Panthers Will Face a New Starter This Week

Dan Zinski of The Viking Age was one of our guests this week on Cat Crave Radio.  We discussed Tarvaris Jackson and his struggles at quarterback.  Well, now Dan is reporting that Jackson has been sent to the bench and that Gus Frerotte will start this Sunday.  In fact, he’s reporting that Frerotte will start for the remainder of the season.

Tarvaris Jackson has been benched by coach Brad Childress and Gus Frerotte will start this Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.  I’m honestly shocked by this move given Chilly’s apparent attachment to Jackson, a player he traded up to get in the draft and anointed the starter the last two years without any serious training camp competition.  It was suggested the last few days that Childress had shown signs of wavering on Jackson, but I doubted it.  My argument was that Chilly hadn’t really said anything different in his statements about Jackson than he normally did about anything but, clearly, this was one case where it was possible to read between the lines.  I’d still be curious to know:  Was this a move Childress and his coaches made by themselves or was there intervention by owner Zygi Wilf?  Did Zygmunt take a look at all the huge checks he was giving out and finally get steamed that his team was only 0-2?  We’ll probably never know (unless someone on the inside is ready to snitch).  At any rate, the T-Jack haters have gotten their wish – Frerotte will start and Jackson will sit.  And the Jeff Garcia watch will continue for some…

Update: The Pioneer-Press says Jackson has been benched for the rest of the season“I still think he has a bright future down the road,” Chilly said.  Gus Frerotte will be the starter for the final 14 games barring injury or some kind of move.  Stay tuned for more on this.

Remember Frerotte is the guy who busted his neck by running into a wall while celebrating a touchdown when playing with the Redskins.  Smart guy, huh?

He’s the dude the Panthers defense will be facing this week.

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  • danzinski

    Oooh, Gus Frerotte. Bet you’re shakin’ now.

  • John White

    I’m scared to death!  LOL!!!  Actually, I think I would rather face Jackson but Chilly has made the call and given the boot to him.

  • Walker

    Darn, I wanted a couple INTs. Oh well, at least Ole’ Gus won’t be throwing any TDs.

  • John White

    If Gus doesn’t jam his neck again, he could pose a threat…at least more of a threat than Jackson.  Even so, I’m not that worried about him.  Shut down Adrian Peterson and you shut down the Minny offense.

  • Walker

    AP is impossible to shut down. It’s never been done, he is a tremendous running back. We can only hope to slow him down.

  • John White

    Don’t be so sure, Walker.  Last season, during that remarkable rookie season, AP was held to 66 by Detroit, 63 by Dallas, 70 by Philadelphia, 45 by Green Bay, 3 (not a misprint – actually just 3 yards) by San Francisco, 27 by Washington, and 36 by Denver.  He can be held down.  It’s very possible to shut him down and thus shut down the vikings offense.

    In those games I mentioned, Minnesota went 1-5.