Brad Hoover is the Latest Casualty in Panthers' Youth Movement

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Twitter has become an invaluable resource. The more athletes, celebrities, etc. who join the 21st Century of social networking the faster word gets around.

While on my trip to Virginia today, I missed the breaking news, so in case there is anyone who, like myself, also missed the news, I’ll break it to you now.

Lifelong fullback Brad Hoover, is no longer a Carolina Panther.

The youth movement in Carolina continues.

Safety Chris Harris was the one who initially made the discovery and announcement via his Twitter page, stating “well we just had another because your 30 casualty on the panthers roster. Brad Hoover you will be missed my man.”

So where does this leave any other member of the Panthers’ roster who is approaching or at the 30-year mark? Questioning their job security, most likely.

Harris’ thoughts on that topic were, “Makes me think? What is our number 1 priority this season. I know what mine is. If I state my opinion I might be the next on the long list of released players.”

Well, let’s certainly hope not. Though, why draw any added attention to yourself if you don’t have to?

To me this isn’t as shocking a decision as the release of quarterback Jake Delhomme. The Panthers did draft Tony Fiammetta out of Syracuse to succeed Hoover at some point. Now is as good a time as any, though.

Hoover had one year remaining on his contract, so to move ahead without the aging veteran in an uncapped year, makes sense, if only that the Panthers won’t suffer a salary cap penalty.

One question remains to be asked: Who’s next?

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  • Duane Moody

    The release of Brad Hoover has gone to far! As for me and my house, no more Panther games! They can keep there tickets! There was no call for this! You’ve just lost WNC!!!!!

  • Kyle

    totally agree this was a stupid move in that the young guy still need a mentor and brad wasn’t even cost them anything especailly their idots in that front office we have no salary cap what you cutting for you could still have the veterans their and have the young guns run the show really what are they thinking

    • Eric Quackenbush

      How long did you want to keep Hoover around at 33? He’d be 34 midway through the season.

  • Catzilla

    While I certainly don’t agree with a lot of what is going on, my part of Western Carolina within my home ”Horse Shoe” will always be on the bandwagon.
    I waited too long for an NFL franchise in the first place ! LOL
    I seems it may get a lot worse before we get quite a bit better

  • PantherFreak

    Thank you Hoov for everything you have done while a panther. Best wishes to you and yours in everything you do

  • Kyle

    Eric age has nothing to do with a person greatness. You need take a look at Brett Farve isn’t he is old but every team still want him and brad has not done all that bad at Carolina i think Carolina should have let him retire their they let player who done worse retire.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Did I question his greatness? No. Is his greatness adding to or detracting from the team’s success? No. So, I don’t really see where his staying on the roster or being removed from it is helping or hurting the Panthers. I’m sure when he’s ready to retire, if he wishes to do so as a Panther, they will allow him to sign for a day and do that. Until then, it’s time to move forward.

  • kepickle

    one never know but it’s great to know the panthers Give the ST some major help

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Agreed, K. I look forward to seeing how Wallace Wright does for the special teams.