Undrafted Rookies Signed by Panthers

CORRECTION:  The earlier reports of Graham Harrell, QB, of Texas Tech signing with the Panthers was unfounded.  He has not signed with any team yet.  Below is an updated list of players signed as undrafted free agents.

Here is a quick list of players signed by the Panthers as undrafted free agents.  We’ll add to the list as we get news further signings.

LB Anthony Heygood (Purdue)
OL Keith Grey (UConn)
OT Gerald Cadogan (Penn St.)
LB Brit Miller (Illinois)
OL CJ Davis (Pitt)
TE Kevin Brock (Rutgers)
WR Jason Cherry (UL-Lafayette)
DT Justin Kershaw (MSU)

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  • http://michaelshawblog.wordpress.com Mike

    I would love to have Graham Harrell!  He holds the NCAA Record for most TD’s and the guy only played 3 seasons!  Get Jake outta here!

  • Duddy

    Brit Miller was a HUGE pick up! Here is a guy who was the led the Big Ten in tackles last year. (Yes, he even had more tackles than thee all might James Lauriniatis. The 35th overall pick by the Rams in this years 09 draft) Miller completely dominated Lauriniatis in solo tackles, recording 72 vs. Lauriniatis’ 52. Miller was in the top 10 in sacks, tackles for loss, and foreced fumble where Lauriniatis did not make any of those list. Brit Miller was the heart beat of the Illinois defense.  His leadership and love for the game of football is Ray Lewis like. His humorous personality is one reporters flock to first. Brit Miller is an athelete. Growing up he was the best athlete in every sport he played.  He played quarterback in high school and I think the only play we ran was option left or option right and Brit ran the ball every time, he was the option. ( I spent my three years at wideout not catching much of his passes but blocking for his runs) He is a man  who now is around 242 lbs (dropped about 13 lbs since senior year at Illinois) and can run a 4.5 40 yrd dash. Give me another line backer who looks like a DE on the field and is that fast…He himself calls himself “kind of chubby” and runs a 4.5. And yes these may just be a bunch of numbers, even though they speak for themself,  but Brit Miller has what it takes to make it in the NFL. This guy lives on the game of football, it is his life. Great pick Carolina! I hope the best for Brit Miller cause I think this guy is up and coming and is going to be a stud.

  • EHS Alum

    Duddy,   Your arm chair quarterback enthusiasm means nothing to the people that do this for a living.  As much as I would like to see Brit playing for the Panthers…your post is very meaniless and not very well thought out.  You talked about his high school days for what reason???

  • Duddy

    You criticized the only thing in my statement that was basically opinionated sooo…. I’ll take that! And what the hell do you mean by “arm chair quarterback”? What I was trying to get across was that Brit is an athlete. period. He doesn’t have to play line backer in the NFL, of course he’s not going to be running the option,  the he can easily be a special teams guy that would help any team out at worst. Being an EHS alum what do you have against him?? You’re probably just another hater who would rather see him fail then succeed.

  • Lions All The Way

    Duddy got ya EHS Alum….. ha ha ha douche

  • Sammy

    Just a quick HELL YA ! Miller is a F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L Player…. Period……. The heart of lion and he can cover ground with ANY NFL linebacker right now. The only downfall to his game is “over-pursuit” and I will take that instead of “not-getting-there-at-all” anytime on my football team. Hes a coachable kid and will only learn and get better being pushed in the NFL.

  • Sammy

    and………BTW…. He can be heard today LIVE on ESPN Radio……. http://www.wdzthefan.com @ 5 pm central time

  • Bboggs36

    John Fox made a starement with no QB pick ups

  • EHS Alum

    Duddy, If you read correctly, I stated that I would like to see Brit succeed.  That being said means I have nothing against Brit.  I actually had him come talk to the 7th & 8th grade Panthers teams in which his cousin plays for and I coach.    Your 2nd post reads “What I was trying to get across was that Brit is an athlete”.   That to me, means you are 2nd guessing yourself in your 1st post???  If you are tyring to say that…then just say it.  

    Lions all the way…He got me and douche?  Seriously!!!  I hope your name isnt referring to the Detroit Lions.