Reed Beyond the Line: Panthers Working Out a Deal With Veteran Receiver?

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April Fool’s, right? I know that’s what you’re thinking. That’s the same thought I had when I first learned of it! But how befitting of our Carolina Panthers, as strange as this offseason has been so far.

The more I read about it from various blog sources, the more it’s been proven a fact. All the stories align and there have been very few—minor at that—deviations between stories.

In the late hours of Wednesday night, and the early hours of Thursday morning, the Panthers were in fact working on contract details which they feel very confident, will entice Bills’ free agent receiver Josh Reed to sign a three-year deal with the club.

The specifics of the contract are unknown at this time, but this seems like a good move, and probably the biggest move Panthers fans can expect to see during this offseason.

What it does, is fulfill a couple areas. For one, it pacifies Steve Smith, who until now, has been very quiet about what moves the front office makes. All along, his mantra has been “owners own, coaches coach.”

I think Smith needs to remember to practice what he preaches, and he should also add in his mantra, managers manage. Until his name is on an office door with some form of qualtiy control as his title, then his job is further down the chain of command, with his job description of “players play.”

I never recall hearing “players have an opinion on who to sign or draft.” Yes, on some occasions it has happened, but for Smith to go out and make statements like this on his own accord—or any player for that matter—is downright disrespectful.

I digress, and furthermore, I apologize for my tangent. It’s no more my business to criticize a player as it is the player’s responsibility to write an article.

Back to Josh Reed.

What the signing of Josh Reed would accomplish, is a couple things. First, it would give the Panthers a capable second option receiver.

Smith stated he would prefer to be in the slot receiver position, but let’s be realistic. Unless the Panthers are able to steal a draft pick in the second-round, Smitty might have to make do with being the number one receiver in 2010.

In effect, this could put Dwayne Jarrett as the No. three receiver for another year, behind Reed. I know there’s a lot of (to put it kindly) skepticism there, and on top of that, many fans have already labeled Jarrett a bust.

I believe we will see something more out of Jarrett this season, with the change at quarterback from Jake Delhomme to Matt Moore. There seems to be more of a chemistry between Moore and Jarrett, and come the end of training camp or preseason, it could very well be that Jarrett supplants Reed as the No. two receiver.

So at this time, the picture is becoming a little more focused. The Panthers are picking up a free agent receiver who fits the “under-30″ bill who would serve mainly as a role player, and he is something of an upgrade over what’s currently on the roster under Steve Smith.

Another interesting point to note, is Josh Reed and Panthers’ first-year receivers coach Tyke Tolbert, also formerly of the Buffalo Bills, might be reunited in Carolina.

In the end, it’s not a decision that will get Panthers fans excited and talking about an amazing receiving game. Yet again, the Panthers receiving game will rely mainly on Steve Smith. But that’s the way it’s been for a number of years now.

In closing, a preemptive welcome to the Carolina Panthers, Josh Reed.  And whatever you do, don’t say anything to piss off Steve Smith.

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  • Rickn3car

    Ok…Let’s see…Moose is 119 years old and had 53 catches last year….Reed is 29 and had 27 catches last year…

    So, we kick Moose to the curb…and take on a player only half as good as him, but we save $12.37 by taking Reed…Hmmm…that has Hurney written all over it.

    OMG..idiots a the helm…This offseason is nothing but Jerry the bigcat in a pi_ _ ing contest with the rest of the owners, teaching them how “to play hardball!” at the peril of a good season.

    I would rather them draft Gilyard or move up and get Benn and get to work with what they have and just cut the BS!

  • Rickn3car

    I too believe Jarrett steps up…During the New Orleans game Jarrett (with beguiled speed)suddenly accelerated and caught his first touchdown pass…He looked like a real baller for a moment.

    Then I thought, maybe he does not suck out loud…The poor kid has probably looked more like Dale Jarrett over these past few years because he had a high ball throwing, wild arm swinging, “shakey” Jakey, who could never get Jarrett the ball, thus, making him look foolish…and when Jake did Jarrett on a crossing route…Let’s say, Jarrett is lucky Jake did not get him killed…I saw Jarrett take the hardest shot of any Panther in past 3 years and he held onto to the ball!

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Are Dale and Dwayne related? Perhaps distant cousins?

  • kepickle

    i think this is a bad joke & to think i trusted you

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  • Big G

    I agree with Rickn3car. I just wanted to see Jarrett get his chance to play. I am also glad to see Reed is a Panther. GO PANTHERS!

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Big G, good to hear from you; Reed was not signed by the Panthers. It was an April Fool’s prank. You’ll find the follow-up story after this one.

      Not to say he couldn’t be signed by the Panthers however, but up to this point there have been no discussions to the public’s knowledge, of any such talks between the Panthers and Josh Reed.

      Perhaps the joke will be on me, if the Panthers do sign Reed.

  • big G

    Your just like the movie Mr. Deeds (Adam Sandler). Blake’s butler was very sneaky. I would not mine the Panther signing a wide receiver before the draft. Then we could go defense with that second round pick.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      I can be sneaky; yes, lol.

      Mr. Deeds was a great movie; very funny, too. I do hope you appreciate the prank I pulled. As you can see, not everyone did, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. The majority got a laugh out of it, however.

      As Darin Gantt said on Twitter yesterday, “Glad to be done with yesterday’s foolishness. Funny part is, of all the fake ideas floated, the Josh Reed one actually makes sense here.”

      Josh Reed in a Panthers uniform, does make sense. That’s the main reason why I dished that out as an April Fool’s prank. I didn’t want to go with something so extraordinary that it was obviously unbelievable.

      Out of the available free agent wide receivers, there are two that interest me: Josh Reed, and Kevin Curtis. Reed fits into the Panthers movement of “under 30,” while Curtis doesn’t. Either player would be a good acquisition, though.

      I really feel the Panthers will trend more towards picking a receiver in the draft. I can only hope that it’s a receiver with the second-round pick.

      My other thought too though, is the Panthers could trade next year’s first-rounder away to move up in the second-round. I know that just the thought of that drives the majority (myself included — to an extent) mad, but if that were to happen, Carolina could draft a receiver and a defensive end or a good defensive player (in either order) in the second-round.

      We’ll have to see what happens. Until then, it’s all up to speculation. The last I heard Friday evening, was the Panthers are looking to draft DT Terrance Cody out of Alabama. I say there’s no way he falls that far into the second-round…unless they trade up to draft higher in the second.

      Thanks for the read and very good comment, Big G.