnson.

Free agent Kwame Harris will visit with the Jaguars today.  (Florida Times Union)

Linebacker Antoine Cash has been re-signed by the Buccaneers.

Jeremey Shockey probably isn’t going anywhere.  The Giants have declined to talk to other teams who are interested in acquiring him.  (New York Post)

Spencer Johnson’s five-year contract with the Bills is worth $17.5 million, including $6 million in guarantees.  (Buffalo News)  The Bills are also meeting today with fullback Corey McIntyre.

The Jets continue to be busy as the latest target for their offensive line is Maurice Williams who they would like to have playing at right tackle.  (Newark Star-Ledger)  The team will also be meeting this week with cornerback Will James.

Travis Laboy, the Titans free agent defensive lineman, cancelled a visit with the Saints and remained in Cleveland suggesting that a deal could be in the works.  (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

Kansas City cornerback Ty Law may be interested in rejoining the Patriots.  (Boston Globe)

Now that the team has signed Donte Stallworth, the Browns will likely move Joe Jerevicius to the slot.

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  • young20

    Why arent we makin any moves its obvilous after last years terriable season we need some improvements . But yet were still standing still while all the other teams that were also terriable are suckin up all the good free agents. Whats up with that??? Lets get a move on Panthers we want to win and win now so get out the check book and get it done!

  • kfields

    yea im really starting to get sick of this crap all the teams out there are working to get players and the panthers after 3 days have still not done ne thing im looking at all these teams who are signing WR’s  DT DE OT OG and yet we still havent done ne thing…. if we are thinking with the addition of a former teammate muhammed that we are going to make it to the playoffs they are way wrong unless we pick up some young decent players our some veterns we are going to be looking at another 7-9 year possible 8-8.

  • kfields

    For alittle more news, all which is in our division Atlanta has just signed running back Michael Turner to a deal that has yet to be released but he was defenitly signed and Atlanta has also signed tight end Ben Hartsock who is mainly known for his Blocking abilities hmm i wonder wat Atlanta is looking to do this year….. also the Saints have signed cornerback Randall Gay to a four-year contract  worth up to $17.6 million so im SOO Glad to see our Division Rivals picking up some big name players while the Panthers have signed wat some guy we hope to play KR and compete for 4th-5th string CB….. WAY TO GO PANTHERS here is to another most likely unsuccesful year.

  • ctpanther

    i love being a panther fan….wtf is our goals in this franchise, just to be happy to play in the nfl and have a mediocore team? livin’ in ct is no fun being a cats fan when u got successful teams in the surrounding areas

  • Mike Houston

    Ain’t that a bitch……Michael Turner is a Falcon.They have a power back and a speed back. They are starting to look similar to Jacksonville(where their coach comes from). The Browns, Jets, and Bills are spending money like they want to win. I wish the home team would at least try to build a winning team. Instead, they’re just doing nothing, as usual

  • John White

    I’m not just concerned about the lack of money spent.  I’m also concerned that the team isn’t visiting with many, if any, free agents.  That doesn’t look too good.