Panthers Meet with Landon

landonjohnson.jpgUnrestricted free agent linebacker Landon Johnson visited with the Carolina Panthers.  According to the Cincinnati Enquirer the Bengals are still interested in retaining Johnson.  He has led the team in tackles three out of his four seasons in the league.

We’ll keep you posted if there are any further details.

The Saints have signed Dan Morgan to a one-year deal.  (Gaston Gazette)  No details of the contract were revealed.

As I’m sure you have already guessed, Morgan can now face his former team twice next season and try to prove them wrong for letting him go.

Former Panthers defensive tackle Kindal Moorehead has signed on with the Falcons.kindalmoorehead.jpg

I’m not sure if this is just coincidence but doesn’t it seem to you that all the former Panthers want to sign with a team so they can play against their former team?

At least Drew Carter had the decency to meet with the Titans and not the Bucs on Thursday.

There is more in our Quick Hits…

Brian Kelly, the free agent cornerback, remains a free man after leaving the Giants facilities without a contract in hand.

Danny Clark, a free agent lineback met with the Raiders on Thursday.

Left with nearly no one at the position, the Patriots signed former Lewis Sanders, a former Falcons cornerback.

Eugene Wilson, a former Patriot, has been contacted by the Bengals.

Anthony Becht, formerly of the Bucs, has signed on to be the new tight end in St. Louis.

Rams re-signed G/T Adam Goldberg.’s Adam Caplan reports the contract is for one year.

In addition to the Packers, free agent Mark Brunell is reportedly drawing interest from the Saints and Falcons.

Appearing on WCNN-AM in Atlanta Thursday, suspended CB Pacman Jones said he’s changed his off-field ways and is ready to rejoin the NFL.  Maybe instead of making it rain he could very well just cause a brief shower in strip clubs now.

David Garrard says he and the Jaguars are “not far off” in long-term contract talks.

How desperate are the Broncos for wide receivers?  They signed WR Edell Shepherd, formerly of the Lions.

Bucs agreed to terms with Ben Troupe on a two-year contract, according to NFL Network’s Adam Schefter.

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  • Rob

    it’s a shame colbert is gone but since they weren’t throwing to him anyway, i wish him the best. i can’t believe they are trying to keep drew carter though. he came through on the big plays when it counted

  • Danny

    Landon Johnson Will be a great pick up !!1

  • Walker

    Landon Johnson would be great I agree, I’ve never really been a fan of Na’il Diggs, and Johnson is such a great blitzer.

  • jaybird

    Johnson agrees to contract! yea baby things are looking good in carolina. (nothing could be finer than Johnson coming to carolina)

  • jaybird

    why is my comment getting moderated for! never has before I dont think.

  • jaybird

    Johnson signs with the panthers!

  • kfields

    O YEA !!!! finally a nice pick up now our LB core is gonna be the ISHT hell yea…. finally now just a WR and most can be added thru the draft.

  • jaybird

    We have to have one of the fastest LB’s core in the league! This helps our bismal D-line out big time and we finaly have someone that can cover a TE.  

  • N1r0l

    Your comment in regard to Dan Morgan wanting to face his former team twice this year to prove them wrong:  This won’t happen, he will be on IR before the second Saints/Panthers game,

  • Travis

    you know i have always been a dan morgan fan. i think he is really good but i also think he is to small and fragile to play the mlb in the nfl. he gets to hurt but when he isnt hurt he is good i was sad to see him leave. but he would be a great back up. but i think you are right when we play him the first time someone will cut block him and he is finished. lol