Panthers Making the Wright Moves

Minnesota Vikings v New York Jets

The Panthers ranked at the bottom of the NFL on special teams in 2009. Perhaps 2010 will tell a different story. We can only hope.

Panthers’ punt return-man Captain Munnerlyn, seemed to make progress towards the end of the season, both as a return man and at the corner position. Of course my idea of progress, is in comparison to how well I would do.

I’m not trying to slight Munnerlyn, which is why I’ve been given the responsibility of a laptop and website, and not the decision of an athlete’s career.

I’m not going to single out Munnerlyn, either. Mike Goodson made a little progress towards the end of 2009, as well.

Both Munnerlyn and Goodson will both benefit from a full offseason of training and conditioning.

In the meantime, the Panthers made a move today, signing the New York Jets’ Wallace Wright .

Wright fits the Panthers’ criteria, though. He’s 26, and he excelled on special teams for the Jets.

He’s played in 53 games, started in one, contributed 70 tackles on special teams, while also recording eight catches for 108 yards.

In 2009, Wright ranked third with the Jets, recording 22 special teams tackles in 16 games, contributing to the Jets’ run to the AFC Championship appearance.

Wright, a native of Fayettville, NC, attended Pine Forest high School. He was also a walk-on at the University of North Carolina.

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  • Kyle

    all i got to say who is this guy why are we excited about some one who did something in 2008 on specail teams i thought we are looking for a number two reciver not a special team player doesnt make sense when does anything make sense what marty hurney i be Glad to see the door hit both him and fox on their way out cause they are totally screw up the team and bringing in abunch of people that nobody has ever heard about. the only good thing they have done all during free angency is give matt moore the starting job but what none name are they going to get under him. i just dont like the way the team is heading geting rid of all the veterean the really contribute to the team such as hoover.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      We do need a receiver, but we also need someone who knows how to run north when making a return, not east and west, and not south, and better still not waving the fair catch everytime. The Panthers were among the worst on special teams in 2009, and this was a smart move.

  • Kyle

    i agree with that but i think it should have been a returner every buddy heard of i never heard of this guy i just hope he can do some thing

    • Eric Quackenbush

      There’s a lot of players people have never heard of. People outside of Carolina have barley heard of Matt Moore. It shouldn’t take away from their reputation. Living in the New York area, I have heard of Wallace Wright, and I like the addition.

  • Brett

    Calm Down…He is only a cheap replacement for the loss of Dante Wesley! There is going to be more to come…just wait…Can you say “unexpected trade” in the Panther’s future? You heard it here first.

  • Bboggs

    Im not sure about unexpected trade but theres going to be a big move made before of during the draft, probably were we give a pick for a player or give a lot for a high draft pick? Fox-Hureny both need to make a big positive move or there gone. Play-offs or the unemployment line. To sum up expect a huge move.

  • Kyle

    i agree they need to do something big to save their job cause it unemployment if they dont the sad thing almost every one know what hurney going to do cause he so vanilla and predictable.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      So what’s he going to do, Kyle? So far I have nothing to really complain about; perhaps you don’t either, but I’m not really sure where you were headed with your comment. Do you like or dislike the move to sign Wright?

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Big G

    Has anybody realize that Fox-Hurney might be doing exactly what Richardson wants? Go cheap and rebuild with youth?

    • Eric Quackenbush

      I can’t argue with you there, Big G. So far, I have no issue with the moves made.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Kyle

    if you really most know he going to sit on his but and let all the good talent go to otheir team their are some Good wide reciver out their but know hurney he probialy dont even have them on the radar this time is going to get worst before it get beter and might mean take hurney out of the equation cause he has had his career we i was Readinng today anotheir fan want Bill Cowher head of football relation and i agree with him he a perfect fit for carolina. I Like the Signing of Wright cause we do need special team help but i think are first free agent that could help Smith cause the young one we have right now inconsistent they diseapear. and their is plenty complaim about cause their half but the running of this team and not being agressive to addresss the problems that we have had.

  • Kyle

    and what Marty hurney and foxy are really doing is their dumping the salary cap so they wont have to worry next season kind of Goes against what they been doing the Pervoiuse season So obvilously they dont know what they are doing explian the Big Chunk that Delhome just walk Away with how can you be so for a lack of a better word Dumb with the franchise money. i dont Think hurney going to be here in May when his Contract Expires. That might be the Big move Richardson has under his hat

    • Eric Quackenbush

      I surely appreciate your insight and thoughts, Kyle.

      I’m more likely to believe that these moves are results of what Mr. Richardson wants done, and not some hair-brained Hurney/Fox scheming.