Kalil Gets a Face Full

The more I learn about Jake Delhomme, the more I love the guy.  Call it a man crush if you want.  No problem.

Looking back at the first two weeks of this season, Jake has helped to lead his team in ways that most pretty-faced, modelling, spokesperson quarterbacks don’t or can’t.  That San Diego game ending was a thing of beauty.  A two-minute drill ending with a touchdown pass with the clock shawing all zeroes.

Fast forward to week two.  Chicago had played the kind of defense that created an ugly game of epic proportions.  This was not the game you see replayed on ESPN Classic.  But there was Jake Delhomme taking a pretty nasty looking hit to the head on a hook slide.  It’s when he got himself up off the ground that the QB showed his moxy.

All right, so some nasty language came out of his mouth and it was easy to read his lips.  Who cares?  When it was over, the entire team was lifted and ready to kick the Bears out of Bank of America Stadium with a great big “L” on their resume.

Steve Smith returned this week.  Jake’s favorite receiver is back.  And just when you think the locker room might get a little uptight and stuffy with all those reporters in there asking question after question about the return of the pugilist – along comes Jake once again.

From Blue Ridge Now:

Center Ryan Kalil’s rookie hazing has finally ended Wednesday, two games into his second year with the Carolina Panthers.

Kalil was talking to reporters in the locker room when guard Jeremy Bridges came up from behind and pressed a plate of shaving cream in his face, drawing laughter from his teammates.
“He’s no longer a rookie today,” Bridges said.

“A hug would have sufficed, I think,” Kalil replied.

Bridges said he was trying to find whipped cream. When he couldn’t, quarterback Jake Delhomme recommended shaving cream, some of which ended up in Kalil’s mouth.

We’ve heard in the past how Jake is a joker who likes to play a few tricks on his teammates.  This time it was in sight of some folks who could report it.  They did.

Kalil might have had some burning eyes, sure.  But this is about keeping things from getting too serious in that high-pressure locker room.

There are fans out there who don’t like Jake.  I don’t get it.  Screw the stats.  Who needs stats?  Does Jake have to pass for 4,000 yards or 35 touchdowns?  Stats are overrated.  Trust me.

Wanna know what counts?  Wins.  That’s what counts.  And if he can help this team win while keeping things loose, there’s no reason to look for another signal caller.

Kalil got a face full of shaving cream.  Opponents can get themselves a face full of “L.”

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  • http://www.myspace.com/walkertrull Walker

    I agree 100%. There are WAY too many panther-fan-jake-haters out there. It really gets my goat.

  • Matt

    seriously. everybody called for weinke a few years ago. he came in. did nothing. then last year they called for carr. he came in did squat. then testaverde. then moore. jake is the best qb for our team. no doubt about it.

  • Adam

    Jake Delhomme brings something to the Panthers that no other QB could; that fire. He’s always burning to get the team playing. Look at the game against Chicago; after nearly every false start penalty, Jake was in the face of the Ref arguing. Arguing calls that were pretty obvious. Not to try and get them overturned (which almost never happens), but to show his guys that he’s there to back them up, no matter what. And when Jake got hit last week, they returned the favor by becoming a mean, nasty team. There’s a spark here and Jake’s the ember.