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Cat Fight!!!!!

You knew that scrap the other day during the Carolina Panthers training camp session between Jeff Otah and Tyler Brayton wouldn’t be the last scuffle.  Shoot, that was just the under card.  In this case, the heavyweights fought first leading up to…

Ding!!!  Ding!!!!  Let’s get ready to rumble!!!!!!!

This is real!  This ain’t no one-horse rodeo, cowboy!  It ain’t the WWE.  It ain’t even the Rumble in the Jungle!  This is…

The Struggle in the ‘Burg!!!

Steve “Gator Arms” Smith Vs. Ken “Body Slam” Lucas!!!

Gentlemen, we’re scheduled for one round of fisticuffs!  At the sound of the bell, rip off your helmets, and come out of your stances fighting!

Trainers, especially you, Mr. Beason, be prepared to restrain your fighter in the event that he is kicking the crap out his opponent.

Now…Let’s get it on!!!!

Click on “Continue Reading” to see the results!  Ready??

The players as they lay on the ground in a heap.  Not pretty.  Where is Don King when you need him?

Jon Beason restrains Steve Smith.  This ain’t a picture of brotherly love, I assure you.

It’s all over now.  Cooler heads have prevailed.  Steve goes over to talk to Lucas who has himself a wounded eye.

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  • Bboggs36

     You guys should wait for the facts so you can write a real story not a picture book. we saw these everywhere no fans have diffent pic. give us a reason to come to this site beside ccr.

  • rey2009/Danny

    I for one I how he did it then other site
    Cause he did not copy it and he make Fun Funny to look at lol
    so Bboggs36
    You Ready need Look At other Panther Fan site
    Cause they just Make look Boring

  • thelandryhat

    Very interesting how you try to take a funny spin on a very serious matter, one day after you call Steve Smith the best receiver ever in the NFL. The issue here is Steve Smith’s mental health. ANd now the Panthers are strongly considering trading or dropping him. It’s not funny, CatCrave. He broke a teammates eye socket. And just a few years ago, he punched a teammate during film study, which led to a lawsuit settled out of court. Yeah, some player you have there. That’s one star. And you question Jason Witten?

  • Walker

    So what happened? Do we know yet?

  • Ian – Inside the Iggles

    Looks like the Eagles draft pick just got a little better!

  • John White

    Who said the team was seriously trading or dropping him?  They suspended him.  That’s all, Dan.  The attack was serious, yes.  But there has been no mention of a roster move of any kind.

  • John White

    Walker, there hasn’t been a lot of information on this.  John Fox answered some questions to the print media but hasn’t talked to TV reporters yet.  There have been no real details of what went on other than the two were discussing a play and Smith hit Lucas in the eye/nose.

  • John White

    Ian, that draft pick won’t get any better at all if the Panthers still make the playoffs and advance.

  • David

    You know what guys, Ive seen worse fights when I played football in high school. Ive seen broken fingers, noses, bloody noses. Ive seen fellow players kicked off the team for being smart lipped to the coach or coaches. I think in football its a rough violent sport that has a lot of ego going on don’t matter which level of play. I’ve seen worse fights during a game. Ive seen sucker punches, Ive been sucker punched before. We always made up and moved forward. Now all this stupid talk of trading our best WR because he has a temper? Get a life guys. We don’t need to wimp out football like every other aspect of our lives.  Let the 2 guys involved in the dispute work it out between themselves. Leave the news media (anything for a story and make it sound 10x worse than it was) out of it. We have a chance for a excellent season this year only to ruin our team by a fight? Trade our best WR? Rub his name in the ground?

  • Mike Houston

    David, I understand what you’re saying, but you don’t punch a teammate while their taking a knee. When Michael Westbrook beat Stephen Davis’ ass, it started face to face, and Davis ended up on the ground. I’ve seen fights when I played in Canada and Europe. I was there for the Jeremy Shockey and Brandon Short fight. All of these fight were face to face. As far as Smith, he jumped Bright from behind in a dark room, and now Lucas while was taking a knee. He may be a good receiver, but he’s a bitch

  • David

    More could have happened in a bar room fight which Ive also seen. Ive seen brothers about beat the mess out of each other over who was gonna eat the last chicken leg. I mean let the players work it out for them selves. If the media wouldn’t have been there that day we probably never would have heard about it.  Suspend someone over a punch. Who knows what Lucas said to him. Ken seems awful ready to put it behind them so he must have provoked it a good bit.

  • Mike Houston

    Yes,more could have happened in a bar, but this wasn’t in a bar. This happened on the sideline while one man was taking a knee. That excuse of what Lucas may have said to him is bull. If he did say something, fight that man straight. All these excuses for Steve acting out are bullshit. He’s done this more than the two times that have been reported. This situation is different from the Bright situation. He stole a defensive captain. That kind of shit seperates a team