David Carr - Sour Grapes and Happy Feet

I gotta tell ya, I’ve been cruising the web faithfully over the last 6 weeks since this gig davidcarr.jpgbegan and I’ve read an awful lot of stupid things.  There are stories that sound made up, corny and just plain pointless.  Then there are stories like the one that appeared on ESPN’s wonderful, nearly-not-for-free  little website.

Let’s set the scene – a quaterback is taken number one overall in the 2002 NFL Draft, he quickly looks like he’s getting no protection from his offensive line, this lasts for five seasons.  He takes a trip to Carolina where he starts on the bench behind a previously undrafted player who had once languished in NFL Europe once upon a time.  The starter goes down.  In comes the previous first overall draft pick.

He still gets beat up – except there in the city of Charlotte his secret is out – the starter wasn’t exactly getting beaten up before going out.  Their offensive line isn’t that pourous.  Maybe it’s the quarterback.

See, it’s simple really, David Carr seems to think that he can stand in the pocket holding the ball long enough that a Democrat can get into the White House.  The man seems to be married to the football and just doesn’t want to give it up.  He’s happiest holding onto it like he’s making love to it while he tap dances.

David, if you love something, set it free.  If it returns to you, it is yours.  If it doesn’t return to you, it was never yours.

David Carr got unceremoniously bounced from Charlotte for a reason.  He’s not a starting NFL quarterback.  Fact is, he’s not a backup NFL quarterback.

Well, he was signed in New York where they apparently have very low expectations of their backup.  That was Wednesday.  On Thursday he opened his mouth.

“I have a lot of calluses,” Carr said, according to The Associated Press. “I’m like an old carpenter I’ve been through it. If you let that stuff affect you, you’re not going to be able to do your job. One of the reasons I’m excited about coming here is they protect the quarterback well and they have playmakers on the outside.”

David, better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt, don’t ya’ think?

Let’s face it, David Carr has a career 74.4 passer rating for a reason.  He has 8 more interceptions than touchdowns in his career (70 to 62) for a reason.  He has been sacked like a million times in his career for a reason.  He holds onto the ball too long.  We saw it last season in Charlotte up close and personal.

There is also a reason that David Carr was benched in favor of Vinny Testaverde, a guy about six months from becoming a member of AARP.  David, that reason is that you just aren’t that good.  And you wouldn’t be successful if you had five Sherman tanks protecting you.

I had promised myself before taking this gig that I wouldn’t be this critical of players and the team.  It’s usually simply uncalled for.  In this case, I can make an exception.

David Carr wound up in New York because Chris Palmer, the Giants’ assistant coach is there and they worked together in Houston.  That was a disaster.  If anything happens to Eli Manning, Giants fans will get the opportunity to see the trainwreck that is David Carr up close and personal.

And the playmakers the Giants have on the outside?  They will rarely see the ball with Carr at quarterback.  The ball will instead be tight in his grasp as he stands in the pocket ’til the count of 12 as he’s waiting to get plundered by a linebacker.  Carr won’t take 75 sacks in three games because of a bad offensive line.  That will be because he doesn’t know that he has to actually get rid of the ball once in a while.

For David Carr to intimate that he got no protection or little protection in either Houston or Carolina is absurd.  Other quarterbacks have played admirably behind the same offensive lines that Carr played with.

One final message for you before I go, David:  Those calluses you have?  Yeah!  Those are from holding the ball too long and not from playing with bad offensive lines.  You’re the problem, David, not them.

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  • jaybird

    very good post on Carr! I think you are right in so many ways on the Carr issue!

  • Rob

    carr played one game healthy as the backup and got hurt. vinny did about the same. in the game he got hurt in the line was protecting terribly for that sunday. when he came back hoping he could play without much pain the man took a couple cheap shots to the back from the opposing helmets. there’s nothing wrong with david carr except the fans who don’t see everything that happens on the field. he was doing just fine until he got hurt. as far as his texans days go, schaub was getting hit left and right at the beginning of last year too, so how could it not have been the line? it’s funny how great you people think jake delhomme is compare to carr, but if you watched the last year when jake was healthy, he only throws to steve smith and doesn’t look for anybody else. drew carter and kerry colbert weren’t complete busts, they were busts created by jake. if you never throw to anybody else or even look their way then how can another receiver get a catch? i saw colbert and carter open many times and not thrown to, instead jake would push it to steve in bad coverage. how is this so much better than david carr again?

  • kfields

    well for the first 3 games 8 tds and 1 interception and i dont think steve smith had all 8 of those so im pretty sure carr was just a bust.

  • Rob

    a good start but how long would it have lasted? steve did 277 yards of the 624 yards jake threw and half of his touchdowns went to steve. steve smith is a great receiver but how do you know what else you have if nobody else gets the ball as much? another thing to think about is that they were going against defenses for those couple games that weren’t great for stopping the pass game. i would just simply like jake to look around a little more instead of throwing into bad coverage. he’s been ok as the quarterback, but he has the potential and has had the opportunity to be at peyton’s level. i just want to see his potential reached. stop blaming receivers he doesn’t throw to hardly for his short comings. if i ran 2000 routes a year and get thrown the ball 10 times, i may drop it a little too. it’s called being shocked the ball even goes your way. colbert didn’t have a single problem catching balls his rookie season, but steve wasn’t there so jake had to look around more. just look around….that’s all i ask

  • Rob is an idiot

    Rob shut up. you obviously dont know anything about the Panthers. Jake is the best QB Carolina has had since its entry in the NFL. David Carr is the worst QB the Texans and Panthers have had in their existences. So quit trying to protect Carr bcuz you know, I know, and everyone else knows that Carr is a total bum and Jake is an underrated player end of story.

  • Mike Houston

    David Carr can kiss ass. He has poor mechanics, that’s the main reason that he’s trash. Watching him last year raised my blood pressure. He doesn’t throw passes, he shot puts. Now he’s reuniting with his old position coach. If the man couldn’t help him within 5 years in Houston, what makes him think something is going to change. His last season in Houston, he lost the starting position to Sage Rosenfels( no more information is needed on that). But, he waits until he leaves Charlotte to start talking shit. When the preseason is over in New York, he may be the scout team QB. He will not beat Anthony Wright, nor Jared Lorenzon for the two backup positions

  • John

    "Rob shut up. you obviously dont know anything about the Panthers. Jake is the best QB Carolina has had since its entry in the NFL. David Carr is the worst QB the Texans and Panthers have had in their existences. So quit trying to protect Carr bcuz you know, I know, and everyone else knows that Carr is a total bum and Jake is an underrated player end of story." Wow I totally agree with you on this.

  • John

    Wow I totally agree with you on this.

  • Mike Houston

    I will say this, the first couple of defenses were subpar. The Rams, Texans, and Falcons, so Rob i agree with you on that point. As far as Jake being the best QB the Panthers have ever had, I’ll take Steve Beurelein. He played behind one of the worst offensive lines that even David Carr could imagine, he would still throw for 4000 yards and 30 tds. He made other players around him better. Mushin, Patrick Jeffers, Rae Carruth, and even Biakabatuka( before his last 30 injuries)were having good seasons. It you don’t believe me, check the stats

  • Rob

    i was actually gonna say steve beurelein was the best. the problem he had was he was the backup for so long.david car had descent numbers his last year with the texans also. the biggest killer he had was the sacks. he is a better qb than eli also. he is a little unorthodox for what may be considered a perfect quarterback but he can throw. john you’re a retard for reposting your own stuff just to agree with yourself. the biggest reason people in carolina didn’t like carr though was because he spread the ball more. there are other guys on the team other than steve smith you know. if he hadn’t been hurt and reinjured from cheap shots i wonder how things would’ve been because he was fine until his first injury. you should check his number before he got hurt both preseason and regular and compare it with after he got hurt and you’ll see

  • kfields

    Well ill go with Jakes 8 tds 1 interception in 3 games idc wat defense it was against and hmm David Carr soon took over after now remember this is the Same O LINE they both played with and Carr would hold on to the ball for so long i could go grab a beer and by the time i got back he was still looking where to go… face it the kid does suck he never could handle the pressure of the nfl… if it wasnt his damn side arm pass’s that were always intercepted then it was him waiting and waiting and almost wanting to be sacked… im so tired of hearing that Carr can still do it.. if he couldnt do it with 2 NFL teams after 5-6 years then the kid cant play its simple get over it… and lets also not forget he has more INTERCEPTIONS THEN TDS i mean come on its been like 6 years thats pathetic… the kid isnt going to work out with the Giants either and i gurantee he will be looking for another team next year.

  • kfields

    Also not reguarding this subject at all but S Kenoy Kennedy of the Lions was released today the guys stats seem  to be pretty good nice amout on tackels and atleast 2 interceptions a year along with a couple of sacks and FF… this guy might not be a bad pickup but is FS or SS either way id give him a look.

  • Rob

    i was a little disappointed they didn’t really go after mccree

  • Mike Houston

    They were only willing to offer Marlon a one year deal. They’ll most likely draft a safety. They must believe that Cooper or Salley will be the answer(Hell No!)

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