Jake Delhomme Gets A New Deal

The Carolina Panthers grabbed the headline of the local sports pages on Thursday.

The Panthers announced they have agreed to extend the contract of quarterback Jake Delhomme, which secures their long-term commitment to him at the all-important position and also provides some salary-cap relief. Delhomme was in the final year of his contract and was scheduled to count more than $11 million against the cap, but now has a new five-year deal that agent Rick Smith said is worth $42.5 million with $20 million in guarantees. Smith said the contract’s structure was “extremely complicated” but will save the Panthers at least a couple million in 2009 cap space.

The haters immediately went to town on this deal saying it stinks.  The problem is that we don’t know all the specifics on it yet and we may never know since the team doesn’t release contract numbers.

I do have to ask though – isn’t that a lot of money to guarantee a 34-year-old quarterback?

Jake, I love how you play with grit but the fans are going to get riled up quickly if things don’t start off well for you in ’09 especially with those kinds of numbers printed on your contract.

The biggest problem I have (and I’m not one of the Jake haters) is that the team was on the hook for roughly $11 million for next season.  If they are only going to save a couple million then this seems like a pretty rich contract to me.

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  • Jamie

    Well, we just guaranteed ourselves a below average starting quarterback for the next 3-4 years.  WHOOOOO PANTHER PRIDE

  • Chris Carpenter

    “below average starting quarterback”!? Well, Jamie you don’t know alot about football do you? Heres a interesting stat for you.

    Panthers record w/ Jake: 54-33
    Panthers record w/o Jake: 6-10

    Delhomme has lead the Panthers to 1 Superbowl , 2 NFC Championships, and 3 playoff apperances. I would say that is “above average” to me.

  • Bboggs36

    Chis, How can you throw a stat like that out and call your self a fan? You saw what he did in the Arizona, Oakland& Tampa (game one) games. Plus with no one Behind him but relly bad back-ups of course we have a losing record.  In these three games he is at an average 30 QB rating and 12 interceptions, sounds like a franchise QB? 
    PS- I think the constant john fox hot seat every time he has a bad year really forced him to think about now to much and agree to keep a sub par QB around for Five more years. I hope we draft a Nate Davis or Graham Harrell late in the Draft.

  • Chris Carpenter

    Bboggs36, every QB in the NFL has had bad games.  Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, and Philip Rivers are all QBs held in very high regard and yet none of them have led their team to a Superbowl!  Jake might not put up the best numbers but he rallys the team around him and manages the game well and thats something you cant find in a stat book.

  • Jamie

    If I can name 16 quarterbacks I would rather have as the QB on my team than Jake Delhomme, then he is a below average starting quarterback.  I’m doing this off the top of my head:

    Tony Romo
    Donovan McNabb
    Eli Manning (so 3/4 NFC East teams QBs)
    Jay Cutler
    Aaron Rodgers is iffy, so let’s just say 1/4 NFC Central
    Drew Brees
    Matt Ryan (2/3 other NFC South)
    Matt Hasselbeck
    Kurt Warner (2/4 NFC West)

    so he is, at best, the 9th best QB in the NFC.  On to the AFC:
    Tom Brady
    Chad Pennington/Trent Edwards are iffy, so only 1/4 AFC East teams
    Ben Roethlisberger
    Carson Palmer (2/4 AFC North teams)
    Matt Schaub
    Kerry Collins
    Peyton Manning
    David Gerrard is iffy, so 3/4 AFC South teams
    Phil Rivers, so 1/4 AFC West teams

    So, in conclusion, at absolute best (saying that Delhomme is better than Gerrard, Aaron Rodgers, Chad Pennington, and Trent Edwards… which he probably isn’t, to be honest) Jake is the 16th best quarterback in the league.  Today.  So, under those assumptions, Chris Carpenter is technically correct: he is one spot above average. 

    A year from now, almost certainly not.  We should have just bit the bullet on his high one year salary and then dropped him like a bad habit.

  • Bboggs36

     Jamie that proves my point beter then you think because if you look at Gerrard ,Aaron Rodgers, Chad Pennington, and Trent Edwards there all younger then delhome and have proven that they can lead there team to victorys pretty much by themselfs. It would be easy to justifiy jake contrat to one of though guys because you could hope to teach them. Not so much hope with a 34 year BELOW AVERAGE QB. He never did anything without the help of Steve Smith or an Outstanding running game.

          I said it before and ill say it again Fox has to draft a QB. Thats the reason the bucs let Gruden go and probaly why they moved up to get freeman.