Vick, I Believe You

CBS: 60 Minutes aired their interview with Michael Vick.  Should we believe?  Vick says that he was exposed to dogfighting at a very early age and all the people around him made it seem ok.  He also stated that he didn’t stop his friends from operating the business from his home.  Vick also said that he regretted everything that happened because he knew he could have put an end to the pain of those animals.  The biggest statement he made was “football doesn’t matter; the only thing that matters is those animals.”

Vick…I believe you!

I have seen Vick interviews in the past where his arrogance penetrated the camera.  This interview was different.  He truly seemed to be remorseful and his emotions were geniune.  The questions asked of him were tough and he didn’t flinch when he stated, “I was wrong.”

Vick’s future is unknown with the Philadelphia Eagles, but I know that if he stays the course that he is charting now, he will have a phenomenal second career in the NFL.  This new resolve and focus could be the ingredients that Michael Vick needs to become the person that all Vick fans have always wanted him to be!

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  • sfstkt

    My kids asked me if they could train our family dog to fight. Said they want to grow up to be famous like Michael Vick and make lots of money. Should I let them?

  • paul

    vick is a useless human being…i would invite a dog into my home before i would invite that piece of scum.

  • Joe

    People want to give him a second chance and so do i, but he had to get caught in the act and lie about it more then once. He wouldn’t of come out to say anything and now he gets a free pass back into the NFL you know anybody else with a felony record couldn’t even get a job flipping burgers afterwards much less play for the NFL. He left a terrible imprint on all the children that admired him their hero turning out to be a fraud and a liar. Those children wanted to be like you Vic rich famous and good, yet you use excuses to hide behind what you did. If you knew this was bad and you believed it in your heart why did you continue? NO, You should be flipping burgers not going right back to the life you had as a football star. If you have such a disregard for life then you should be disregarded. Jail time isn’t enough for your lies and deceit your not better and a bottom scraping politician. You aren’t just a person VIC you ARE A ROLE MODEL do you UNDERSTAND THIS…?!?

    • Kenny Perkins

      I totally agree that he is a role model. Maybe he will learn how to be just that from Tony Dungy.

  • John Gwaltney Jr

    I agree with Kenny. Vick did seem to be much more “real” in his 60 Minutes interview, which was a surprise to me, to be honest. I have never been a big fan of Vick, but I was glad to see him just admit to things without trying to pull an A-Rod. We all know he made a lot of bad decisions in this deal. Personally, I am pulling for him to get/keep his life on the right track and his focus on helping others to stay away from these same misstakes.

  • Maicel

    Every one deserve a second chance we ought to give him forgiveness.Ever since Michael Vick was released from prison after his sentence for dog fighting, people have wondered if he was receptive to rehabilitation, and that may be why people found the Michael Vick 60 Minutes interview interesting. During the Michael Vick 60 Minutes interview, he is contrite, honest, and seems genuinely remorseful. He isn’t salaried yet –NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has yet to reinstate him to full status, which he isn’t eligible until the 6th week of the regular season, so he may need payday loans in the mean time. If Goodell believes the humility of the Michael Vick 60 Minutes interview, Vick might not need short term loans due to a contract worth up to $8 million.


    i think no one will buy it. But it wont stop Vick play. Whatever you oppose, he still can appeat on the field.