New Poll: Grade the Draft!

It’s time to weigh in with your opinions, Panthers fans!  To the right, you’ll see our latest arrowchart.jpgpoll.

This is your chance to grade the picks made by the Carolina Panthers this past weekend.

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  • James McGinnis

    So I guess I’m the low guy (I voted the D).  I think if you factor in the fact that we traded away next year’s first rounder, even the most optimistic fan has to say that this cannot be an A draft.  Did anybody go "Yes!" when we drafted Stewart?  Wasn’t it more like "Why in God’s name didn’t we draft Brendan Albert?"  And then when the terms of the trade were released, how could you feel good about that?

  • John White

    There’s nothing wrong with grading them out to a D.  I went with an A because I liked how they filled the holes on the roster.  Maybe I should have gone B since I didn’t like giving up so much to move back into round one.  They could have even taken a RB in round two and either Otah, Williams or Albert in round one and that would have filled the same needs.

  • Walker

    I gave them a B because I don’t like how much they relinquished for Otah. Also they should have picked up Mendenhall instead of Stewart. /nitpick

  • Mike Houston

    I gave them a C-, I like the Otah pick, but the Stewart pick has me fickle. He’s coming to the team hurt, and Mendenhall was healthy. The later round picks threw up some question marks as well

  • onemanrecords

    i see mendenhall not having a great nfl career…a good one maybe but not great…our own doctors worked on stewart and claim he should be fine, i gave them a A because yes we did give up alot, but otah was ranked very high on most draft cards and i myself also think he’ll pan out. Stewart was/is better than mendenhall in my opinion he’s not afraid to go between tackles and also has that burst speed. I didn’t understand the pick at first either but does anyone think williams can really do it all himself? i don’t…he’s good and needs to have the chance yes, i just don’t see it. He’s small and quick but easily taken down when hit. Stewart can provide that type of back. Otah was expensive, but if he can turn it up in te nfl…he’d be priceless.

  • Devin

    I gave them a B. Stewart is a better RB than Mendenhall, and he fits in better with Fox’s plans for the offense. Trading back into the first round didn’t even cost that much. Technically, all we did was just made it so that we would have next year’s first round pick a year early. The only real cost was a 2nd and 4th rounder.

  • Mike Houston

    Mendenhall wasn’t afraid to go between the tackles, he was in an option/run first offense.  Stewart was also worked on by the same doctors that helped Biakabatuka, and Dan Morgan. Also, turf toe has ended careers, and can be just as crucial as an ACL.

  • Revshawn

    Why all the hating about the Panthers Draft and our picking a RB as our first round draft pick? It’s clear that we needed a power back to complement Williams, and Nick Goings is not the answer.  Sure we traded the first round pick for next year for Jeff Otah, but we needed him so that we could move Wharton to left tackle. We’ll have a great offensive line this year after this pick, whereas it would only be decent otherwise. I give it a B++++

  • http://CatCrave Matthew

    I gave it a B.  I like the RB and tackle combination, because the offense was sick to watch last year.  I hated them giving away all those picks, but I figure Fox is really trying to save his job now.  Mendenhall is considerably smaller than Stewart, so he would probably be a lot like Williams.  The Panthers really don’t need two DeAngelos in the backfield.  The Stewart choice was the right idea.