Peppers Wants Out of Carolina

It is looking more and more like Julius Peppers will not be a member of the 2009 Carolina Panthers.  Some have seen this coming, as the Panthers offered Peppers a contract that would make him the highest paid DE in the game early this season, and he still hasn’t signed it.

“Julius is firm in his decision that he needs a change,” his agent Carl Carey said. “He feels that he can thrive in another system. While he has been selected to four Pro Bowls and designated as an All-Pro during his career, he feels that he has yet to develop to his full potential. This is the case of a great player who seeks to become an elite one.””

This to me screams that Peppers simply does not believe in the coaches currently employed by Carolina.  Many want defensive coordinator  Mike Trgovac fired, and Peppers may be one of them.  If Trgovac is fired before free agency begins, maybe Peppers will agree to the long term deal.
Marty Hurney’s reaction to the call he recieved on Thursday from Peppers’ agent:

“Obviously, Carl’s comments are disappointing,” Hurney said. “We have consistently reiterated to Carl in a number of ways how much we value Julius and we plan to continue having ongoing communications.”

The Panthers most likely course of action in this situation is to francise Peppers.  This will pay him $17 million in 2009.  If he is franchised, however, he will most likely be traded for a minimum of a  1st and 3rd round pick.  The Panthers would likely only want to trade him to an AFC opponent, so we do not face him more than once every couple of years.  New England, Baltimore, and Miami are possible destinations.  One option I feel the Panthers cannot take is to let Peppers walk.  He is simply too valuable of an asset to simply release.  If another team signs Peppers after being franchised, they must give the Panthers two first round picks.  This is a bad situation for the Panthers, and possibly the best solution is to recieve draft picks.  A sad ending to a great ride for Peppers in Carolina.

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  • Kevin Ferguson

    If he wants out, you can’t force it. But they should definately get something for him, he’s wayyyyy too talented to just let go.

    I think he’ll be one of those Super Bowl Mercenaries, he must be hungry for a ring and feeling that Carolina can’t get him one.

  • allen

    plain and simple   pep if you want out  come out and make it public from your own mouth,,not some agent thats making you look like a two faced ass,,threw the whole season you said it was like a family here,,now  your saying through your agent that your not happy,,wtf man,if you want a new definsive scheme then your the man to ask for it,your the most prized person on this team,they will listen and react.everyone agrees that the def cord and off cord should the way,if you want a ring your best shot is were your at,otherwise your going to get traded to a team that is going to have to build around you which will take another 7 years so were is your best shot,right here sir.

  • Ken

    I don’t see Pepper’s going to a team that is going to be any good to get to SB in the next couple of years I mean I could be wrong I never thought AZ would be there in my life time. Lets look at who use’s the 3-4 that would get him. The Raiders,Browns, Niners, Dolphins, Texans, these are teams that could use him maybe but can they afford to. Then the teams that are good that wont need him really are the Patriots, Steelers, and Cowboys. Maybe the Chargers could afford him out of all the 3-4 defense teams. Only time will tell but Carolina should put the tag on him then look for the big trade to one of the 5-10 teams that play 3-4 if they don’ change b/c of all the coaching changes this off season.