Carolina Panthers and John Fox Interested in Tim Tebow?

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Please, please, please… Say it ain’t so. But the possibility does exist, and reading some of John Fox’s quotes, the possibility is quite real.To the somewhat relief of the fanbase, the Panthers’ need in the upcoming draft isn’t a project quarterback, which at this point, is precisely what Tim Tebow is.

The Panthers’ biggest needs are at defensive end and wide receiver. And since current receiver Steve Smith was vocal to the Charlotte Observer’s Tom Sorenson about a month ago, as to what position of need the Panthers should address in the upcoming draft: wide receiver. The Panthers would be wise to oil the squeaky wheel and just this one time, take it’s advice.

But the latest quote from Fox was an interesting one, which was taken during the NFC coaches league’s meeting on Tuesday; stemmed from the University of Florida Pro Day workout, is Fox’s opinion on the former Gators’ QB, Tim Tebow.

“Did you ever watch Bernie Kosar play? Bernie might not appreciate it, but I call it as I see it. He won a lot of games. So it’s not all just how pretty they are (or) how big.”

John Fox; NFC coaches league’s annual meetings.

Bernie Kosar was the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns in the mid-1980′s and early ’90′s. He recorded a win-loss record of 53-51-1 as the Browns’ starter, and compiled more than 20,000 passing yards with his unorthodox passing ability.

Is Fox seriously interested in entertaining the idea of drafting Tebow? The Panthers’ first pick in the draft at this point is mid-second-round. Tebow is projected to be around in the draft by some gurus as late as the third- and even fourth-rounds!

So might the Panthers surprise everyone?Or is this more of a ploy to draw other teams’ interest to Tebow in the hopes the Panthers can go after someone else who they hold more hopes and value in?

The need for a quarterback to backup and possibly compete against incumbent quarterback Matt Moore still exists, but I would think the team might try to look into a free agent QB to offer veteran experience as a backup.

The team is trending “young” however, so perhaps a free agent QB is out of the question. Might the Panthers have interest in one of the Eagles’ three quarterbacks? That possibility could exist as well. The Eagles are starting to bend in their asking price for Donovan McNabb, and they are entertaining offers for him as well.

I don’t want McNabb in Carolina, but that’s my opinion. The Panthers’ brass doesn’t take advice from the likes of me, which should come as a relief to most readers.

So assuming (that’s a loaded word) the Panthers don’t trade up to get into the first-round or maybe they do trade-up—yes, trade away 2011′s first-round selection—to get a higher second-round pick in addition to the mid-second-round pick they have already to draft at QB and wide receiver, or to draft at defensive end and receiver, or any combination of the three.

But take the trading-up out of the equation, and let’s just go in there with what “we” have. Let’s hypothesize that the Panthers are going to just make a straight shot at this without any trading around, and go straight down the board second-round, third-round, fourth-round and so on.

Who will the Panthers select with their first pick in the mid-second-round, of the 2010 NFL Draft? Wide receiver? Quarterback? Defensive End?

Like most fans, we’re both probably on the same page. The Panthers need to get younger and faster at the receiver position. I’m keeping my fingers crossed this year, that no matter how they do it, the Cats land a receiver with their first selection in the Draft.

Who might be their target? Notre Dame’s Golden Tate, Mississippi’s Dexter McCluster, Illinois’ Arrelious Benn? And the list goes on.

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  • Brandon Eggers

    I think Tim Tebow coming to Carolina would be awesome. He would bring 100% heart and soul to the team. I would love seeing Tebow in a Panthers Uniform in 2010.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      I don’t disagree with that, and I don’t really have a problem if they do draft him, but wait until the third or fourth-round to draft him, if he’s still there and Fox feels that strongly about him. At the same time, he’s not backup QB-ready, in my opinion, so I do believe the team should address that need via free agency or in a trade.

      Thanks for the read and comment, Brandon.

  • Brandon Eggers

    I have to agree with you on that. All these rumors out there that Andy Reid is listening to trade offers on Donovan McNabb has got to be tempting. I do hear though that he wants a long term deal and with the possible lockout in 2011 I’m not sure Donovan will get that. Then again though, never say never on the Oakland Raiders giving him big bucks. As far as Dexter McCluster, he would bring speed, speed, speed to the backfield and that would be a huge help for Smitty. McCluster could go in the backfield or in the slot receiver position. I have to say though, Tim Tebow plays with more HEART and PASSION for the game of Football, than just about anybody else I’ve ever watched play.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      McCluster would be an asset to the receiving game, without a doubt. As for Tebow, I don’t question his heart and passion. Meanwhile, Delhomme played with the same kind of fire, and it never brought the organization a Super Bowl title. It came very close, but close only counts in two things.

      Whatever team does take Tebow, has a project to work on.

  • Brandon Eggers

    I would agree with that. I’m hoping Matt Moore can lead us to our first ever Super Bowl Championship in 2010; but like Smitty said, we have alot of holes in our lineup to be filled first.

    I joined this Cat Crave site today and just wanted to say I love the website. It’s awesome to be able to interact with other Panther fans on a daily basis. I watch Big Nick alot on YouTube and he has some awesome videos on there with tons of great information. Big thanks to John White, Nick Yeoman, Eric Quakenbush and everybody else who was involved in making this site a reality.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Brandon, that would be great if Moore can lead this team to a championship, though like you said, there are areas of need that at this point, the Panthers would be fortunate to consider themselves playoff contenders.

      We’re very glad to have you here with us at Cat Crave, Brandon. John White does an excellent job at our sister site, Cat Crave Radio. Big Nick is a regular on his weekly podcast, but Mr. White and I are actually fortunate to be working with the family at Fansided, which is dedicated to all 32 NFL teams, baseball, hockey, and NBA. So check those sites out too, if it interests you.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, and stop by anytime!

  • Big G

    I would like to see a wide receiver in the second round. QB at third round pick. Follow up by defense picks for the rest of the draft.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      That sounds good Big G. Kind of on the contrary, I agree with your receiver in the second-round, but beyond that I’d rather see the best player available be drafted. If it’s a quarterback and he’s better than any of the other defensive players, draft him. If it’s the other way around, and there happens to be a better defensive player; say defensive end, then I say go in that direction. Otherwise, sounds good!

      Thank you for reading and commenting. Good stuff!

  • Carolina41

    Rather see them draft a Dan LeFevour over a Tim T-Bone. If Carolina drafts a QB it should be a QB not a Project. If Tebow is on the board in the 6th or 7th round then take him. If you don’t know who Dan LeFevour is he’s his page.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      I believe most people should be familiar with who LeFevour is, but for those who aren’t sure, the extra info is appreciated, Carolina41. If the Panthers take a QB in the third-round, and he’s not named Tebow, then I don’t see the point in drafting Tebow at all.

      Go with a receiver first, as that is a bigger need, and unless they address the QB need before the draft, then draft a quarterback after a receiver. Don’t be surprised too though, if the Panthers DO trade away next year’s first-round pick again, to move up in the second-round to perhaps alleviate the needs of defensive end and receiver early on. I think they draft a QB in the third, either way.

  • Carolina41
  • DanielMan

    As much as i hate to say this, i think the panthers may be more intersted in trading Jonathon Stewart than a draft pick next year. He has already proven that he is probably better than any back in the draft this year and he is still really young. I dont agree with it at all because if you keep him could you imagine Williams at tailback, Stewart at a fullback and Tebow at QB if Moore doesnt work out. That would be on of the best running offense’s ever. Or we could get Vick.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      I don’t believe that the Panthers have any interest at all in trading either Williams or Stewart at this time, or in the foreseeable future. Stranger things have happened, but that would be plain lunacy. I do believe we will continue to see Stewart and Williams as the two tailbacks on the team, and either Fiammetta or someone else at fullback.


      Thanks for the read and comment, DanielMan. Come back anytime.