Jake The Joke

What can we say about yesterday?  Nothing.  As a Panther fan I am totally exhausted with Jake Delhomme

The Panther front office needs to really look hard at this mess they have created. 

I watch Brett Favre, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady and realize that our quarterback isn’t even close.  We need to start making moves now to get a solid young quarterback in the draft.  If we go the rest of this season with Jake tossing the ball to the opposition Panther fans will stop going to the games. 

I have a friend who has already told me that he has sold all his season tickets to someone else because he can’t stand to watch Delhomme anymore.

When fans start getting rid of tickets to avoid the pain, the Panthers are losing their faithful fan base.  This situation will only get worse before it gets better.  The Panthers don’t have a quality backup, either.  I guess we can sit back and watch the rest of our season go to the crapper.

I will say that Julius Peppers has improved in the past two weeks.  I guess Jon Beason put a fire under his arse.

All Panther fans need to let the front office in Charlotte know how you feel.  I have held my tongue and tried to be supportive but I can’t take it anymore.  We have quality players that are being mismanaged and a quarterback that is past his prime.

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  • DJB19268388

    You sir, need to get a grip on reality. Jake Delhomme is the only problem this organization has? Learn a few things about football. I wonder if yesterdays performance had anything to do with the fact that against the 32nd ranked run defense in the league we threw the ball 45 times? Probably. Has Jake played horribly all year? Yes. Has the team been horribly coached all year? Yes. Jake is an issue. Coaching is a bigger issue. The Carolina Panthers are right there with the Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders as far as horrid front offices go. Marty Hurney may be one of the worst General Managers in football history. He and John Fox together have hardly any eye for talent. They have a few good draft choices since they’ve been here, everything else have been busts. Not to mention trading away draft picks for less than stellar players, players who never perform. Players who get laughed at later. Something needs to be done within this organization, and Jake is part of it, but a small part. Offensive and Defensive coordinators are a bigger part, but Head Coach and General Manager is the BIGGEST part of it. That’s what Charlotte needs to wake up and realize. Jake is a small part. John Fox the guy chewing the gum is the biggest. Sure he may be a good coach, but he can’t formulate a game plan. Two very different things, but two things that you have to be able to do to be a next level coach. Something Fox certainly is not. After every winning season, he has a team go less than .500, and that is the definition of bad coaching and not knowing how to maintain success. Maybe ESPN was right a while back, Charlotte isn’t a football city. Hardly anyone understands what it takes to win. From the fans to the front office.

  • Mike

    If that’s the case, then Cleveland, Oakland, Nashville, and D.C. are not football cities. The city is not the problem(really has no meaning in this post, must be from up north). But I do agree that thr problem is in the front office. George Seifert had a terrible record a the Panthers’ coach, but as a GM, he built a hell of a team. If you look at many of the key components from the Super Bowl team, Seifert either drafted, or signed them. Ron Meeks’ defense is not suited for the panthers, and davidson isn’t suited to be a coordinator. But, all the plays that he calls are John Fox’s plays. Coordinators may be in charge of their side of the ball, but they run what the coaches sa run. Jake is a huge problem not small.If you’re QB can’t get the job done, then it just won’t happen. With no threat of a passing game(ply-action included), an offense will not work. Now the Panthers keep trading away their 1st round draft picks every year which mskes no sense. You’re not going to find too many Tom Bradys in the 6th, especially with the Panthers scouting department. They get one good pick a year,and just roll the dice with the others. They need to stop being so cheap. What would be nice, if Mike Shanahan was coaching here next year( I played for him for several years), but it won’t happen. Next year, at this time, we’ll be discussing the same thing. Fox will be the coach, and Delhomme will be the coach. Weren’t we having this discussion before last season?

  • Mike

    Also, look at Chicago, Lovie stood by Rex Grossman. In the end, he knew when to pull his name out of the hat of Grossman supporters. But not to forget, Seifert cut Beurelien, all coaches fuck up, some mistakes cost them their jobs, and this should cost Fox his

  • Brandon

    Charlotte is not a football city?? Haha I have no idea what that has to do with anything being that 90% of the front office are not from charlotte.

  • Mike

    Exactly, even the OWNERS are not from Charlotte. Richardson is from Spring Hope(don’t know where it’s at). The city has nothing to do with how the team plays, or how the front office operates. That statementcomes from someone who doesn’t really know anything about football

  • bpejsa

    Is Jake the problem? I don’t think he is the whole problem….but he sure is not the answer! How many games do we have to keep giving him a chance to redeem himself? Its time for a change….give someone else like Moore a real chance….not come in in the third or fourth quarter after someone else has stunk it up. Let them get the snaps all week with the first string and see how they do!

  • Ray

    Well how about this. Jake is now the starter for the Arizona game. Obviously this organization care not a bit about trying to win. We have already paid for our tickets so a boycott is not a good option. But how about this. Go to the game, root for our team, have a good time, BUT DON’T SPEND A PENNY AT THE STADIUM. NO 3.75 BOTTLES OF WATER, NO 7.50 BEERS, NOTHING. There is only one way to send a message to the organization that we want to win. Hit them in the pocket.

  • Ben

    I just do not understand what is goin on with john fox at the moment. we have oblviously got a qb who is making bad reads, bad throws and is basically done with his career but still fox talks about him like he hasnt lost any faith in him when its obvious jake should have no part with this offence anymore. are you seriously telling me matt moore could not hand the ball off to double trouble and make a few accurate passes for god sake he didnt make to the nfl by luck the kid has got talent

  • http://panthersjunkie.com PanthersJunkie

    Dude, Jake Delhomme Sucks!!! We’ve gotta do something about this guy, he’s going to sink our entire team. I can’t believe Foxy isn’t feeling the pressure yet for keeping him in there.

  • Ben

    tbh i thinking of it like this lets put mat moore as starter and put aj feeley in on the 2nd half of a game and see who preforms better we lost to the bills i repeat the BUFFALO BILLS how could we be any worse o yh and jon fox and sir puss shud switch jobs

  • Valerie

    The comment Jake made tonight was even worse than his game. He said he doesn’t care about the negative things being said about his performance by people outside of the locker room….he’s only concerned about what the players inside the locker room have to say. Does he not realize that it is the people in the stands who pay his salary…not the players in the locker room. Maybe the fans should leave him to play to entertain his teammates. Wonder will he get the point when he’s no longer able to feed his wife and two small children.

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