Now the Real Work Begins

panthergrowl.jpgWhat will the coaches see starting tomorrow during the Carolina Panthers first mini camp?

The first things they’ll see are a lot of new faces.  I hope they have score cards and rosters handy so they don’t have to yell, “Hey, you!” each time somebody screws up.

Consider that this mini camp will be attended by 39 players who were not on the roster at the end of the 2007 season.  That includes both veterans and rookies.  This could get really confusing for somebody.

There are a couple of key players who will not be participating so we can’t get our hopes up just yet – Jake Delhomme is still nursing his elbow and thirteenth-overall pick Jonathan Stewart still has to recover from his turf toe surgery.

What could be most interesting will be two areas – offensive and defensive line.

The offensive line returns center Ryan Kalil, Travelle Wharton and Jordon Gross.  Free agent acquisitions Milford Brown and Keydrick Vincent will be attempting to work their way into a lineup that is likely to include nineteenth-overall selection, tackle, Jeff Otah.

Along the defensive line there could be a shakeup as well with Julius Peppers returning along with Damione Lewis and Maake Kemoeatu.  But additions were made there also with the key acquisitions being free agents Tyler Brayton, Nick Hayden, Darwin Walker and Ian Scott.  The recent retirement of Mike Rucker and the trade of Kris Jenkins gave the team a nudge in drafting for the defensive line also adding Nick Hayden and Hilee Taylor.

The early answers might also begin to come when we get the opportunity to see guys like Dan Connor, D.J. Hackett, Muhsin Muhammad and others take the field in Panthers uniforms.

These aren’t exactly two-a-days in training camp so we won’t see a tremendous amount of hard work.  But the coaches will get to see the players they added up close so they will know what they can do – I’ll rephrase that – they’ll get an idea of what they can do.

Stay tuned.  More changes could be coming.

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  • NINERSfan

    Dan Connor sucks y u think he waited so long to get picked, muhammed is donezo, so is delhommey, dont look for hackett to do anything he sucked for seatle, williams is too small and pep is an overgrown crybaby i give u mad props for steve smith but the rest of your team sucks go niners alex smith the comeback year YAAAAAAAAA DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGG

  • onemanrecords

    Really……we shouldn’t even waste our time…..alex smith? haha… 

  • Mike Houston

    Oh Hell No…..Alex Smith is a bust. The Niners haven’t beat the Panthers since the ’99 season. The Panthers were terrible last year, and  still beat the Niners. There is no one on the Niners squad that can block Pep, or anyone that can cover Smith, Muhammad, or Hackett( who had his best game ever against the Niners). This site is for real Panther fans, keep your ass in the bay area with the rest of the losers

  • Walker

    I was at the Niners game last year, I remember Jon Beason knocking your team on their collective asses. Vinny Testaverde, a 44 year-old QB completely outplayed Trent Dilfer AND the rest of your team. Alex Smith is a complete bust. There is so much wrong with his game that he is beyond repair. At the very most, the 49ers will win 5 games this season, while the panthers will challenge, if not win the NFC south division title.

  • Jarst

    I think dan connor is going to be good in the NFL.  The panthers have him, jon beason, thomas davis who is coming into his own, and they signed landon johnson.  I think they should get rid of na’ll diggs, he is not as good as he used to be and just takes up roster space.  I hate when people rip on J-Pep.  He had 1 bad season and for the Ninersfan up there, he hasn’t said anything all season, or his career for that matter so I don’t know where he gets off saying he is an overgrown crybaby….all in all I think the panthers will win the division this year and hopefully go deep in the playoffs

  • Paint Bull

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